The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7 Review: The Space Between

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Live in the moment because the past already happened, and tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

On The The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7, The Bold Babes and Jacqueline let go of their fears and reservations and pushed forward and embraced the here and now and all the opportunities life has to offer them.

Who flourished in these new mindsets, and who wishes they could take a step back and make different decisions? Read our review as we discuss!

The Best Date - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

Jacqueline’s separation from Ian has been a learning curve for our favorite boss lady.

Jacqueline has lived within the confines of her marriage and career for so long that she doesn’t know how to exist outside of them. Being a free woman is forcing Jacqueline to get reintroduced to who she is outside of a wife, a mother, and a boss.

We have all loved Jacqueline Carlyle since we met her back on The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 1, but we have only ever known the maternal mentor and kick-ass businesswoman that exists within the walls of Scarlet.

There is a whole side of Jacqueline that we have never been privy to, and boy was it incredible to meet her.

Jacqueline carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, well at least the weight of Scarlet. Watching her sit down with two of her oldest friends and let loose was like seeing a whole new woman.

Kat Looking Good - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

There are things you never know you needed in your life until they are in it, and Jacqueline Carlyle dancing to “Push It” in the middle of an upscale business crowd bar was one of those things.

Jacqueline is going through a complete revolution. Yes, she is always going to be the career-focused woman that we know and love, but there is so much more to her than that.

Who knows, maybe this is what she has needed to make her marriage work. How can Jacqueline ever be happy in her marriage if she isn’t happy with herself? You know what they say -- you have to put on your oxygen mask before you help those around you.

Ian might want to go home soon, though, before it is too late. Jacqueline opened up a can of worms when she started a text relationship with Miles, and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting now that she has agreed to see him.

If old feelings start to weasel their way back to the surface, Ian might be fighting an uphill battle when he inevitably returns and wants to make things right.

Kat and Oliver - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

Sutton seizing the moment with beauty influencer, Alice Knight, might have felt right while it was happening, but did Sutton just derail her career?

Fans will curse the day that Alice stepped into the halls of Scarlet. Did she really have to report Sutton to Oliver? Doesn’t she remember what it was like trying to build her brand?

Sutton never pretended to be a stylist. She merely shared her opinion and offered to style Alice. Alice agreed with her opinions when she thought Sutton was a stylist. Why does Sutton being an assistant change that?

Oliver and Sutton have such a strong relationship, and I would love to think that Sutton going rogue opened his eyes to the necessity to get Sutton her stylist title, but I don’t have a good feeling about this one.

Alicia Knight - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

We watched Jane take a job outside of Scarlet and explore freelancing opportunities. We saw Kat consider leaving Scarlet for Adena and again for her political career.

Sure, Sutton took the design seminar, but outside of that, we have never really seen Sutton without Scarlet.

It has felt like only a matter of time before Sutton spends time away from Scarlet. Could this be the beginning of heading in that direction?

With Richard returning home for a visit to support Sutton, if Sutton loses her job at Scarlet, he could try to convince her to go to San Francisco with him. Are any of us ready to watch The Bold Babes live in different time zones?

Say it ain’t so, writers. Say it ain’t so.

Just An Assistant? - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

Kat found herself wading in the waters of the past when Adena returned to Scarlet. That’s right Kadena shippers, Adena is back on our television screens.

During The Bold Type Season 3, I had come around to Adena after the heartbreak she caused Kat during The Bold Type Season 2. The Adena that I forgave is not the Adena who returned on “The Space Between.”

This is the Adena that is frustrating as all hell and borderline intolerable.

Kat was so happy when she came to terms with her sexuality during The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 6. Adena stomped all over that joy.

It was obvious from the moment that Adena told her not to come to the party that she was the one who didn’t accept Kat’s bisexuality, and that it had nothing to do with their other friends from Wild Susans.

The King of Fashion - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

Putting that kind of doubt in Kat’s mind, though, was wrong on so many levels. As someone who has dealt with the stigmas related to her sexuality, Adena should know better than to shame someone for theirs.

Adena acted as if Kat told her she was madly in love with a guy. All Kat did was tell her that she pegged Cody. She also mentioned, in the same breath, that she had a recent fling with a woman.

Obviously, she still is interested in women, so Adena reacting so poorly was frustrating, to the say least, especially when Adena has moved on. So Kat is allowed to move on but only on Adena’s terms? That’s not how this works.

Kat’s confession to Oliver about being tired of not fitting in was a highlight of this already stellar episode. We don’t get to see that pairing much, but after this episode, let’s keep our fingers crossed we get more.

Hopefully, now that Adena has ended their friendship, Kat can stop living in the past and live in the now and enjoy her time with Cody because they are on fire!

The Ex Effect - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

While Kadena had a deep emotional impact for viewers when they got together, Kady have such strong chemistry that it is impossible not to root for them.

Jane Sloan has finally gotten out of her own way!

Since the moment that Jane found out she was positive for the BRCA gene, she has pretty much imposed a death sentence on herself. How could she not when her mother died at such a young age?

Tiny Jane is taking back her life, though, and it feels so good.

Jane and Ryan having their own Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was the perfect way for Jane to celebrate not only that she is still cancer-free, but also to claim her independence from her fear of dying.

Adena Is Back - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7

How sweet was JaneStripe having their own silent rave slow dancing in Central Park?

Jane’s fear isn’t going to save her life, but it is going to stop her from living it.

I’ve criticized Jane’s control issues on more than one occasion, but we finally got to see her use that control for good.

Jane was so against a prophylactic double mastectomy in the past. She even went as far as to get into a blowout with Jacqueline in the middle of Scarlet. Deciding to move forward with the procedure was a huge step.

At that moment, when she laid it all out on the line for Ryan, telling him just how messy things were going to get, Tiny Jane wasn’t so tiny -- she was a giant.

Being willing to let go of the person you love for their happiness is no easy feat, but Jane was willing to do it. Thank God, Ryan didn’t take her up on it.

Many fans, myself included, have pondered whether there was more to his cheating story than he initially told Jane, but seeing his love for Jane provided some much-needed reassurance.

Jane thinks that she blew her Forbes interview when she went on her tangent about needing to live in the moment and accept the possibility that she does have a future.

There is no doubt that Jane’s empowered speech landed her a spot on the Thirty Under Thirty list, though. If anything, that endeared them more to her.

Jane has grown so much in her time as a writer at Scarlet, and she deserves a spot on that list.

What did you think Bold Type Fanatics?

Were you disappointed in Adena for her reaction to Kat?

Are you as proud of Jane as I am for taking control of her health?

Do you think that Sutton is at risk of being fired?

Join the discussion below, and make sure to watch The Bold Type online if you need to get caught up.

The Space Between Review

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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Sutton: Great for Jane, but didn’t we stop saying diva like two years ago?
Kat: Oh, we’re back to saying it ironically.
Sutton: Our generation is exhausting.

Adena: We need to establish some rules.
Kat: Exactly. How about no mention of the past?
Adena: And no touching beyond the mutually consensual hug.
Kat: Also, neutral conversation over all.
Adena: Mhmm. I like that.