Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 2-17-20: A Dose of Wedding Karma!

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Uh oh! Lani's finally found her backbone, and that might be the end of Gabi's plan ... or at least her wedding to Eli.

And that's not the only excitement on Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-17-20.

There's so much going on that NBC has released two separate spoiler videos as well as a bunch of photos.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 2-17-20

According to the first Days of Our Lives spoiler video, Julie collapses when Lani blurts out the truth about what Gabi's been doing, revealing that Gabi has an app that controls Julie's pacemaker.

Gabi has an app on her phone that can manipulate your heart.


After Lani's news, Abigail catches Julie as she collapses -- but is it from shock or has Gabi done something?

It looks like Julie isn't the only one in trouble, too, as a separate scene shows Ciara hitting Rafe with a baseball bat as he tries to arrest Ben for breaking out of prison.

Ciara is going further and further down the wrong path in pursuit of justice for Ben. But people rarely face any legal consequences for bad behavior in Salem, and she is the commissioner's daughter, so it's likely all will be quickly forgiven for her.

It appears it's not going to be a good week for Julie at all, as in addition to the wedding fiasco, she learns that another beloved family member has passed away.

The bonus spoiler video has her breaking down in tears after Jennifer gives her the news about Bill Horton's death. 

Bill is Jennifer's father, who has lived in Africa for the last decade or so. His death is supposed to be a catalyst for an exit or two as well as for Doug to reflect on his own history in Salem.

Hopefully, we'll get to see a funeral, unlike when Julie's son David died in 2015 as an excuse to bring Eli on-screen.

Jennifer: Your grandpa Bill died today.
Chad: I'll call a travel agent.
Abigail: I don't want you to come with me.

Interestingly, Abby does not want Chad to accompany her to Africa for the funeral -- are there deeper problems within their marriage than what we've seen on-screen, or is something else going on?

Meanwhile, Kayla is going to try to trigger Steve's memories and override the chip in his brain that has turned him into Stefano.

This hasn't worked so far with Gina/Hope, and didn't even really work as a treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder when Abigail was suffering from that, but at least we'll get some nice Steve/Kayla flashbacks.

It's also weird that Stevano seems to think that revealing his true identity to people who hate him is going to accomplish anything for him.

Hopefully, this one will play out better on-screen than it appears from this spoiler video.

NBC has also released 11 spoiler photos for the week of 2-17-20. Check them out and let us know what excites you most!

A Crashed Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Lani crashes Eli and Gabi's wedding.

It's about time! 

Lani has been complaining for months that Gabi has all the power and that nobody can do anything to stop her.

But now she's had more than enough and she's going to give Gabi that healthy dose of wedding-crash karma Gabi deserves.

This has been a long time coming, and the payoff should be worth it.

Jennifer Gets Sad News - Days of Our Lives

Jennifer receives sad news about a loved one.

Since Julie collapses at the wedding, it's understandable if you thought this was about her. But's Bill.

Jennifer's long-off-screen father has passed away, about ten years after one of the actors who played him did so in real life.

This random death of a legacy character is more or less a vehicle to get some characters off-screen, as spoilers say that JJ will choose to remain in Africa and the spoiler video indicates that Abby will leave Chad in Salem to attend the funeral.

Doug Reflects - Days of Our Lives

Doug reflects on his 50 years in Salem

If there's one thing Days of Our Lives does well, it's trips down memory lane.

Doug and Julie's celebration of her 50th was one of the best special episodes in recent memory, and Doug's look back at the past should be just as much fun.

These types of scenes explain why Doug and Julie have been such an important part of Days of Our Lives for most of its long history and will be a treat for both old-time and newer viewers.

Stevano's Shocking Reveal - Days of Our Lives

Kayla is shocked by "Steve's" revelation.

I don't know what Stevano thinks it'll get him to reveal his true identity, but at least this story is moving along.

If anyone can get through to the real Steve, it's Kayla. After all, back in the 1990s, she broke through Steve's amnesia, and we all know the end game is for Steve and Kayla to be back together.

But since Stevano is microchipped, this may be a lot more complicated, and Days of Our Lives treating it like another case of Dissociative Identity Disorder is silly.

A Sweet Moment - Days of Our Lives

Hattie and Roman share a sweet moment.

Aww! Hattie and Roman make a cute, though totally mismatched and ridiculous, couple.

Anything that gets Roman additional screentime is a good thing, even if he should be looking for Kayla, who disappeared and didn't return his call warning her about Stevano.

Hattie also provides some strong comic relief, which viewers may need with all of the heavy drama going on elsewhere.

Jarlena Bring On The Romance - Days Of Our Lives

John and Marlena have a romantic Valentine's Day.

Hallelujah! Romance isn't totally dead on Days of Our Lives.

While John and Marlena are too often involved in damsel in distress storylines, at least when they are together, they show love and devotion to one another.

These scenes should provide the positivity and love Days of Our Lives is missing with all of these fake love stories and evil people causing trouble in Salem.

Sharing a Theory - Days of Our Lives

Ciara shares her new theory about who killed Jordan with Ben.

Days of Our Lives has made it obvious that newcomer Evan is the real killer. 

Evan showed up out of nowhere to take care of baby David, comes from California like Jordan did, and recently ripped up a letter stating there was a problem with his background check.

The question is whether Ciara has figured this out yet.

Hopefully, she has, as Ben is due to be executed any day now and can't stay in hiding forever.

A Unsettling Dream - Days of Our Lives

Kristen has an unsettling dream about baby Rachel.

We're definitely in the end stages of this baby switch storyline.

Kristen's been having motherly instincts to protect "Sarah's" baby ever since she found about the leukemia, and now she's having dreams about her own allegedly dead baby.

All Days of Our Lives still needs to do is provide a donor match for Mackenzie that proves that the baby is really Kristen and Brady's.

Sarah is Shocked - Days of Our Lives

Sarah is shocked when she learns the identity of Mackenzie's potential donor.

And there it is.

Sarah will get the news that there is a donor match for Mackenzie, and it's going to shock her.

Since Brady and Kristen were already ruled out (unless the test was wrong, as usual), it's likely the donor is little Tate.

Sarah would be shocked anyway because nobody told her that Tate was even being tested. But her surprise probably comes from her belief that Tate is only a distant cousin, not Mackenzie's half-brother.

Will anyone put two and two together?

A Bleak Future - Days of Our Lives

Gabi faces a bleak future.

Well, good. It's about time she faced some consequences.

It's unlikely Gabi will be in jail for more than a few days. In Salem, jail is for the wrongly convicted only.

But at least she will lose Eli, and maybe she'll even be dragged off from her own wedding in handcuffs.

THAT would be some delicious karma.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

Hit SHOW COMMENTS and tell us what you're looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-17-20.

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