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It was back to business on Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14.

Rojas got her time in the spotlight as Burgess took a backseat to deal with the aftermath of her brutal miscarriage. 

The series didn't spend too much time addressing what happened, but it did show Burgess getting discharged from the hospital and trying to navigate this new reality with Ruzek. Neither one of them has been able to process what happened or grieve properly. 

Rojas' Story - Chicago PD

Ruzek showed that he was still planning to be there for Burgess, and his offer to make french toast was a sweet gesture, but no amount of sweet breakfasts and dessert can numb that pain. 

Burgess wanted to take some time for herself, which is understandable but also concerning. 

She's doing that thing again where she's closing herself off and pushing everyone away, including Ruzek who is likely feeling an immense amount of pain and disappointment, as well. 

While there's nothing wrong with wanting some time alone, hopefully, this doesn't spiral into Burgess going down a dark and destructive path. 

There's no turning back to the clock on this miscarriage storyline, but it could bring them closer together even as friends as they console each other and gain strength to move on and decide what's next. 

For My Team  - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

Ruzek experienced a whirlwind of emotions that included accepting that he was going to be a father and then accepting that he wasn't going to be a father all in the same breath.

It's a difficult time for both of them, so it would be understandable if Ruzek too some time off too, but it seems Adam's way of dealing is just to throw himself back into his work. 

It was awesome that Platt and Voight checked in on Burgess and Ruzek and made sure they felt supported, but I wish we saw a little more support from the other members of Intelligence. 

I would have loved for Atwater to check in on Burgess considering their close bond. After all, he is the first person she told about the pregnancy.

Interrogation Tactics  - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

And I do wish the female friendships on the series were stronger. Upton, Rojas, and Burgess need to stick together, so it would have been great if they reached out to her to see if she needed anything. Even a quick call simply acknowledging her pain would have sufficed. 

Much of the action focused on Rojas and gave us some insight into her backstory. Since Rojas' addition to the team, the audience hasn't seen much of her as she's served as more of a background character. 

Now, we're finding out that she had a tough childhood; she was in the system and spent time living in the streets.

The mention of her past was brief, but it was refreshing that Rojas owned it rather than act like a victim because of it. 

A Simple Favor  - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

As with every other case involving the members of Intelligence, her past came in handy when dealing with a victim and solving the case. 

The case was tricky as Intelligence was forced to figure out whether or not Sammy was telling the truth about what happened to Roberto or if it was a figment of his imagination. 

You just have to be patient and understand that his truth is as real to him as yours is to you or mine is to me. 


Sammy, who was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, gave the case an interesting perspective while also allowing the audience to experience reality from his point of view. 

His inclusion in the case tackled mental health in a way we've never seen on the show, and it made for some powerful storytelling. 

Not the Usual Case - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

Rojas' approach with him was sweet, and you could tell she had experience dealing with mentally ill patients.

Rojas was patient and kind, and she knew how to make Sammy believe that she was on his side, but eventually, Sammy's mind proved to be stronger, and he thought she gave him the phone to listen to his thoughts. 

It was evident that Sammy was beyond help and there wouldn't be a happy ending.

Get the Truth - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

Sammy's delusions convinced him that the medication that could provide him with clarity was poison. Without those meds, Sammy was going in a downward spiral regardless of how much Rojas wanted to help. 

At times, Rojas became a little too invested with him just like Halstead did with Angela and Billy from Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 9. 

Anytime someone gets personally involved with a suspect or victim, you know it means trouble. Her involvement made the situation more dangerous than it would have been had she just stepped back.

Out in the Field  - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

Aside from Rojas' brief and surface-level explanation about having a friend on the streets that she squatted with who suffered from schizophrenia, there wasn't a clear reason as to why Rojas felt so emotionally invested in Sammy's story or why she wanted to help him. 

It would have been the perfect time for them to utilize her friendship with Kevin so that we could get to know her on a deeper level and understand her motivations. 

Murder - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

Speaking of Angela and Billy, the case also offered a stark contrast to Halstead's case with Marcus West. 

Both situations dealt with homeless addicts, and yet, Intelligence was so ready to solve this murder and get justice for Roberto, a victim of mistaken identity, but several episodes ago, they barely blinked an eye as they allowed homeless addict West to take the fall for Halstead's flub. 

By Any Means Necessary - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

Despite his illness, Sammy was a huge help to Intelligence in cracking the case of Roberto's death. 

He was able to give them a play-by-play of what happened and describe the suspect, which allowed them to track down Eduardo. 

Look, you should go to work, I'm pretty sure the bad guys aren't taking a day off cause I had a miscarriage. 


When Sammy said the man who came to the abandoned house was a social care worker, I was convinced that it was Ben, the man who Rojas claimed "saved her life."

Rojas kept insisting that Ben was one of the "good guys," which immediately raised some red flags in my mind and made me think he was going to be behind Roberto's death.

I'm a little disappointed that Ben wasn't responsible as it would have added that personal connection to Rojas that I felt was missing.

Getting the Call  - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

As I mentioned, I would love some more female camaraderie, so it was nice to see Upton and Rojas work side-by-side as partners. 

Rojas and Upton have been roommates for a while now, but we rarely see them in action together, so this was a treat.

Upton helped keep Rojas calm after she realized Sammy didn't have a gun in his hand, but regardless, the shot would have been clean because he was reaching for something in his back pocket that anyone would assume was a gun. 

It didn't lessen Rojas' guilt by any means, but at least she felt better knowing Upton and Voight had her back. 

First Responders - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14

And on a completely random track -- what happened to Atwater's brother? Are we supposed to assume they made amends and he's no longer causing problems? 

What did you think of the episode?

Did it make you like Rojas more?  What's next for Burgess and Ruzek?

Be sure to watch Chicago PD online and let us know your thoughts! 

Center Mass Review

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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Look, you should go to work, I'm pretty sure the bad guys aren't taking a day off cause I had a miscarriage. 


You just have to be patient and understand that his truth is as real to him as yours is to you or mine is to me.