Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8 Review: The Takeback

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Doug Judy's back, baby!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8 served as the seventh installment of the saga that is Jake and Doug Judy's friendship.

Time has definitely passed since we last saw Judy because he's now an engaged man. And get this: he didn't invite Jake to the wedding!

Doug Judy Returns - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The betrayal on Jake's face when he found out he didn't get invited was the same feeling us viewers had back home. We've been through a lot of ups and downs in this friendship but not getting invited to the biggest day of his best friend's life feels like a low blow. 

After a confrontation at a pottery shop, Jake finagled his way into Doug's bachelor party in Miami. 

In an incredibly random cameo, Mark Cuban of Shark Tank fame made a quick appearance to give his private jet over to Doug for the weekend.

Criminal Jake - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8

Jake was posing as Sean, one of Judy's friends from prison, to fit in with the rest of the bachelor party. Doug Judy's closest friends are all criminals, so hanging out with a police officer isn't exactly their ideal vacation.

Jake chose an interesting backstory, to say the least. And yet, Judy's friends bought it.

Jake: I just got outta jail. Five years.
Chuck: Tough sentence, what'd you do?
Jake: Elder abuse. Got my grandpa good, so.
Chuck: Damn, that's very upsetting.

Luckily, we got another round of karaoke from our favorite duo before things inevitably go south. 

Despite Jake's storytelling abilities, he wasn't able to keep his cover once Judy's friends revealed they had already committed grand larceny on the first day of the trip.

Realistically, he would've given himself away within moments, but it was Trudy Judy who officially revealed that he's a cop. It was great to see Nicole Byer back again. She has a knack for comedic timing (and her comparison of Jake to Jason Mraz was spot-on).

Trudy: He's probably here to arrest Chuck.
Jake: I would never arrest Chuck. But I mean, why'd you say that? What did Chuck do?
Trudy: Woooooow. Cops always be coppin'.

Judy and his friends came up with the idea to enact a "reverse heist" so Jake didn't have to arrest them. Jake reluctantly agreed and helped them create an elaborate plan to return what they stole to the rightful owner.

Jake: I think "Reverse Heist" would make for a great movie and I already have the tagline: This summer, there are takebacks.

It went off without a hitch (unsurprisingly, given Jake's heist history) but Jake betrayed them at the final moment. 

Jake may be desperate for Doug Judy's approval, but he would never let that compromise his job or morals. Above all else, Jake Peralta is a great cop. There was no way he'd be able to turn a blind eye to crime.

Jake Versus Judy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8

Thankfully, Jake managed to keep Doug Judy and Trudy Judy from getting charged along with the guilty parties. Jake may be a "narc," but he's never unfair.

This was evident on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 5 when he tried to help Debbie get out of the trouble she was in because he knew she was just in over her head.

In this instance, he didn't want to ruin his best friend's bachelor weekend, but the least he could have done was keep him from getting in trouble along with his friends.

Luckily for Jake, that was Judy's plan all along!

Doug Judy the Bachelor - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8

He wanted Jake to arrest his criminal friends so they wouldn't be at his wedding. It turned out that Judy is marrying a federal judge and didn't want his crook friends involved in their special day.

Doug Judy knew if he made Jake feel unwanted, he would have to go on their trip to Miami where his friends would inevitably commit a crime. Judy is always two steps ahead.

Doug Judy's Friends - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8

He knew Jake wouldn't be able to resist turning them in and everything would go according to his plan. Judy is the most entertaining guest character this show has because he always surprises us in the end. 

Not to mention, the Doug Judy episodes are always the funniest ones of each season.

Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson have great chemistry and play off each other really well. You can feel the camaraderie between them through the screen, which only makes it more exciting when Doug Judy asked Jake to be his best man.

Doug and Jake Back to Back - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8

The whole trip was a long-winded way of asking Jake to be the best man at his wedding. All the way back in the pottery shop, he had left a clue for Jake inside the mug he was painting.

Doug Judy is a master at making things come full-circle. 

It was a tear-jerker moment when Jake looking at the bottom of the mug to see Judy popping the question. Spoiler alert: he said yes!

You're the most consistent person in my life Peralta. I can always count on you.

Doug Judy

Even if Jake isn't the person closest to him involved in the justice system anymore, their relationship will always be special. Hopefully, Doug Judy will be back sooner than next season so we can see the best man in action.

Jake in Miami - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8

Doug Judy definitely stole this episode, as he usually does, which made the side storylines fall a bit flat.

Amy, Hitchcock, Scully, and Charles all tried to find a new vending machine for the precinct which ultimately wound up breaking. It was a two-minute plotline with no successful resolution.

On the other hand, something important did happen back at the Nine-Nine.

Holt's officially been reinstated as captain! It took eight episodes, but we're finally here. 

With Wuntch dead, there was nothing standing in his way, and he took back his rightful spot in his office. I'm looking forward to seeing Captain Holt back in action.

What did you think of Doug Judy's return?

Are you happy to see Holt back as captain?

If you missed the episode make sure to catch up and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online at TV Fanatic.

The Takeback Review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Jake: I just got outta jail. Five years.
Chuck: Tough sentence, what'd you do?
Jake: Elder abuse. Got my grandpa good, so.
Chuck: Damn, that's very upsetting.

I got a new job! I sit behind white CEOs when they have to testify before Congress so they don't look racist.

Doug Judy