Outlander Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Better To Marry Than Burn

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Claire and Jamie left Fraser's Ridge to attend a lavish wedding weekend, leaving Roger and Brianna on the Ridge.

Outlander Season 5 Episode 6 provided the new groom with a chance to redeem himself, and for the first time we witnessed the useful power of Roger's knowledge.

As Claire and Jamie have grown older, their sex life on the show has gotten tempered.

Claire Stunning in Blue - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

When Outlander Season 1 first aired on Starz, it almost felt like soft porn with as often as the two were hitting the haystacks.

But people mature, have families, and priorities change. Lustful feelings give way to lasting love.

All of that and a whole lot more were on display between Claire and Jamie as the duo headed to River Run for Jocasta's wedding to Ennis.

When a character as unsavory as Powdery Wiley gets introduced, he's going to have a purpose.

Turmoil in Heaven - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

And if he's been on before as would be indicated by Claire's familiarity with the dandy, I have chosen not to remember him. However, after his recent actions, he won't soon be forgotten.

But his inclusion in the festivities became a hot topic between Claire and Jamie, threatening to tear them apart during what should have been a festive occasion.

Despite his dandiness, Powdery (I am not sure of his name nor it's spelling, and this moniker works beautifully) may be a dandy, but he's got the hots for Claire, and all of his boorish behavior proves he's got a lot to learn about women.

Getting into Claire's path at the wedding offered her information about Stephen Bonnet that she couldn't help but exploit.

Claire Takes Control - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

But to be honest, I lost track of how Claire wanted to use the man and how Jamie's actions lost focus of her initial desires.

From what I could tell, Claire figured it was another opportunity to get Jamie's distillery off the ground using Bonnet. They was their initial plan when they first met him, wasn't it? So a third party go-between would allow the couple to make money without Bonnet's knowledge.

But that doesn't seem like something Claire would want to do. Why would she want Bonnet to make any money whatsoever off of their assets?

Clearly, something got lost in translation for me, so I hope you can help. What was Claire's plan? Jamie's wasn't any clearer for me, but I did understand why Claire found it so unsavory. Frank's ring should have never been used in a bet.

Up Against The Wall - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

It was disgusting when Bonnet took them, and the death and mayhem in Bonnet's wake doesn't make using the rings to somehow take him down any more pleasing.

It provided a very rough moment for Claire and Jamie, but that moment also proved that the two have been so happy and complacent that a little of the spark had gone out of their marriage.

Some discord can keep your relationship firing, and when the two did their naughty angry dance around each other after Jamie returned with both rings, what followed was the spark they needed to get their groove on right there in the stables.

I just wish I understood what comes next and how Jamie plans to take down Bonnet with what he achieved.

Winning Jocasta's Favor - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

Please don't judge me too harshly for this oversight on my part. I watched twice, but I was also battling my first-ever tooth abscess, something that scares me badly without it being the apocalypse.

Trying to get help for a medical issue in today's environment is all-encompassing, and it made following the plotline about Bonnet a little more difficult. I apologize and look forward to your comments to point me in the right direction.

Not everything was lost on me, though, and Jocasta is breaking my heart.

Learning of her earlier marriage and the loss of her daughter makes her love for Murtagh tragic, and it also helps understand why would make the match with Ennis rather than wait for the more passionate feelings Murtagh inspires in her.

Jocasta's Wedding Venue - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

We saw what the Battle of Culloden did to the Scots, and the entire Jacobite rebellion cost them dearly.

In our story, it ripped apart Jamie and Claire, resulting in the loss of decades. Now we know that Jocasta, too, suffered dearly as a result of her husband aiding the rebellion.

Most of us have a type, and Jocasta falls hard for men with strong convictions. Strong convictions can have devastating consequences, and even though Murtagh has put his love on the line, Jocasta is taking the safer route with her life.

It's often the unlikely love stories that have the greatest impact, and that's the case with Jocasta and Murtagh. They should never have fallen in love, so knowing how deeply they feel for each other makes their inability to be together tougher to bear.

Lord John Dances - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

It also makes it harder to accept Ennis courting Jocasta for what comes after the marriage. Of course, he has a right to believe their union will be physical, but we know her heart is elsewhere, so it makes the thought of their union distasteful.

Jocasta has a big heart. Hopefully, she'll not regret her decision in the future.

One decision she may come to regret is signing over River Run to Jemmy. Was that final scenes spine chilling or what?

It does increase the urgency of ending Bonnet, which is quite timely considering Jamie's thoughts on the matter and the steps he's taking to exact revenge.

Roger Has a Cunning Plan - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

And it's hard not to feel a little more settled with Roger and Brianna, too, with the respect he's earned through his knowledge of grasshopper plagues.

Roger has felt as if he has little use in the past. He has no outdoor skills and cannot quickly learn how to shoot or use his brawn for colonial living.

Roger's knowledge, though, is what got them through the grasshopper invasion, and without his book smarts, their crops would have been devastated.

What Roger experienced helping the Ridge during that outbreak is what Claire wants as a physician, even if it's as Doctor Rollins. Instead, she's fighting an uphill battle that only an outbreak similar to the grasshopper plague can solve.

The Local Hero - Outlander Season 5 Episode 6

The quickest way to prove you're useful and speaking truthfully is to face a crisis. Roger and Brianna make a great team, and without both of their ingenuity, their community might not recover the damage of such a plague.

With all of the hints dropping about Bonnet, is a reckoning on the horizon? Will Roger's win on Fraser's Ridge allow him some valuable intellectual perspective to help put an end to the man's reign?

If Murtagh thinks he has nothing left to lose having already lost Jocasta, will that change the way he responds to the upcoming battle Tryon is waging on the Regulators?

Make sure you watch Outlander online and share with me in the comments your thoughts on everything that went down during "Better To Marry Than Burn."

Better To Marry Than Burn Review

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Tryon: As I said to you when you first arrived on these shores, Mr. Fraser, there is the law...
Jamie: And there is what is done.

There we have it. River Run has a new master.