Days of Our Lives Round Table: What Made the Least Sense?

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Princess Gina begged Rolf to let her live, Nicole baited Kristen to get her DNA, Orpheus advised his son, and Chad was ordered to kill for Stevano this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Hope is back or is she still Princess Gina, did Nicole have to be cruel to get that DNA, is Marlena playing Stevano, and what made the least sense this week in Salem?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Hope need to be told that Princess Gina pushed Jennifer off the balcony as soon as she woke up or should they have waited?

Tony: It could have waited for a little bit, at least. She did need to be told, but not the second she woke up.

Jack: It wasn't vital info, but she was pushing and wouldn't give up, so it was probably for the best that Kayla told her. Otherwise, she might have stressed herself out worrying about what she wasn't being told.

Christine: No! All Jennifer had to say was that she took a bad fall and the details were a story for another time when Hope was feeling better. There was no need to add to Hope’s stress as she just came out of anesthesia after having brain surgery!

 Hope is Shocked/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Do you believe that Hope is really back or did Rolf do as Princess Gina asked and she is playing a role once again?

Tony: I hope that Hope is back, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was Gina pretending again, knowing that Rolf was involved.

Jack: I think this is Hope...for now, anyway. She seems too genuinely remorseful for it to be Gina.

I don't trust these writers not to reverse course six months or a year from now, though. I'm hoping they won't. I've had more than enough of Gina and of doppelganger/microchipped people stories in general.

Christine: I hope, pray, and beg that this is really Hope! I was so tired of Princess Gina’s simpering whine. It’s time for Hope to be back and rebuild her life.

My wish is that this is the strong, independent Hope we used to know and not the weak version we had long before this stupid microchip story even started.

Realizing The Truth/Tall - Days of Our Lives

If Nicole does reveal the baby switch, do you think Victor and Xander will come clean or spin another story?

Tony: They are the masters of spin, particularly Victor. I have no doubt he'll figure some way to spin it to come out clean.

Jack: Oh, no doubt they'll try to spin another story. Victor has no intention of giving up on this plot until he has to.

Though I don't know what he could do once Nicole has proof. I think it's more likely that they will mess with the DNA test to keep Nicole from learning the truth.

Christine: Spin, spin, spin! If they can somehow get rid of Dr. Raynor permanently, they can blame it all on her. They could say that she didn’t want Sarah, her friend, to lose her child when an evil Dimera got to keep theirs.

As long as there is the slightest possibility of wiggling out of this, Victor Kiriakis will find a way.

The Boxer Test - Days of Our Lives

Rate Kristen, Brady, and the boxers from a 1 (I had to look away) to a 10 (This is what love in the afternoon is all about!)

Tony: 5 - Didn't love it, didn't hate it. I'm not terribly thrilled with Kristen and Brady as a couple, but if that's the way it's gonna be...

Jack: A definite 1. All I could think during these scenes was that Nicole might walk in on them having sex...ew. At least when Marlena and John had sex in the boardroom there was a bigger purpose to the scene.

Christine: I give it a 7. Brady and Kristen were kind of cute together and I prefer fun and sexy scenes over violent scenes any day.

But considering Basic Black is all about fashion, I can’t say I really liked the boxers or Kristen’s dress.

Making Headway/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Is Marlena playing with Stevano or is the chip actually working?

Tony: I'd like to think Marlena was toying with Stefano/Steve, but knowing the current writing team, she's probably really under his spell.

Jack: I'm not sure. I thought she was playing with Stevano until she started having a headache. Hope had the same headaches after the chip was first inserted so that made me worry this was for real.

Christine: I fear this is real and I hate it. I’m so tired of these stupid microchips and why would Stevano want zombie Marlena? It’s just a lame plot, whether Marlena is playing him or not, I can’t wait until it’s over.

Rafe Grills Evan/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline made the least amount of sense this week in Salem?

Tony: Orpheus and Evan. I love Orpheus' return, but there is no way that Evan is the same little boy Marlena looked after when Orpheus was holding her captive! He's far too young! If he was, he should be about Sami and Eric's age.

So either Evan's lying, Orpheus is lying, or Evan's found the fountain of youth.

Jack: I'm sorry, but why is Ben still in jail? I understand the confession was thrown out, but the murder charge against Evan wasn't.

So if another man is being charged with Jordan's murder, there is zero reason for Ben to be behind bars for it. His conviction should be overturned, full stop.

A Family Reunion/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Stefano using Chad to murder people. Doesn’t the great Stefano Dimera have henchman to do this instead of sacrificing the son he claims to love?

Also, Nicole causing being needlessly cruel and starting a fight with Kristen to get her hair for a DNA test. They work in the same office, for goodness sake. She could have taken Kristen’s coffee cup or grabber her hairbrush from her purse or desk with little effort.

Using someone’s dead child as a means to an end is just repulsive and if anyone should understand Kristen’s pain, it’s Nicole.

Nicole Picks A Fight/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Tony: Also Orpheus' return. As much as I think Evan's backstory doesn't work, I love seeing Orpheus again! He is a fantastic villain, and I can't wait to see what havoc he wreaks on Salem next!

Jack: I laughed at John asking Kristen about "that microchip you call Dad." That was a good line in an otherwise ridiculous story. I also enjoy Nicole in investigative mode. She should go work with Jack at the Spectator; her potential is wasted at Basic Black.

Christine: I loved Xander and Sarah’s proposal scene where she laughed and then called him dopey. These two are so cute together and so much fun. They can be themselves around one another. I love them as a couple.

The only downside to these scenes was that we know what’s coming and that’s depressing.

Xander Proposes - Days of Our Lives

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