Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Nicole Be With Eric?

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There was romance in Salem as Sarah declared her love for Xander, Eric forgave Nicole once again, and Brady told Kristen they deserved another chance at love.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Silvananoir1 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Nicole should be with Eric, rating the Marlena/Hattie twist, Sarah and Xander’s future and which storyline they’d change if they could.

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Nicole and Eric have gotten back together. Do you prefer Nicole with Eric, Nicole with Brady, Nicole with someone else, or with no one at all?

Jack: I prefer Nicole to be in storylines where she shows her strength (like when she and Daniel went after Chyka).

I've always wanted a Nicole/Rafe pairing, though, and I'm tired of Nicole bouncing back and forth between Eric and Brady.

Silvananoir1: Honestly someone new. I enjoy Nicole and Eric and I liked Nicole and Brady. But these pairing haves soured on me a little over the years.

The way that Nicole and Brady ended really gave me a bad taste in my mouth. And I hate the feeling that I have that Nicole is in a state of never-ending penance when she's with Eric. She always has to prove herself worthy of sainted Eric and god forbid she do anything he disapproves of.

You would think that after the whole killing Daniel thing Eric would let go off his martyr complex. Honestly, she needs someone a little more fun that's why my favorite pairing was Ejole.

Christine: You know, I used to root for Eric and Nicole but he’s become such a judgmental bore over the years and always seems to be looking down on Nicole that I just don’t care about them any longer.

Nicole and Rafe could make a really interesting pair but like Jack said up above, I miss when Nicole was smart and determined and didn’t make apologies every other scene.

(TALL) Revealing His True Identity - Days of Our Lives

It looks as though Marlena has finally turned the tables on Stevano and Princess Gina. Rate this twist from a 1 (It’s boring and I saw it coming from a mile away) to a 10 (This is cool and I was completely surprised!)

Jack: I'm giving it an 8. I guessed it was Hattie and I think a lot of people did, but I still thought the real Marlena bursting in to save John was a strong cliffhanger and a nice reversal of the usual pattern where John saves Marlena from the latest bad guy.

Silvananoir1: 1. I hate this storyline so much. I mean yay that the vets have something to do but this story bores me to tears. I just want this to end.

Christine: I’ll give it a 7. I enjoyed the twist that Stevano really had Hattie and Marlena swooped into to save John. I haven’t liked much of this switch story but this made it more fun. Now, I only hope they can keep that fun going.

(TALL) Reconciled Again - Days of Our Lives

Do you agree with Nicole that it was over the top for Xander to push Brady to have Tate tested, even if the little boy was only Mickey’s cousin?

Jack: Well, we know the real reason Xander is pushing for this. But I don't agree that "Tate is a little boy" is a legitimate objection. Wasn't Joy Wesley a baby when she gave bone marrow to Chloe? And if you're trying to test anyone and everyone, that includes children.

Silvananoir1: No. Disease runs in the family even extended family. It's for the best that Tate get tested and have him be fine then not.

Christine: If Holly were sick I’m sure Nicole would want everyone and anyone tested, no matter how young or how much of a long shot, so her concerns seemed more to do with her dislike of Xander than anything else.

(TALL) A Romantic Evening - Days of Our Lives

Sarah and Xander are now officially a couple. Are you rooting for them or simply waiting for them to implode once the truth comes out about the baby switch?

Jack: I love Sarah and Xander. I'm annoyed by this baby switch because, among other things, I think the writers just put Sarah and Xander together for them to implode within a few weeks.

Silvananoir1: I actually like these two. I mean there is no way that they last but they have great chemistry and are kind of adorable. Xander makes Sarah tolerable.

Christine: Sarah and Xander are the one couple I’m actually excited to see together and it makes me mad that the writers have saddled them with this horrible baby switch story because I don’t see how Sarah can ever forgive him.

(TALL) Helping Them Escape - Days of Our Lives

Should Will go on the run with Clyde and Ben? Do you hope to see Ciara tag along too?

Jack: Will should tell Justin what he knows and Justin can arrange for Maggie to get sentenced to AA meetings and Will can get out of jail.

This whole on the run thing is ridiculous and no, I do not want Ciara tagging along. I want Ciara to have a storyline that doesn't involve her obsession with Ben.

Silvananoir1: I don't trust Clyde but honestly, Ben doesn't have much of a choice here. And having Will to watch his back is a good thing. Ciara is going to go along for Ben but having Clyde there is a terrible idea.

Christine: Ben doesn’t really have much choice and Clyde is the one person who can get him out of prison.

Will has the possibility of being exonerated so breaking out of prison seems a poor choice for him, but he’ll probably do it anyway.

As for Ciara, of course, she’s going to chase after Ben as she has nothing else in her life which is such a sad commentary on Bo and Hope’s daughter.

Gina Comforts John - Days of Our Lives

If you could change just one thing about one current storyline on Days right now, what would it be?

Jack: I'd make it that Steve was only pretending to think he's Stefano so that he could help catch Gina (and the real Stefano is dead, as he should be since Joe Mascolo is gone.)

Silvananoir1: Wrap up the Gina/Stefano nonsense. I seriously hate this story and it's the one that I mostly fast forward through. The others aren't that great either but Gina/Stefano is the worst.

Christine: I agree with all of the above but I’d love to see Abigail and Chad working with Jack and Jennifer to solve the mystery of Stefano. Now that Abigail is a reporter, it would be great to see her working with her parents.

(TALL) Anna's Betrayal - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Jack: It's always great to see Thaao Penghlis! So I was glad Tony got another cameo. I also was glad to see so many people figure out who Stevano is.

Silvananoir1: I didn't love this week but Sarah and Xander becoming official, the look on his face was quite adorable. The best part of the week.

Christine: Sarah telling Xander that she loves him, as well as listing all of their flaws was one of the most charming, wonderful, romantic scenes I’ve seen on Days in a long, long time. It makes me want to keep tuning in to see these two as a couple.

Your turn TV Fanatics! Who would you like to see Nicole paired with romantically?

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