Chicago PD Fans Blast Controversial Kim Burgess Plot

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Fans of NBC's Chicago P.D. are not impressed with the latest twist involving fan-favorite character Kim Burgess. 

On Chicago P.D. Season 7 Episode 13, Burgess was assigned to desk duty following her pregnancy. 

Responding to a Call  - Chicago PD

This was a measure to make sure she and her baby were safe, but a 911 found Burgess getting too involved in the investigation into a sex trafficking ring. 

Burgess used an opportunity to save the girl at the other end of the phone when she knew that backup would not arrive in time. 

In a brutal bunch of scenes, Burgess went head-to-head with the culprit. It was difficult to watch, primarily because many knew where it was headed. 

Follow Up - Chicago PD

By the end of the ordeal, viewers learned that Burgess had lost her child, and fans were left reeling. 

As expected, they took to social media to voice their frustrations on the matter. 

"If baby burzek is gone, no plz I can’t imagine how adam and Kim will be feeling and what if they grow to resent each other and how will they get over this loss?" said one fan via Twitter. 

burgess reaction tweet

"I’m rocking back and forth. The baby. The baby. Ruzek will be crushed. Burgess will be crushed. The baby. The baby. THE BABY. #ChicagoPD," said another fan. 

Some fans were mad about the way the plot played out. 

"Why make her pregnant to just lose the baby?"

burgess rage tweet 3

"I don't wanna sound insensitive, but what was the point of making Kim pregnant if she was just gonna lose it?" another fan wondered. 

burgess rage tweet 4

Added another, "I figured #ChicagoPD wouldn't allow a cop to actually carry out a pregnancy, so I'm not surprised at all at tonight's episode. So predictable and disappointing."

burgess rage tweet 5

Additionally, some viewers felt that there should have been warnings put in place ahead of the scenes airing. 

"Yo. This shit needs a f**king trigger warning. #ChicagoPD."

burgess rage tweet 77

What are your thoughts on the way the storyline was handled?

Hit the comments below. 

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