Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11 Review: A Wound That May Never Heal

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Fallon is spiraling on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11, and it's not a good look on her. 

Despite all the progress that she's made these past few seasons, Fallon always finds herself back at square one: wanting to get out of Blake Carrington's shadow. 

Their back-and-forth tussle between the father and daughter is reminiscent of Dynasty Season 1, but it's pointless drama that doesn't do either of the character's any favors. 

Expanding Her Empire Tall - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

There's no reason that Fallon cannot be independently successful. They can both exist in the same orbit without any sticking their noses into each other's business. The world is big enough for them both.  

Hopefully, the realization she had thanks to Culhane will finally stick because, at this point, her character seems to be regressing rather than continuing on a trajectory of female empowerment that we've come to know her for. 

Fallon has always had potential, but she botches nearly every plan she's ever had. 

They all tend to go up in flames -- her plan of going international quite literally -- and yet she keeps trying. 

Home Cooked Meal  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

On the one hand, her drive and ambition is admirable, but on the other, it would be so much more effective if she just picked a lane and stayed in it. 

From publishing company to magazine to streaming service, she wants to do everything, and thus, she does nothing. 

The comments about her streaming service, while hilarious, echoed those thoughts exactly.

No one even knows what she does anymore because she can't stick to anything. If she keeps this up, she really will be the "forgotten Carrington."

On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10, Fallon started the episode by throwing things, and this time, Blake followed suit even though it turned out to be a nightmare. (I was about to question how many glasses this family went through a week!)

The Parent Trap  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

Blake poured so much of himself into rebuilding his image and getting control back, and yet, he didn't recognize that he was  acting out to ignore the real problem. 

He was running away from the anger and resentment he felt towards Alexis. 

Buying up companies left and right was his way of repressing his emotions and pretending the problem didn't exist rather than facing it head-on.

He wanted Cristal to let her anger go, but he failed to notice he had so much of it pent up inside that it was manifesting as nightmares. 

However, the nightmares also served as an omen. The moment Blake realized he needed to get back to his legacy at Carrington Atlantic, it was revealed that Alexis and Jeff Colby were one step ahead of him.

Alexis is like a whack-a-mole game. You knock her down, she just pops up somewhere else. It's a waste of our time and our energy. So we just ignore her.


In this regard, the series is returning to its roots and hopefully, to the storylines that enthralled audiences. 

The empire that Blake built seems like the right investment if they want to stick him where it hurts, and it's going to be one hell of a fight now that they've already set the stage for the acquisition. 

Since Alexis and Jeff announced their marriage, fans have been trying to figure out what their game-plan is and slowly, it's coming together. 

Mommy and Son  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

Jeff and Alexis bonded through their sheer hatred of Blake. They both feel like they've been wronged by him and want to get revenge. 

The reveal that they're after CA also explains their decision to get married. 

It won't be hard for the couple to build an anti-Blake team as he's running low on friends these days. 

Blake has alienated mostly everyone aside from Anders and Cristal, whose on her own destructive path. 

I didn't know you had a streaming service. Or is this just your Netflix account? Which, by the way, stop changing your password.


Blake is smart and has resources, Alexis was right about that, but if she can get both Adam and Fallon on her side with the right offer, she stands a chance of destroying him and the only thing he cares about. 

Convincing Adam to join the "dark side" wasn't difficult. Adam was feeling low after getting kicked out of the Manor.

All Alexis had to do was make him think that she's always been there for him while Blake has been pushing him away, Adam's allegiance flopped to mommy dearest immediately. 

Adam needs someone to call family. He's so desperate, he willingly recorded an incriminating confession about poisoning Jeff. 

That's a Hard No - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

I'll admit, this was surprising and a changing-point in Adam's arc. 

He deserves the wrath of a thousand sons for everything he's put his family through, but it's at least encouraging that he's willing to own up to his mistakes and be held responsible. 

I'm still waiting for him to confess to what he did to Steven. 

Every time I see someone getting close to Adam or considering that maybe he's not so bad after all, I think about poor Steven trapped in a mental hospital with absolutely no one checking in on him. 

It's as if everyone forgot about him. 

Going International - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

Fallon won't be as easy to sell on as she's probably not interested in partnering with Alexis, Jeff, and Adam, but given the right position or offer, she would take it if only to spite Blake. 

Then, we have Cristal, who is spiraling out of control because of her anger at Alexis. As she should be. 

Alexis took a child away from her and she's walking around with no care in the world and zero remorse. 

Alexis might want Blake to pay, but Cristal wants Alexis to pay.

However, Cristal is about to cross a line from which she cannot return. They already have Mack's blood on their hands, they don't need Alexis'.

Jeff: Did you really think you could Parent Trap me and Adam into liking each other?
Alexis: I don't know what that means.

And the last time she involved her family, things got a little messy. 

Sammy's new relationship ended quicker than he could say "boyfriend," and that's a damn shame. 

It's taken Sam a very long time to get over Steven and put himself out there. He's navigating this post-divorce dating life and frankly, trying to protect his heart from getting ripped into a billion pieces. 

A Halftime Disaster  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

So, when Fletcher said the b-word, Sammy approached with caution, understandably.

Instead of trying to understand Sam's skepticism, Fletcher got upset with Sam, which then made Sam feel guilty. 

And the moment Sam let himself be vulnerable again -- BAM! -- betrayal. 

Fletcher had a life with another man that Sam knew nothing about; he was playing him, and he had the nerve to make Sam feel guilty for not wanting to take things to the next level.  

Now, Sam will have to pick up the pieces once again, and will have an even harder time trusting people.  

Great job, Fletcher. 

Kirby and Adam were cozying up to each other, and the moment there were flirtatious vibes, I screamed "no, no, no" at the screen. 

Seeing Alexis give Adam a second chance is enough, we don't need to see Kirby and Adam pursue anything romantic. 

At first, it seemed like Kirby was broken and hurt from her time in Synergy and trying to find someone, anyone to connect with and befriend. 

But soon enough, it was revealed she had ulterior motives. 

What was the point of Kirby dropping the earring? Is it a listening device? Is she spying on him?

Why does she want him to stay so badly?

I've never pegged her a manipulative person, but this is far better than the needy and weak Kirby who got sucked into a cult because people were mean to her. 

Pluto  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

Other Thoughts

  • With the amount of money Fallon has, you'd think she could book an actual halftime show artist rather than forcing Sam to dress up as a mascot. 
  • Liam needs to come back from his writing retreat already. 
  • I wish I had Carrington money so I could wake up and cheer myself up by buying a whole business. 
  • If I had a dollar for every time Fallon said she was going to kill Blake, I'd have Carrington money. 

  • Fallon whimpering to get her way and get out of trouble is a mood.
  • The Parent Trap comment was so good. 
  • Carrington Atlantic is owned by the Van Kirk company, right? Wouldn't that make Liam in charge?

I'm turning it over to you, TV Fanatics!  

What did you think of the episode?

Will Alexis and Jeff be successful in bringing down Blake?

Are you tired of Fallon's constant daddy issues?

Be sure to watch Dynasty online and catch up on all episodes. 

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Alexis is like a whack-a-mole game. You knock her down, she just pops up somewhere else. It's a waste of our time and our energy. So we just ignore her.


I didn't know you had a streaming service. Or is this just your Netflix account? Which, by the way, stop changing your password.