Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Hopkinsville

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Quinn was right to ask why alien visits only happen in the woods.

The woods may keep secrets, but on Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4, they also hide lies.

We probably knew from the beginning that Jimmy J wasn't telling the truth.

Jimmy J's Tall Tales - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

The circus man from the backwoods loved telling stories, and whether he was telling his tall tale for some extra dough or as a way to generate more business for his circus doesn't really matter.

What matters is that Valentine and his cronies have a bunch of UFOs sitting in a hangar in Hopkinsville ready for a fake alien invasion.

What's even more curious is that the CIA has psychic assets working for them in a secret lab, one of which foretold of the planned alien invasion.

Yet the psychic girl would only "speak" to Quinn. 

Nosy Mimi - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

And our favorite CIA spy, Daniel, confronted Harding and Valentine about their plot without telling anyone else.

So, what's really going on?

The first thing that comes to mind is a rivalry between the newly formed CIA and the Air Force. While the CIA is relatively new, it's possible that the Air Force might feel threatened by all the different projects the CIA is working on.

Maybe Harding and Valentine (mostly Valentine) are upset that they're not a part of the secret aircraft experiments considering that they're actual generals in the AIR FORCE.

And maybe the alien invasion they had planned was a way to "out" the CIA as well as make the Air Force the heroes in the public's eye.

Secret Psychic Lab - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

I suspect, though, that Harding and Valentine (if they were smart, anyway) won't be listening or taking Daniel's threat seriously.

There has been no indication that he's even a high-ranking member of the CIA.

Still, he knows what they had planned, and that's a dangerous thing for Valentine -- especially if it got to the higher-ups like the President of the USA.

But we all know (or we should know) that Daniel has ulterior motives, and if I were Valentine or Harding, I would be digging into Daniel's secrets -- because Daniel is working for the Russians.

It's odd that he felt the need to find Hynek in the middle of nowhere to tell him about the alien invasion and the CIA's secret psychic lab. 

The way it was done, calling Hynek's house and talking to Mimi smells of Susie and her Russian cohorts.

Mimi is Busted - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

Daniel should have known, by way of his position, where Hynek and Quinn were WITHOUT having to find out through Mimi.

Even if the Air Force wouldn't have divulged the information, someone, somewhere, within his own organization, could have found out.

So Daniel is playing both sides, though it's unclear why what Quinn and Hynek are investigating is more important than the secret aircraft being built by the CIA or the secret psychic lab they have onsite.

And just as I predicted, Mimi, in all of her splendid stupidity, got herself into major trouble via the Man in the Hat.

What I don't understand -- and this is first of the two most annoying things about this hour -- is that Hynek wasn't even angry that Mimi was in Hopkinsville.

Susie Makes a Decision - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

Sure, he loves her; she's the best thing that ever happened to him. And going off on a rage isn't really one of his personality traits.

BUT, he barely reacted. He was shocked, at first, to see her, and then acted like it was no big deal.

I could let that go because it's his wife, but what about Quinn?

There is no way Quinn wouldn't have blown up about Mimi being there getting involved in something with which she had no business being involved.

Yet, he said NOTHING.

Mimi got a free pass, but she didn't, really, because the Man in the Hat got her.

Generals in Trouble - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

As the old saying goes, "Curiosity killed the cat," and Mimi is in a whole lot of trouble. 

Not only that, she just got her husband into a whole lot of trouble, too.

We haven't seen the Man in the Hat since the beginning of Project Blue Book Season 1, so it's curious as to why he would be upset about Mimi sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

The only reasoning would be that maybe the Man in the Hat and his group are planning to show both Mimi and Hynek even more secrets than before, unless he's working for Valentine, in which case, we can just kiss Mimi goodbye.

Speaking about kissing someone goodbye, we almost said goodbye to Susie, which brings me to the second annoying part of this installment.

What the HELL kind of rub-out was that?

Hynek at the Circus - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

If the Russians can't even do a decent job of taking out one of their own, how can they ever think they're going to be able to do anything with any of the information they gather about the U.S. and their secret UFO program?

First, you don't check to make sure the girl you brought to the woods to kill is really dead? Knocking her out with a shovel probably would be her death knell.

But what's worse is that they buried her. Well, half-buried her. Why?

If they wanted her dead, she should have been buried deep, but she wasn't. They gave her a surface spattering of dirt.

And why keep a guy there? And one that was as incompetent as he was? She's a tiny girl, and he was a big-ass guy, and she still beat his ass.

So, I guess I'm unclear on the whole purpose of what the Russians were doing. 

Susie's handler seemed surprised to see her, so it seems like she thought, at least, that Susie was a goner.

And all because Susie couldn't stick the needle in Quinn, which wasn't even her fault.

Yes, Susie's in love with him. That much is clear at this point.

But whether she's going to fess up to Quinn and let him protect her isn't.

Susie's concerned about her daughter, and it's possible that this whole charade with Quinn might be a way for her to find some sort of escape for the little girl she left behind.

The Bromance - Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 4

If you think about it, it makes sense. Quinn desperately wants children, and now it seems that Susie desperately wants to get out of her current job as Russian spy.

It might end up being the love story of the series!

So we were treated to a twist in a romance and a bit of a delve into the bromance, with Hynek and Quinn having a deep conversation about their personal lives.

I'll be curious to see what horrible childhood event scarred Quinn if Hynek's analysis proves true!

Over to you!

Will Susie switch sides?

What's the deal with the Man in the Hat?

Will Harding and Valetine figure Daniel out?

What does he want from them anyway?

Why does the Air Force want to launch a fake alien invasion?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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