Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13 Review: The Dex Factor

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Life is all about timing. 

On Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13 as the dyanmic duo of Grey and Hoffman becomes the titilating trio with Dex added to the mix to take down the car jacking ring, they are seeing just how important timing really is.

Read our review as we discuss how the final showdown went down and the mischief that Tookie and Ansel got into while Mommy and Daddy are away.

Dex and Grey - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Ansel continues to flourish in his new found independence.

He is owning his needs and isn't afraid to make them known, which is so important if he wants to be taken seriously as the adult he is becoming. 

The fact that Ansel would go to Dex for driving lessons is a bit terrifying. I guess he still does have some things to learn. Has he never seen his sister drive because she is a maniac on the road. Grey probably would be the better option in that situation. 

Ansel taking steps to get his license is a great idea, though.

That one small change will make such a huge difference in his quality of life. It is hard to feel like you are independent if you constantly have to be dependent on others for something like a ride. 

It is just another step in the right direction of where he sees himself.

Light Bulb - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Grey bestowing enough trust in him to run the bar in his absence is such a huge confidence booster for Ansel, and you can see that he doesn't take it lightly. 

Calling Tookie for help was brave and proves how responsible he is. It is easy to sit back and pretend like you have everything under control. It is a lot harder to admit that you need help, especially when you are trying to prove yourself. 

While Tookie and Ansel egging the house of the Yelp reviewers might not have been the most mature option, I stand by their decision.

Those people were horrible!

To sit and rave about how good Tookie's food was and turn around and deliver a scathing review of the bar? From the dynamics of their relationship they clearly get off on bringing other people down. 

Letting Them In On The Joke - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Tookie and Ansel's friendship is one of the best additions to the back half of this season. The actors have such good chemistry, and with Grey being absent while he works on the case with Hoffman, Tookie has been a great ally for Ansel to have.

Grey is probably going to need his buddy back, though, because he has lost yet another lady from his life. 

In another time or another life, Max would have been perfect for Grey. They connected so easily right from the get go. 

The problem is that they are at different points in their life. 

Criminal Grey pre-jail would have probably jumped at the chance to run away with Max and drive off into the sunset in his pick up truck. They could have spent their days traveling from city to city, stealing cars and living their lives free without a care. 

Dex The Comedian - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Grey has cares, though. He has responsibilities. He can't drop everything because a pretty girl bats her eyelashes at him. 

He was able to accomplish what he set out to accomplish by saving Max from the ramifications of her actions. There obviously is a small part of him that wanted to go with Max, but as I said, timing is everything, and their timing just wasn't right. 

It is too bad that Max is gone. Inbar was great to have as part of this amazing cast, even if for a short time. That woman really should play a siren because she loves playing a character that lures men away with her.

Luckily for Grey, the police's timing was on point. Granted, they could have barged in a little sooner so that Grey didn't have to stare down the barrel of a gun, but hey he is alive and 35K richer, so there is that at least, right? 

Seriously, though, that is quite a nice chunk of change. If I were Grey, I would seriously consider continuing this CI gig. It is way too lucrative to walk away from. Maybe once he catches wind of the Yelp review he will call Hoffman up for another job. 

Awkward Miles - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Grey isn't the only one facing bad timing in the relationship department. 

What are the odds that Dex would meet, and start to fall for, the one woman who is working the opposite side of the case she is working on? 

Did anyone else think that Violet was initially setting Dex up? I was sure that she knew Dex was involved with the heroin and was trying to use her as an in. 

That fact that they met by chance is all the more heartbreaking. 

It isn't often that we get to see Dex truly happy and comfortable with someone. Violet was one of the few exceptions. 

Dex Is Surprised - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Finding someone who understands what she went through, that she also has off the charts chemistry with? That is a rarity and Dex having to walk away from that for her friends and for what is right is almost unfair. 

Violet: You wanna know something kind of cheesy but completely honest.
Dex: Sure.
Violet: I feel like I could float away right now.
Dex: Really cheesy. I feel the same way.

Dex deserves to be happy.

The fight between Dex and Violet at the warehouse felt symbolic of Dex's internal struggle. She is constantly worrying about everyone else and tosses her happiness aside.

At that moment, fighting the woman who just the night before had brought her such joy in order to save someone she loved,  forces her yet again to choose against the possibility of being happy. 

Calling in a Favor - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Violet not caught by the police means that there is always a possibility of her coming back. The concern is, though, that the writers will wait to bring her back until one side of the love triangle resolves and she will take its place. 

"The Dex Factor" was amazing when it came to the Dex and Violet aspect, but the rest fell a little flat.

It felt rushed at times and it didn't ever reach its full potential. It ended up leaving a feeling of slight disappointment that hasn't been felt often during this amazing first season. 

Hopefully Stumptown Season 1  Episode 14 can help bring back the magic we have come to expect from the show as it returns to the case of the week format. 

Leo - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13

Other thoughts:

  • The music. Oh my god, was it good. From the use of multiple versions of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" to them showcasing one of my favorite artists Amy Shark, it was out of this world. 
  • Sue Lynn redeemed herself ever so slightly in my eyes by helping out Dex and Grey. Hopefully we will see more of her throughout the rest of this season and continue this character improvement. 

Over to you Fanatics! How did you feel about the episode? Were you left underwhelmed like we were? Comment below and share your own thoughts and don't forget to watch Stumptown online!

The Dex Factor Review

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

What, are we role playing now?


Violet: You wanna know something kind of cheesy but completely honest.
Dex: Sure.
Violet: I feel like I could float away right now.
Dex: Really cheesy. I feel the same way.