Dare Me Season Finale Review: Shock & Awe

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Addy is in big trouble.

That was the main takeaway you could glean from Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10, a season finale that left a lot of questions on the table and a lot to be desired.

It’s been a topsy turvy first season for the dark drama, and this final hour was another mixed bag of treats.

Colette Ponders - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10

The pervading theme of the season has been a combination of many things, including friendship, manipulation, and obsession.

Beth began the series as a self-absorbed brat, who from the outside was hard to connect with. But as the story unfolded, Beth’s walls began to come down slowly, and it became obvious that she was just a young girl who’d never had anyone in her life stick around long enough to be truly present and there for her.

She thought she’d found that in Addy. And she had until Colette French showed up.

It felt a lot like jealousy in the beginning, as Addy gravitated towards Colette and left Beth once again on the outside looking in.

Game Day - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10

But Beth was onto Colette’s game from the very start. And while maybe it did start as her being upset that someone was talking away her safety blanket, it was soon obvious that Beth was right all along.

Addy was continuing to the question the events of Will’s death, especially as more information was coming forward that pointed to foul play.

Colette did that thing she’s perfected, where she’s stern, yet calm and reassuring. She tells Addy what she needs to hear to get her to stop asking questions.

And she also makes Addy feel needed and wanted and strong.

Ready To Go - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10

It’s quite the skill Colette has when you think about it. It’s what makes her such a competent coach and allows her to push the girls to new heights.

But it doesn’t make her a good friend.

Beth has her faults, but being a bad friend probably isn’t one of them. She has always looked out for Addy, and her decision to look into Will’s murder and warn Addy about her findings was proof of that.

Beth the detective was such an interesting thing to follow, and she was damn good at getting the information she needed to solve the case.

Focused Tacy - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10

Cornering Kurtz had to be incredibly difficult for Beth, and she put herself in that position to get as much information as she could to help Addy.

Beth: Addy, where is your hamsa?
Colette: What is it with you and this fucking bracelet?
Beth: What you mean the bracelet that I gave to you? And that you gave to her.
Addy: I didn't.
Beth: Your lies, Addy. You can't even keep track of them. Addy, wake the fuck up please.

Addy was unappreciative, of course, because she’s been under Colette’s spell for so long that she can no longer see the things that are right in front of her face.

Addy finally starts to see things clearly after Beth literally has to scream in into her face, and while it feels like Dare Me wants the audience to cheer for Addy taking a stand and asking the hard questions, it feels way too overdue.

And it feels too easy.

It would have been nice for Addy to reach some conclusions on her own and not need that boost from Beth to question Colette.

Colette, for her part, does her best to cover her tracks and even decides to be proactive and throw Kurtz under the bus. It works in the sense that it forces the police to look into Kurtz and bring him into custody.

But there’s a much bigger problem brewing now that the hamsas been found at the murder scene.

And there’s no doubt about it at this point. Will was murdered.

Face Off - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10

The question that remains now is who do it?

Colette would be the first choice for obvious reasons, but we did get a curveball thrown our way when it was revealed that Matt was also at Will’s apartment the night of his death.

This is a pretty big bombshell, and it adds another layer to this twisted story. It’s a great cliffhanger in its own right, but it adds fifty more questions when there are already fifty other questions that never got resolved.

How much did Matt know about Colette and Will’s affair? When we saw him in Dare Me Season 1 Episode 9, he seemed a little off but grateful to be home with his family.

Checking Messages - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10

He most certainly did not seem like a man who had recently found out his wife was having an affair and helped her kill said man.

It could be an interesting premise to delve into during a potential Season 2, as Addy will be firmly on her own, and Colette and Matt will be scared out of their minds trying to cover their tracks.

Fuck me, Hanlon. You wait your whole life for something to happen, and then suddenly it does.


But again, it all ends so abruptly that it’s hard to get that invested in how everything will play out.

Addy grows a backbone at the last possible moment, and instead of it feeling like an empowering closing moment, it rings particularly hollow.

Odds and Ends

  • Faith found Addy’s shoes, so now she knows she’s lying. As I previously stated, Addy is in trouble.
Disappointed Matt - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10
  • Beth was the clear MVP of the season, as her character had the most growth and went from a villain to a relatable human being throughout the season.
  • The whole building of the stadium seemed like it was going to be a much bigger deal at the beginning of the season, and it never became more than a very minor B storyline. Not sure if that was on purpose or not.
  • The guns routine was just a lot to take in. There was even a curse or two thrown in there to drive home the point that this was a scandalous routine.
  • Was Colette trying to kill herself when she ran into that pole? Or did she just need an excuse to get out of the horrible dinner with Bert, Matt, and JJ? Another series of questions with no answers.
Beth Outside - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10

Well, that’s all she wrote folks. It’s been fun exploring the world of cheerleading and small-town secrets with you.

Do you think Matt killed Will?

Were you annoyed it took Addy so long to figure everything out?

Let me know in the comments what you thought about the installment, and if you’re hoping for Dare Me to get another season.  

And watch Dare Me online anytime via TV Fanatic to relive the first season in total. 

Shock & Awe Review

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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bert: Beth Ann, I, I see it, ya know? I see it, and it takes my breath away. How good you've gotten. She made you stronger. She made you tougher.
Beth: She didn't. I did.

Fuck me, Hanlon. You wait your whole life for something to happen, and then suddenly it does.