Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13 Review: The Whisper Box

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As the majority of the season has been, Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13 was packed full of action. 

Placing a cast of characters in a universe other than the one they're accustomed to, gives viewers the chance to see their dreams come to life, without it affecting the plot of the show. 

An alternate universe is almost like an onscreen fanfiction, which is why these episodes are usually so enjoyable for the audience. Yet, in that aspect and every other, Nancy Drew missed the mark. 

Missing Necklace - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13

If we were to compare "The Whisper Box," to the other episodes of Nancy Drew, it wasn't too far above or below average. It was relatively on par with the rest of Nancy Drew Season 1

There lies the issue. 

An alternate reality episode is supposed to turn both the characters' and the audience's worlds upside down.

It should be crazy and unexpected. But the Nancy Drew writers didn't take advantage of the incredible opportunity they created. 

They could have made anything happen with no repercussions.

Besties - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13

Was there a new dynamic they wanted to try out? Or an insane storyline that would never be feasible within the constraints of the show? 

How about simply changing the scenery?

But, sadly, Nancy Drew did none of that. 

Besides Nancy's mom being back from the dead, the differences between this alternate universe and the real world were minor, at best. 

Nancy was on break from college, George was in a more upbeat mood, and Bess didn't mind living in a van. Wild. 

This reality may have represented Nancy's perfect world, but it was underwhelming.

Everyone in here is perfect and happy. And there's no ghosts, and my mom's still alive, and you all like me.


The main problem is that if the writers were too afraid to step out of their comfort zone in a world with no consequences, how can we expect them to do it in the real one?

Meet Ned - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13

Nancy and Nick sleeping together was the craziest thing that happened, yet it wasn't crazy in the slightest. We could go back a few episodes and experience the same thing. 

Nancy's interactions with Nick in this universe were only there to make Nancy realize what she had lost. 

Even though Nancy sounded a bit insane, Nick's faith in her was unwavering. That seemed to make something click for Nancy, which was hard to understand. 

Nancy: You think I'm crazy, don't you? You don't believe any of this.
Nick: I believe that you believe it. And that's good enough for me.

Nick has believed in and supported Nancy since Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 1. He has put himself on the line for her again and again, and has gone out of his way to protect her. 

Kiss of Dreams - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13

Other than their timeline being off, what happened in this reality was no different than what happens in Nancy's everyday life. There was no new information given to Nancy or the audience. 

Nancy has constantly refused to be open and honest with Nick, and that has always been the problem.

If she wants to get Nick back, she needs to prove that she can give him the transparency that he asked her for. 

Just know this isn't easy for me, because in my reality you guys aren't happy like you are here. We don't always get along and we hurt each other, sometimes. And our lives are pretty messy. Especially mine. I really wish I'd had the courage to fight for us.


While I don't dislike the two of them together, I can't root for them until Nancy actively tries to make a change.

Especially when Nick and George seem to be building something off of an already established friendship and trust. 

To me, there's no competition. 

A Perfect World - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13

One would think that Nancy would have learned by now that going off on her own isn't smart. 

It was appalling that she went to the whisper box without backup, given everything that has happened in the past couple of episodes.

What's the point in giving Nancy these moments of realization, if they lead to no character development and no change in her behavior? 

Because she was determined to sleuth alone, Nancy ended up trapped in a room, passed out, and slowly fading away, while her friends tried their best to bring her back. 

Ace: We can talk to her. Like you guys did with me when I was in the coma after the car accident.
Bess: You heard that?
Ace: Yeah. Yeah, I remember you had new pants. They were very special pants. I remember they were like magic pants.

Sound familiar? That's because we just went through this merely weeks ago on Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 10

Hippie Bess - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13

We're only thirteen episodes into the first season, and Nancy Drew is already getting repetitve.

Unfortunately, that's not a good sign. 

Although there was, and still is, disconnect from Nancy's character, Nancy Drew has been a solid series up until this point.

But while I originally found myself delightfully surprised, I'm now finding myself bored. 

If "The Whisper Box" would have aired months ago, it would probably have been a unique installment to the show. But at this point in time, it's old news. 

Same Old Ace - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13

Stray Thoughts:

  • It was easy to overlook, but Ace was the only person who was exactly the same in Nancy's perfect world. Talk about a pure friendship.
  • Viewers have never gotten to know Nancy's mom, and now that we have, Nancy's loss feels all the more real. 
  • Bess talking to Ace about her new pants while he was in a coma was proof of how much Bess relies on him. Bess is used to sharing everything with him, and no matter how insignificant her stories may be, he always remembers every detail. 
  • Carson and Nancy's reunion was heartwarming. Nancy stated that the reason she needed to get back to the real world was to save her dad, so it was sweet that she was able to come home to him. 
  • Tiffany was presumably murdered because she was digging too deeply into Lucy Sable's death. Does that mean the killer will come for Nancy next?

It's your turn, Nancy Drew fans!

What did you think of "The Whisper Box?" 

Hit the comments section down below and let us know your thoughts and predictions! 

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The Whisper Box Review

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I am stuck in a dream of my perfect life.


Everyone in here is perfect and happy. And there's no ghosts, and my mom's still alive, and you all like me.