DC's Legends of Tomorrow is the Best Superhero Show Currently on TV

By Sarah Little at

Let's get one thing out of the way, DC's Legends of Tomorrow is weird. It always has been and always will be.

When it first aired, it took awhile for the show about a ragtag group of side characters who were, for the most part, originally from other Arrowverse shows to find its footing and embrace the weird.

After a subpar first season, the show slowly but surely became a joy to watch and is now the most consistent show in regards to the superhero genre on television.

So what changed?

There is one major difference between the earlier seasons of the time traveling show and now.

While it's an ensemble show, Sara Lance becoming the captain of the Waverider, and therefore the lead character, was a decision that did wonders in making DC's Legends of Tomorrow a fantastic show.

Sara developed in a way that she was not able to on Arrow, making her a complex character, and as a result, a fan favorite.

Fans are inspired by her character because of how much she has overcome and accomplished. Having a powerful and accomplished character lead the show, they are already winning in a lot of fans' books.

And if you go back and watch Arrow Season 2, Sara is wildly different than the person she is today on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5.

Sara had no other choice but to survive on her own because of the terrible circumstances that turned her into an assassin and led everyone she loved to believe that she was dead.

She was cold, a fighter, and unbelievably cool. But, as we have learned, she is so much more than the Canary.

Sara was allowed to be vulnerable on DC's Legends of Tomorrow and find out who she was away from being a vigilante working with Oliver Queen or a member of the League of Assassins.

Sara and Oliver are very much alike in a lot of ways, which meant she never got to truly shine on Arrow.

But as she stepped into a leadership position with the Legends, the audience was able to see her for who she actually is. She is still strong and cool, but she is also funny and unbelievably loving.

Sara Lance is an extraordinary and complicated character, and better yet, she leads a group of equally complex misfits who are all searching for their place in the world.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow has tremendous character development and characterization.

Every character who originally came from the Arrowverse is much more likable now that they are Legends -- see Ray Palmer and Mick Rory for examples.

Also, no two characters are similar as every Legend is unique and relatable in their own way.

Not only is that an amazing feat to accomplish on a regular television show with a few main characters, but there have been many cast changes and new characters introduced in this weird world.

Soon, Sara and Mick will be all that is left of the original Legends.

That should be a sad and frightening prospect for fans, but there is enough trust that we know the show will remain just as fun to watch as it has been in the past few years.

Usually when a show changes its characters too often, the audience becomes disengaged and believes that the show isn't as good as when their favorite person or this character was on it.

But all the Legends we have met are fully fleshed out characters who have wildly different backstories, and they all yearn to figure out who they are. And once they do and realize they are ready to live a regular life, they move on from the Waverider.

As long as the show continues to introduce characters who are relatable in their own ways, fans will root for them and continue to watch. And of course, as long as the Legends and their missions stay delightfully weird.

It was not until DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 18 when the Legends turned into one giant Beebo to defeat Mallus that I understood how eccentric this show was willing to be and how I was more than okay with that.

Time traveling was always going to be a bit strange, and it took the creators some time to realize that the more they leaned into that fact, the better it would be.

No other superhero show on television could pull off half of the outrageous situations the Legends find themselves in without being cringeworthy, and that is part of what makes it so special.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow recognizes that it can be a bit out there sometimes, and since it is a show about outcasts who travel through time to save the world, the story thrives because of it.

And while the show is always funny and quirky, that does not mean that it cannot get serious.

Another aspect of DC's Legends of Tomorrow that makes it great is remaing comedic while also being socially aware.

The Legends are a diverse group -- one of the most diverse casts on broadcast television -- and each has their own set of problems that are relevant to the world today.

Before joining the Legends, Zari was wanted for multiple crimes, including being a practicing Muslim. And while that was a major storyline and introduced Zari, it did not define her.

Sara Lance and John Constantine are bisexual, but that is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about them. It does not consume their personality; it is just a part of who they are, and that is beautiful.

All of the characters are allowed to just be who they are -- strong, imperfect, and always growing.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is the best superhero show currently on television for a multitude of reasons.

But the main reason is that it has stayed consistent for years.

There are too many instances where a show forgets what makes it work and the audience loses interest after a number of seasons. But that is not the case with this Arrowverse show that only gets better with each new season.

The Legends are all odd, funny, complex, and always growing in a healthy way.

Lead by their fearless leader Sara Lance, may this group of strange misfits never change. And so far, it looks like they are sticking to the course.

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