Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Bodyguard

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It looks as if Lena will not be taking advantage of Kara's offer of peace.

After many episodes working on Non Nocere, Lena has finally shown progress with her experiment on Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14, and Kara is unlikely to be very happy about that.

But after seeing the results of Lena's project, is what she is trying to accomplish all that bad? Or is it the Lex of it all making everyone cringe?

Kara Danvers - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14

It is shocking that after a seemingly world-changing confrontation on Supergirl Season 5 Episode 13, Lena did not dwell on her options.

Kara gave her an ultimatum, and Lena quite obviously does not care one bit.

But there was not even a mention about it from Kara, who spent the entirety of the 100th episode stressing over her friendship with Lena.

Fear is the only emotion I've known for most of my life, but then you came along and I finally felt hope. But now, all I feel is a hunger for revenge, for violence.


And the scene between Kara and Lena was made out to be a huge deal, so where are the repercussions? Side effects? Any mention of it at all?

It is quite inconsistent to go back and forth between Kara's friendship with Lena being the most important one on the show and showing the two of them not caring all that much.

Andrea Rojas - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14

Either way, Lena is moving forward with Non Nocere and is doing so with Lex's help.

By seeing the results of the project, after the setback with Steve, it is easy to side with Lena wanting everyone to do no harm. It sounds perfect, right?

But it's too perfect. There have been numerous television shows that have dealt with the idea of a utopia before, and it never works like they expect,.

Like Lena said, the human brain is complex, and as we saw with Steve, there are too many stray emotions to account for. Lena cannot control the whole human race, no matter how hard she tries.

I do not believe for a second that Non Nocere is fixed now, especially if Lex had anything to do with it.

Lex and Brainy - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14

Lena has good intentions with her project; all she wants to do is save the human race. But Lex wanted to do the same exact thing, and everyone can agree that Lex is a villain.

So what makes them any different?

Of course, Lex will kill people to get what he wants, and as of right now, Lena would never resort to that. The problem is that she keeps working with Lex, even though he has betrayed her and the world many times.

Why is Lena willing to seemingly forgive Lex and not Kara? It does not really make much sense.

Lena: Non Nocere was supposed to liberate people, not take away their free will. But all I've managed to do is trap people in their own bodies with their ugliest inclinations. Maybe I have gone down a dark path.
Lex: Don't let your obsession with what Supergirl thinks get in your way. You can't change what's in her heart any more than you can change mine. But unlike her, I believe in what you're doing. We'll figure this out together and I'm not leaving until we do.

The more Lena is exposed to Lex, the more she opens herself to the possibility of becoming like him. Lena is walking a dangerous line, but we know how much compassion she holds for others.

She just needs to wake up and realize that Lex has no compassion whatsoever, so why would he help her to make everyone harmless?

Brainy and Lex - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14

Lex will always have ulterior motive; it is kind of his thing.

Even though he had a heart-to-heart chat with his sister to keep working on Non Nocere that appeared to be genuine, he has done this dance before.

Lex knows that Lena's weakness is her heart, and he has to be using that to his advantage. He needs Non Nocere for something; we just do not know what that is yet.

I've done the calculations. There's a 93.2% probability that none will invite me to Thanksgiving after I do what must be done.


Just like he used Supergirl to get closer to Gemma, he is most likely using Lena to get what he wants.

Lex will always put himself before everyone else, and he has no shame in his selfishness.

Maybe his self awareness is what makes him such an interesting villain, even though the repetitiveness of people falling for Lex's tricks is getting old.

Brainy - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14

Brainy might be regretting his decision to go to the dark side, after all.

Brainy was surprised that Lex was willing to let people die in order to get what he wanted. And here I thought Brainy was supposed to be the smart one out of the Super Friends.

He is similar to Lena in a lot of ways. Both of them are geniuses, yet they are willing to work with Lex for the greater good, and betray their friends as a result.

Why is Supergirl actively trying to ruin characters? And by giving them similar storylines nonetheless?

Lena and Brainy deserve better story arcs than treating their friends like garbage and turning into bad guys.

Kara and Andrea - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14

Andrea has rediscovered her powers that she has no recollection of having after Crisis.

At first, it seemed as if Supergirl was going to ignore the Acrata storyline and reduce Andrea to a background character.

Thankfully, Andrea is becoming Acrata once more.

Let's just hope that they do not turn her into a villain, as there are enough of them on Supergirl Season 5.

Plus, Andrea is infinitely more interesting when they let her have some humanity. She was one of the best parts of the episodes pre-Crisis, and she can definitely make post-Crisis more bearable.

Kelly and Alex - Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14

Can we see more of Alex and Kelly's relationship instead of Kara and William's? Alex and Kelly have more chemistry and are interesting to watch.

Unfortunately, Kara has decided to date William, even though that is something that almost no one wants.

Yes, Kara is allowed to have a social life and date anyone she wants. But why William?

J'onn: You know I could have phased us both through.
Alex: Yeah, but I really missed kicking doors in.

There are no sparks between the two, plus we just saw the interaction between Kara and Mon-El on the 100th episode and were reminded of what real chemistry looks like.

It is forced between Kara and William, whereas Alex and Kelly are far more natural.

I am dying for Supergirl to explore Alex and Kelly's relationship more than it has and to get back to Brainy and Nia, instead of trying to develop Kara and William as a couple.

What did you think Supergirl Fanatics?

How do you feel about Non Nocere now that it is coming to fruition?

What is Lex up to?

And who else is super excited for Dreamer to actually get a storyline on the next episode?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget that you can watch Supergirl online right here via TV Fanatic!

Supergirl airs on Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

The Bodyguard Review

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Supergirl Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I've done the calculations. There's a 93.2% probability that none will invite me to Thanksgiving after I do what must be done.


Non Nocere does what God couldn't. Turns the most ferocious animal instincts into do no harm.