The 100: All The Times Bellarke Were Shipped By Other Characters

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No one understands misinterpretations better than The 100 fans -- a few times over, in fact.

Unfortunately, it looks like the fans aren't the only ones that suffered from this confusion. If you take a walk down memory lane, you realize very quickly just how many characters saw something between Bellamy and Clarke.

Whether it was enemies knowing how to get a reaction out of one of them or friends picking up on something more or even newcomers just observing, the proof is in the scenes.

Clarke Griffin


There is nothing like the original creator to start things off.

Clarke Griffin has had it rough on the Bellarke ride, especially the last two seasons now that she has finally come to terms with her feelings for Bellamy. Romantic or not, Bellamy is her person, which leaves Clarke at a disadvantage when she puts her entire heart on the line and suddenly finds out she misinterpreted.

How do you tell someone who watched their soulmate spend a whole season trying to save them that they got it all wrong?

Chances are Clarke wouldn't believe it even if it was brought to her attention. Bellamy already owns her whole heart. 

Bellamy Blake


Bellamy Blake definitely called dibs on the misinterpretation game. You could argue that he was the first Bellarke shipper, always betting on the partnership between him and Clarke.

Bellamy was one step away all of The 100 Season 4 from making romantic Bellarke canon.

And he brought that energy right back around when he spent all of The 100 Season 6 trying to save Clarke, while also forgetting that just about everyone else existed.

During all this time, however, he somehow didn't realize that all of this behavior and his actions were strictly for a casual acquaintance.

Totally platonic energy all the way.

Madi Griffin


No one that deserves the title, "One Of Us," quite like Madi does. 

She had a front-row seat for Clarke's six-year wait for Bellamy to come back -- while also probably not being that far away during every radio call. If there is anyone who knows how much Clarke cares about Bellamy, it is her.

That is why it is so simple to see her trying to use that knowledge to bring Bellamy and Clarke together (and maybe to get them to talk about their feelings?).

Josephine Lightbourne


Josephine had the absolute worst luck. Out of all the bodies she could have taken, she somehow ended up with Clarke Griffin's.

In her own words, it is pretty epic, except for the little issue where Bellamy Blake will stop at nothing to protect Clarke's body and soul.

Even though so much was working against her, Josephine still realized what everyone loves about Bellarke in the end. 

It may have messed with her plans, but there was something about Bellamy's love for Clarke that converted her to our side. 

Marcus Kane


Kane might have a better understanding of Bellamy and Clarke's relationship, mostly because of the parallels that existed in his own relationship. 

There is something about this moment, though, where Kane hears about Clarke's relationship with Lexa, and he checks on Bellamy. He saw Bellamy stop at nothing to rescue Clarke, some of that had to stick with him when it came to these two and their bond.

Octavia Blake


Octavia somehow always finds herself right in the middle of epic Bellarke hugs, and she is all the more lucky for it. 

It's been an exciting road, with Octavia supporting Bellamy and Clarke's partnership to then using it to threaten Bellamy during The 100 Season 5. But when all is said and done, she has seen what Bellamy and Clarke's feelings look like and what they can manifest into.

Literally watching her brother bring his soulmate back to life though, had to solidify her as a shipper for good. 

Jordan Green


Jordan must have heard plenty of stories about Bellamy and Clarke from his parents, which is why he chose to wake them up first. Unfortunately, he ended up shipping Bellarke all wrong when it came at the expense of his own romance.

Still, there is something to be said about Jordan picking up on Bellamy's priorities so quickly. He may not be shipping Bellarke as happily as everyone else is, but he is here, and he sees it.

Or maybe he misinterpreted it as well. It happens.  

Harper Green


There are layers to that look Harper gave Bellamy when they found out Clarke was alive during The 100 Season 5 Episode 3, and I will not be accepting any more questions at this time. 

A time jump concealed storylines that could have been explored between Bellamy and Harper, but something tells us that she knew how he felt about Clarke.

Even when it came to leaving her son with someone, it was Bellamy and Clarke that ended up her first choice. The fact that they were chosen as a unit was a choice.

A ship choice.  

Monty Green


Seeing all that Bellarke could be is a Green gene, right?

The whole family has one way or another picked up on what those two have between them, with Monty being the one that started it all. 

He saw Bellamy deal with his first separation from Clarke, and the impact it had on him when he had the chance to have her back in his life. Monty observes more than he says, so chances are he kept that all in his mind until the right time came along.

Because if there is anything Monty knows, it is the way that Bellamy and Clarke work. Together.

Abby Griffin


A mother knows her child, sometimes more than she might know herself.

Abby never fully vocalized anything about Clarke's relationship with Bellamy.

Still, it was understood that Abby saw the trust that existed between the two of them. There was no one she trusted more to keep her daughter safe, and that never changed.

Gabriel Santiago 


Gabriel had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to help Octavia -- specifically getting introduced to her brother and his partner this quickly.

But he got to witness the most iconic Bellarke scene of all time during The 100 Season 6 Episode 10, which was only the beginning. There is no way that Gabriel doesn't see what we all see, especially with the way that it mirrors his own epic love. 

Soulmates can be so dramatic.

Luckily, a convert like Gabriel has so much more that he can get to witness in the last season. Thankfully we are all wishing him the best of luck when it comes to spending more time with Bellamy and Clarke.

Raven Reyes


This isn't exactly Raven gearing up to host the next Bellarke ship night, and yet there is something there.

ALIE couldn't have accessed what Raven didn't already have, so one some level this was still Raven. She had to have seen the way that Bellamy continued to be devoted to Clarke, and even if she didn't see it in such a dark light, it was still a thought that existed for her. 

And spending six years with Bellamy after he lost his partner, there had to be some moments where Raven saw what he was missing.



Is there a Bellarke shippers list if Roan isn't on it?

This guy did everything except outright lock them in a room and have them face their feelings. What he did do was kidnap Bellamy and then show Clarke exactly what she wasn't willing to give up on. 

Not all heroes wear capes, but Roan probably has a stunning one. 



It may feel like an odd choice, yet there is a case to be made. Exploring an episode like The 100 Season 6 Episode 8 means digging into how Echo feels when it comes down to it.

She spent an entire season watching her boyfriend risk everything for his "platonic" soulmate, so it would make sense if she has some thoughts on the matter. That is why the theory of how she views Bellarke is in its own way, interesting. 

The question remains: How much of Echo's worry for Clarke during The 100 Season 6 was a reflection of the feelings she sees Bellamy displaying for Clarke?

Madi Griffin 2.0


We wish we got to pick up on the Bellarke signs like Madi did.

Just think about how many radio calls she got to see Clarke make to Bellamy. 

So when it came to The 100 Season 5 Episode 9, Madi knew exactly what would happen before it did. Shipping Bellamy and Clarke isn't always happy and light, but fans like Madi make it more validating. 

Josephine Lightbourne 2.0


Josephine is too scene-stealing not to steal more spotlight in this slideshow.

Because not only did Bellamy's love for Clarke take her down, it also highlighted how smart she was. Not everyone was able to see how Bellamy chooses Clarke every time, and some people still don't.

Which is why they need a Josephine in their lives, to show them what they aren't picking up on. 

If there is one character who doesn't misinterpret what she sees, it's Josephine Lightbourne.

Russell Lightbourne 


Grief isn't the best place to develop a new ship, but sometimes you find it when you least expect it.

Russell is another example of someone who didn't get to experience Bellamy and Clarke's relationship to his advantage, and yet he picked up on the love they had for each other very quickly.

There was probably a version where Russell's selfishness didn't exist, and there was actual peace to be found. 

One final season remains, one more chance for Russell to find unity with his new favorite duo.

Charmaine Diyoza


Charmaine is ahead of her time, in all the ways that matter. It took many people months to pick up on what Diyoza did in a day because she is that epic. (Much like her favorite relationship.)

Diyoza also had a very unique experience -- she got to see their devotion firsthand. Granted, that came at the risk of losing almost 300+ of her own people, but it was worth it. 



Lexa has actually made several comments about Clarke's feelings for Bellamy, but there is something valuable about that first one.

It didn't take long for her to see that no matter what -- Bellamy just matters more than others do. 

John Murphy


Murphy comparing Bellamy's feelings for Clarke to his own feelings for Emori?

We love to see it.

The best part though, is that this pattern continued well beyond just this singular scene, with a more twisted approach during The 100 Season 6.

Murphy knew to manipulate Bellamy once he knew Clarke was "dead," with Bellamy's feelings for his soulmate driving the way Murphy thought he should be approached to strike a deal with Russell.

Thelonious Jaha


Jaha was an anomaly of a shipper. He appeared when you least expected it, but maybe all that time that he spent observing instead of engaging was him picking up on hints of the relationship.

He got such a good grasp on how they existed around one another and then helped Clarke stick to that when she kidnapped him into the bunker that it all feels very much like a third wheel that caught on quick.

Which character do you think ships Bellarke the most? Is there anyone you think is missing from the list? Who would you like to vocalize their observations in the final season for the series? 

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The 100 Season 7 is set to debut later this year on The CW. 

Stick around TV Fanatic for more features, interviews, slideshows, episode previews, and reviews of the upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure one final time.

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