Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 2-24-20: Unraveling a Lie

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Victor's manipulations are not paying off for once.

For months, he has orchestrated a masterful cover-up in which Will has sat in jail, convinced he was the one who killed Adrienne because he was texting and driving, while the truth is that a drunk Maggie caused the fatal crash.

But on Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-24-20, Maggie remembers and confesses everything, and Will comes home.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 2-24-20

According to the official spoiler video, a remorseful Maggie tells Sonny the truth.

I was on the road that night. Will is innocent. I killed your mother.


Sonny, who recently also lost his temper with Gabi after she got arrested, screams at Maggie in response to her confession.

But maybe there is good news in store for Sonny too, since the video also shows Will walking into the Kiriakis living room and telling Sonny he's home from jail.

Thank goodness! Sonny was on his way to a relationship with Evan, who has a secret of his own. As usual, Evan appears to be the bad-guy placeholder who was biding his time until Will and Sonny could get back together.

Since Will and Sonny are leaving Salem in the fall, it'll be interesting to see how this whole mess plays into their exit story, too.

Hopefully, they will leave together like they should have when Will was "killed" back in September 2015.

NBC has also released 10 spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-24-20. Check them out below and let us know what you think.

Using a Revelation - Days of Our Lives

Gabi uses a stunning revelation to her advantage.

Gabi was recently offered a 10-year sentence in exchange for a guilty plea, but crime often pays in Salem and Camila Banus is still with the show as far as we know.

So she's going to have to get out of this somehow despite everyone telling her that money and power can't buy her freedom this time.

Spoilers say that Gabi is a donor match for baby Mackenzie, so she most likely is going to try to cut some deal where she will give bone marrow if she gets off scot-free.

Of course, that would be no different than only offering Stefan's heart to Julie if she gets something out of it, but Gabi is not the kind who learns lessons very well, especially when she doesn't face any real consequences for most of her bad behavior.

Victor Pressures Will - Days of Our Lives

Victor pressures Will not to expose Maggie.

When we left off, VIctor was pushing Will not to "destroy" Maggie's life by telling the truth, while Will was firm in his belief that he'd already lost enough of his life to sitting in jail unnecessarily.

Hopefully, Victor's promise of pulling strings to get Will released will fall on deaf ears. Victor is another one who needs to stop throwing money at every problem to make it go away.

We know Maggie is going to learn the truth, but will it come from Will or will he cave to Victor's demands?

Maggie's Latest Confrontation - Days of Our Lives

Maggie confronts Xander and Victor about the night of Adrienne's death.

It looked like Maggie was starting to remember something just as Victor began bothering Will on Friday.

She'll probably get the truth out of Xander, who never particularly liked this scheme and who has a soft spot for her.

Although Victor did all this to protect Maggie, she may not appreciate him getting Sonny's husband locked up for her misdeed.

It's an open question what this will do to Maggie and Victor's relationship. Xander has bigger problems to worry about because soon the baby switch will come out too, but Maggie and Sarah might not be happy with him either.

Making a Difficult Decision - Days of Our Lives

Sarah and Eric are faced with a difficult decision.

The pair is on track to learn the identity of the bone marrow donor.

Although Tate is a more logical choice and would lead to some more drama over Brady not wanting his son to go through this painful procedure as well as help the baby switch unravel, spoilers say Gabi is the donor.

As mentioned earlier, Gabi will use that to try to get out of jail.

It's not clear how Sarah and Eric could affect that since Julie and Lani are the ones who are pressing charges. But she will likely want them to demand she be set free before she agrees to help.

Eli and Lani Reunite - Days of Our Lives

Eli and Lani reunite.

That was fast.

Our Days of Our Lives Round Table team all agreed that Eli had every right to be angry at Lani since she made herself into a helpless victim and hurt him and his grandmother unnecessarily.

But even though Eli told Lani off and said he needed space, it appears the couple will be back on track already.

What will change Eli's mind so quickly? Will it be an overreaction to Gabi's latest trick or something else?

Chad Gloats - Days of Our Lives

Chad gloats to Gabi that she's been fired from Dimera Enterprises.

Well, at least Gabi will suffer some consequences for her behavior.

This makes sense. No global company wants a CEO that's going around getting arrested for attempted murder, coercion, and related charges.

Unfortunately, Chad will probably be so smug and gloat-y about it that it'll make Gabi that much more determined to manipulate her way back into power.

Preparing to Die - Days of Our Lives

Ben prepares for his execution.

That whole Ben and Ciara on the run arguing about whether Ciara should join Ben while he hid from the cops storyline was a waste of time.

Ben is back in jail and about to be executed now.

Knowing Days of Our Lives, someone will find proof of his innocence a split second before he is given a lethal injection.

Nevertheless, we still should get some strong scenes from Robert Scott Wilson as Ben prepares to die.

Will's Special Surprise - Days of Our Lives

WIll has a big surprise for Sonny.

Will is finally coming home!

And just in time, too, since Sonny has to explain to little Ari that her mother is in jail too.

It's not going to be smooth sailing for Will and Sonny, though. Even though Will didn't file the divorce papers, Sonny is involved with Evan.

There's no telling what Evan might do, especially since many viewers speculate that he is Jordan's real killer.

Getting Key Info - Days of Our Lives

Ciara receives key information about Jordan's killer.

It doesn't look like Ciara is going to suffer many consequences, if any at all, for harboring a fugitive and assaulting a cop.

The new DA wants to press charges, but instead, Ciara appears to be free to run around investigating Jordan's case.

Most likely she will find out who David's father is.

Either it's Evan or Evan kidnapped the baby from Jordan and the mystery man, since he hid that background check.

Confronting Evan - Days of Our Lives

Rafe confronts Evan about his deceit.

That stunt Evan pulled with the background check notice was stupid.

Rafe's trying to adopt baby David. Sooner or later, he's going to call Child Services to find out what's going on and learn that Evan's background check is a problem.

Or, since this is Days of Our Lives, he might just find the notice in the trash.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see what Rafe has to say to Evan and how Evan tries to get out of this.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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