Days of Our Lives Round Table: Soapy Goodness or Sci-Fi Nonsense? You Choose...

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Ciara’s rash actions saved Ben, Stefano took over Chad’s psyche, Nicole started investigating Dr. Raynor, while Julie had it out with Gabi this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Lumiforeverandalways from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Roman’s affectionate kisses, consequences for Ciara’s actions, Days’ crazy sci-fi twists and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Roman being unfair to Hattie with his affectionate kisses? Do you think he might have feelings for her?

Lumiforeverandalways: No I don't think he's being unfair. He is just showing her that he cares and I think that there is a very high possibility that he has feelings for her.

Jack: I suspect he does, or maybe I just want him to. I want to see him and Hattie double date with John and Marlena. And Sami's reaction if she ever came home to find her dad with her mom's lookalike would be must-see TV.

Christine: I do think Roman is being a bit unfair and I’m glad Hattie called him out on it. He knows she has feelings for him so all of those little kisses could be easily misinterpreted.

If he does care about her, I hope he figures out exactly what he wants because dating your ex-wife’s doppelgänger would definitely be a little weird.

Chad Is Brainwashed Again - Days of Our Lives

So, Steve has been taken over by Stefano, Hope by Princess Gina, and now Chad has Stefano’s voice controlling him and Stefano is threatening to put a chip in Marlena’s brain. Do you consider these stories soapy goodness, ridiculous sci-fi nonsense, or something in between?

Lumiforeverandalways: I can't even express how I feel about this but it’s so stupid. I consider it ridiculous nonsense and needs to be over.

Jack: Don't get me started on how much I hate this. This kind of stuff has always been part of Days of Our Lives, but it's the whole show now!

There have been nine separate such stories in the last two years. This is not what I watch Days for. Where are the romances and family relationships?

Christine: When Stefano’s voice started controlling Chad I almost turned the show-off. Whatever happened to real drama and romances?

Horrible, ridiculous, sci-fi nonsense is exactly what this is and there’s so much of it now that it may end up having viewers tune out.

Your turn, TV Fanatics! Which is it, soapy goodness or sci-fi nonsense? You choose...

At the Eleventh Hour - Days of Our Lives

Ciara rescued Ben but should she face any criminal charges for her own actions?

Lumiforeverandalways: I think she was doing what she believes is right and I don’t think she should face charges. If anything they should be thanking her for finding the true identity of the killer.

Jack: She absolutely should. She has broken so many laws and almost got shot. Her behavior is out of control and she needs a serious wakeup call.

Christine: She slammed Rafe in the head with a baseball bat and held people at gunpoint but Salem doesn’t have an ounce of reality in it any more, considering she was able to enter a prison with a loaded weapon!

Yes, she deserves to have charges filed against her but I won’t hold my breath.

Nicole Gets Suspicious - Days of Our Lives

Nicole is investigating the relationship between Dr. Raynor and Xander. Is she the right person to uncover the baby switch?

Lumiforeverandalways: I think, to a degree, she is the right person because she has been involved in both Eric and Brady's lives for a long time and wants the truth.

Jack: Yes and no. Yes because I love investigative reporter Nicole. It fits her character way better than being a company executive. No, because this is going to end with her and Eric fighting again and I don't want to see that.

Christine: I like Nicole in investigative mode but I feel like she’s doing this just to cause trouble between Xander and Sarah. That said, as much as Nicole despises Kristen, I do look forward to her giving Kristen her baby back.

Julie Blasts Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Would you like to see Gabi and Julie have some sort of relationship that didn’t involve hating one another or do you think that’s impossible now?

Lumiforeverandalways: I was enjoying their dynamic at the beginning of the time jump when they were friends and would love that again, but I don't think there is a chance of that happening.

Jack: I think it's impossible at this point. Gabi used Julie's life as a bargaining chip to steal her grandson from his fiancee.

Too bad, because Gabi needs a mother figure and I think she was being honest for once when she said she had come to appreciate her relationship with Julie.

Christine: Julie and Gabi could have a really interesting dynamic because Julie got into her fair share of trouble back in the day. I’d love to see these two have to work together for something, but I can’t imagine them being friends given all that’s happened.

At this point, I’d just be happy if they don’t screech at one another every again.

Ben Flatlines - Days of Our Lives

What was the most outrageous thing that happened in Salem this week?

Lumiforeverandalways: The most outrageous thing would have to be Stefano trying to control Chad and put a chip in Marlena's brain.

Jack: There was so much that was crazy but the whole execution sequence was the worst.

Ciara being able to break into a prison with a gun, the warden not caring if he executed an innocent man, and the doctor needing Marlena to tell him how to resuscitate Ben were all unrealistic and ridiculous.

Christine: I’m going to go with learning that Dr. Raynor sent a sympathy card to the couple whose baby she helped steal! That’s ballsy.

Then she tells Xander that she took the money for the crime against her better judgment. I want to know if she spent it against her better judgment too.

Fighting With Gina - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Lumiforeverandalways: My favorite scene would have to be Jen confronting Princess Gina at the police station.

Jack: I liked Julie lacing into Gabi. It was very satisfying. I also liked Maggie's insistence on taking responsibility for her drunk driving no matter what Victor said.

Christine: I loved the scene between Victor and Maggie. Maggie wouldn’t allow him to give her the out about her drunk driving having caused the accident and Victor came out and said he’s do absolutely anything to protect her.

When Victor Kiriakis says anything, he means it and in an odd way I respect Victor for that.

Now it's your turn Days of Our Lives fans. Did Lani and Eli's reconciliation make your list of favorites for the week? Has the show done one micro-chipped brain too many? 

Unhappy News - Days of Our Lives

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