Current TV Couples Who Perfectly Represent Black Love!

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Black History Month has come to a close, and we wanted to commemorate some of the best couples who embody Black Love.

They are stable, loving, inspirational, and aspirational couples. They're free of some of the stigmas projected on black couples and many of the problematic elements too.

They are real, loving, beautiful depictions of black couples on television showing how important and amazing representation can be.

We've compiled a list of some of the best black couples currently (or recently) on the air. Check it out below!

Black Love Collage

Beth and Randall - This is Us

Make-Up After The Fight - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 16

Beth and Randall are the first couple that comes to mind when you broach the topic. This Is Us continues to be an incredible series that covers many topics and brings people of all shapes, colors, and journeys in life together. The Pearson family resonates with all of its viewers.

And Beth and Randall Pearson are all the goals. They're not a perfect couple. They have their ups and downs, but they balance each other out in a beautiful way. They always get through everything together. Through loss, mental illness, career changes, adoption, and familial plights, they're always by each other's side.

They showed how diverse the black experience is. Randall often had his fair share of identity issues growing up as the only black person in an all-white family, and Beth was the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant, but they found their way to each other.

And via their relationship, a plethora of cultural issues have been explored within the show, and they gave viewers a peek into what it's like in an everyday black relationship and family.

Gina and Rome - A Million Little Things

Keeping Secrets - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 7

The Howards are arguably the best and strongest couple on A Million Little Things. They're the couple the others look to and aspire to be. They're the definition of "Goals."

Even when they are at low points or have disagreements and conflicts, there is never any doubt that they'll get through it together. For Rome and Regina, being apart never seems to be an option.

Regina has supported Rome as he has battled depression. They've endured the loss of their friend and Rome's mother. Rome has been Gina's rock as she grappled with traumatic experiences from her past and strained familial relationships.

Communication is at the heart of their relationship, and it's what makes them excel as a couple. It's also gratifying that they're so comfortable within their friendship group, never shying away from sharing their cultural perspective and experiences.

Violet and Hollywood - Queen Sugar

Awaiting the Results - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

Queen Sugar is masterful for many reasons. For one, the series gave us a May-December romance between Violet Bordelon and Hollywood, and they never made a mockery of it.

It's no secret there is an age difference between the two, but it's not something that defines them. Their love is so real and raw that it'll bring you to tears and inspire you.

They've faced challenges, from losing loved ones to trying to keep the family farm going and the family intact. Violet is fierce, lively, and passionate. She's a business owner and the family's matriarch. She's vivacious and sexy.

Hollywood treats her like a queen. They're each other's equals, and they have seen each other through their complicated pasts, abusive husbands, autoimmune disorders, and long-distance. They're the touchstone romantic relationship of the series.

Hen and Karen - 9-1-1

9-1-1 Hen and Karen

On 9-1-1, the mother series, representation matters without them ever bothering to make a big deal about it. When you think about Hen and Karen, you don't think about them as a lesbian couple. They're just another beautiful, realistic, loving couple with a family, and they just so happen to be lesbians.

They have broken down some barriers with their portrayal without even trying. And you cannot celebrate black love without also including some of the most beautiful examples of it via queer relationships too.

It's what makes Hen and Karen one of the best and most underrated couples. By simply being a loving, flawed, normal couple facing the same highs and lows as any other, they're quietly dismantling stigmas both as a black couple and a queer one.

Their love has withstood infidelity, depression, fertility issues, and job woes, and they've done so in a manner that resonates.

Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren - Grey's Anatomy

Stronger Together  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 13

Couples have thrived and crashed and burned on Grey's Anatomy. It's so many of them that you lose count, but Ben and Miranda are still going strong. They're probably the most stable couple in the show's history.

We've witnessed their love from the beginning, from the flirting and courting process to their marriage, and everything that has come after.

It's hard not to love their love.

Even at their worst, when they separated, they were fighting for their marriage, and the love between them never died. They've been through everything you can imagine in a marriage, and they always come out of it holding hands on the other side.

From career changes to mental illness, and health conditions, and work spats, and so much more, this couple remains one for the ages.

Ralph Angel and Darla- Queen Sugar

A Family Moment - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 5

If you love the type of angst that hurts so good, Queen Sugar's Ralph Angel and Darla are the couple for you. Life has torn them apart and brought them together over and over again, but no matter what obstacles they face, they always find their way to one another.

They share a son, and the long history surrounding Blue is complicated and wrought with pain, but their love story is compelling. The soft-spoken farmer and gentle recovering addict have both overcome trauma, the criminal justice system, and so much pain, but their love story isn't limited to it, which makes all the difference. 

They're strong individuals on their own, but they are stronger when they are together. Theirs is a love story that will tug at all of your heartstrings, and their resilience is inspiring.

Dre and Rainbow

Kid Free - black-ish

We can be grateful to Blackish for so many things, but one of the big ones is giving us a modern version of the iconic black love found in sitcoms during the '90s.

They are the Martin and Gina, the Kyle and Maxine, the Sinclair and Overton -- the Dwayne and Whitley of our era. You don't find couples like them much anymore.

They have the happy, kooky family, and they balance each other out. Sure, they've had some tough times, but for the most part, they're made for each other. 

Ruby and Stan Hill - Good Girls

Happy Couple - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 11

Ruby and Stan are that couple. The others on Good Girls can't relate. One of the best parts about the series is watching Ruby navigate a healthy marriage, parenthood, and her life of crime.

She's the one who got into the business for her family, and Stan understood it eventually since he's willing to do anything to help and support their sick daughter too.

They're such a refreshing couple, and they're the bright spot on the show. In the face of infidelity and messy relationships from two-thirds of the Good Girls, we can always count on Ruby and Stan to be the firm, enduring couple with so much real, genuine love it jumps off the screen.

Spencer and Olivia - All American

Fancy Presentation - All American Season 2 Episode 10

Once again, they aren't an actual romantic couple, but it doesn't matter. They have become each other's confidant, both of them tending towards putting themselves on the backburner for those around them.

Spencer and Olivia are both nurturers, so the beauty of their relationship is how they take care of each other, giving the other what they need and deserve and don't always get from those around them. Of all the relationships on All American, they're one of the most endearing. 

He literally took a bullet for her, and she's always there when he needs a shoulder to lean on.

Roger and Trish Murtaugh- Lethal Weapon

Cute Couple - Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 2

Look, Lethal Weapon devolved into a heaping mess thanks to all of the behind the scenes drama and cast shakeups, and it eventually led to the show's demise.

However, you cannot deny that Roger and Trish were total marriage goals. The badass attorney and crotchety cop had an enduring love that thawed Riggs' heart and inspired him. They were the happy type of couple that those around them aspire to be.

They had their disagreements and tiffs, but they were strong enough to withstand anything. You never doubted the love between them, and their relationship was built on deep respect and understanding of one another.

Mina and AJ - The Resident

Couple in the Making - The Resident

Who hasn't fallen in love with Mina and the Raptor?

Are they an official couple? No. Are they the best slow-burn on The Resident and television? Maybe.

Do they still deserve to be on this list and embody everything wonderful about black love and what it means? Hell yes.

Mina and AJ are an everythingship. They're friends, colleagues, and mentor/student. They are each other's better half in and outside of the OR, and they complete each other. The only thing they haven't done is freaking kiss already!

But the mutual respect that they share is awe-inspiring. They have become each other's person, uplifting each other, supporting one another, and leaning on each other.

They have a beautiful relationship of give and take. They encourage each other and sacrifice things for one another, and there is this trust between them that is unparalleled.

They're not even an official couple, and they're goals. He calls her his queen. Does it get better than that?

Coop and Patience - All American

Pursuing a New Path - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Find you a ride or die person, and you never let them go. The unwavering love and loyalty between Coop and Patience is something of which fans cannot get enough. Their love is sweet and sexy, and when they're together, the rest of the world falls away.

Patience helped Coop through the process of coping with her mother, who initially rejected her daughter for being gay, and Coop mostly supported Patience through her singing career, despite it sometimes coming at her expense.

Even when they're at odds or distant from each other, they gravitate to each other.

Malika and Isaac - Good Trouble

Smiles and Heart-Eyes - Tall - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 15

While the other characters are dealing with "will they/won't they" situations, love triangles, and pining, Malika and Isaac are the solid and steady couple of the series. And for a diverse series like Good Trouble, it was satisfying and important that the most influential couple happens to be the black one.

It's something we discussed with Sarunas Jackson during an interview. They are a pairing who deal with real issues, and they overcome them in such an authentic manner.

It started with the two of them addressing colorism, and their relationship blossomed from there as they have endured Malika's Black Lives Matter activism and family issues, as well as Isaac's anxiety together. Within their relationship, they have openly discussed a plethora of things, their culture every bit as integral to their relationship as the love between them.

Not only do they get to be #CoupleGoals, but they also get to be unapologetically and authentically black while doing so, and it's invigorating.

Gently and Evan - Cherish the Day

OWN: Cherish the Day

Evan and Gently are just two people from different worlds who are trying to live a happy life together, and the simplicity of it is relatable and precious.

Evan is from an upper-class, socialite family and Gently was raised by her uncles in an urban area, but none of that interferes with the love between them.

We follow their love story through the course of a few years, and they're just your average couple trying to figure out how to love and communicate with one another, and it's lovely.

Jazz and Doug - Grown-ish

Jazz and Doug  - grown-ish

The couples on Grown-ish are all over the place. You don't expect anything less from a bunch of college kids who are sowing their wild oats and living their best lives at school.

But within the group of friends, Jazz and Doug are the goals. They're the type of couple who already feel as if they're married and are probably in it for the long-haul. They serve as sounding boards and relationship gurus to the others, and they're cute as hell.

Jefferson and Lynn - Black Lightning

Lovebirds - Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 1

You would never think a divorced couple will make it onto this list, but they're not just any divorcees. Black Lightning's Lynn and Jefferson are no longer married, but it hasn't changed the very real love between the two of them.

The two of them still operate as heads of their family with superabilities, and they have one of the healthiest relationships on television.

Tiffany and Derek -Insecure

Tiffany and Derek  - Insecure

They were so damn good together that fans thought it was too good to be true. It's one of the reasons they made it to this list, and their love was so necessary. It's the reason the series worked hard to depict this couple as such an aspirational one.

The rarity of a black couple on television, devoid of issues, was notable, and on a series about relationships and dating, especially for black women, this couple served as ideal.

Blip and Evelyn - Pitch

Blip and Evelyn - Tall  - Pitch

Yes, you will have to pry Pitch from our cold, dead hands. On the long list of things that made this series great, the marriage between Blip and Evelyn is right up there.

They had their issues, but they always figured out how to work through them. They supported each other's dreams, and they stopped at nothing to help the other attain them, and it fits with the theme of the show.

They were allowed to dream, and they made space for each other to do so, and they fit together like puzzle pieces. It's no wonder Ginny and Mike looked to them for guidance, advice, and to be part of their family.

Angela and Cal- Watchmen

Cal and Angela - Watchmen

They are the definition of a power couple. You can't find a more supportive and loving couple on the air. Of all the things to take away from the series, their love is what was at the center of and grounded it.

Without going into any of the twists and turns of the series, their love was powerful and spellbinding. And given the nature of the series and what it dared to explore and address, it was poignant and provocative too.

Over to you, TV Fanatics.

Are there any couples missing? Which of them inspire and move you the most?

Do you enjoy the positive representation? Hit the comments below.

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