This Is Us Fans Blast NBC: You Ruined Our Show!

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Kate Pearson took center stage on This Is Us Season 4 Episode 13, which aired Tuesday on NBC.

The installment marked the conclusion of the "Hell of a Week" trilogy, which started on January 21.

Naturally, viewers thought there would be some resolution for some of the big plots that were addressed during the special episodes.

Discovering Her Strength - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 13

TV shows need to have a payoff to keep viewers interested.

However, the series returned after a week off with an episode that delivered more questions than answers.

Fans took to social media to air their thoughts, and the comments section on a post from the official This Is Us page reveals a lot about the way people feel about the state of the series at this moment in time.

One of the most significant talking points was regarding the the flashback storyline with Kate's boyfriend Marc as viewers were left hanging due to the lack of answers.

“I wanted closure tonight, dang it!!!!!” one viewer complained.

“Tonight’s episode was annoying,” another wrote.

“I thought we were going to finally get the full Marc story,” another commenter added.

Added another, “You’re telling me I have to wait 7 days for the next episode?”

Yes, seven days is a long time to wait, especially when these episodes should have been giving some answers.

Kate Can't Sleep - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 13

The biggest reaction to the episode comes in the following comment:

“All the action was in the commercial, we basically learned nothing until we saw next week’s preview… what the heck??”

If you watch This Us online, you know This Is Us Season 4 Episode 13 closed with Young Kate trapped in a dangerous situation with Marc.

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 14 airs Tuesday, February 18, and teases that the Big Three will reconnect at the Cabin.

Here is the official trailer for the episode.

Given that "The Cabin" is not part of the trilogy, it makes sense that fans would be unimpressed with the almighty cliffhanger they were left with.

However, it's possible that the story of the installment will stun everyone and allow them to forgive the series.

Where do you stand on this, This Is Us Fanatics?

Are you growing tired of the show dragging the storylines out, or are you still enjoying it?

At the Diner - This Is Us Season 4 Episode 13

Hit the comments below.

We have a full review of the episode, right HERE.

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