The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 Review: Death of the Speed Force

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The Speed Force actually died, on The Flash Season 6 Episode 14, aptly titled "Death of the Speed Force." Who would have thought?

It was not too surprising, to say the least. What was shocking was how emotional its death actually was, not only for Barry and Wally, but for us, as well.

And we all know that The Flash is at its best when Barry is crying, no matter how much it hurts.

Wally - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

Thankfully, there were many more surprises aside from the tears throughout the hour that seem to have set the series on the right track for the rest of The Flash Season 6.

Wally returned, and he is definitely not the same Kid Flash we all remember.

First of all, he can now create multiple versions of himself and a lotus flower out of lightning. His time with the Peace Corps and a Buddhist nun have turned him into a pretty impressive speedster.

He has grown up, and is wise beyond his years. But he still has a tendency to be stubborn and defensive, and who could blame him after finding out that his power source is dying?

Wally: We can't punish ourselves for the mistakes we've made. That's a closed door. But we can take responsibility for our actions, no matter how great the obstacle to overcome.
Barry: Amala teach you that too?
Wally: No, you did.

Iris West - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

Wally probably could have been nicer to Barry, who, like Joe said, punishes himself enough so that other people don't have to. Wally was going through the difficult emotions of loss, as well, and he didn't deal with them in the best way.

He apologized to Barry though, as he realized they work better together than apart.

Wally used to be an intergral part of Team Flash, and they could use him in their many fights against evil speedsters and other villains. And as we saw when he saved the helicopter from going down, Wally might have a thing or two to teach Barry.

Now that the Speed Force is dead, Wally doesn't really have a reason to stick around in Central City though, aside from being with his loved ones, of course. Hopefully, after his journey with the Peace Corps, he can return to Team Flash.

Teamwork - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

The Speed Force and its disguise as Nora Allen is truly gone, which meant that Barry had to watch his mother die yet again. I am losing track of how many times Barry has had to witness the deaths of his parents, or versions of his parents.

Iris' clone was right, Barry has been subject to too much pain and suffering -- he needs a break.

Speed Force: Barry Allen, we forgive you. You did the right thing. You saved our universe. You never could have foreseen what that cost. You only have a few steps left before we're gone from you entirely, but I know you will use them well. The lightning chose you and it was the best decision that we, I ever made. You showed us the greatest force of all. I love you. I love you. I love you, my beautiful, beautiful boy.
Barry: Mom, Mom don't go.

But of course, Barry likes to charge full speed ahead to try to fix everything. At least he is asking for help from his friends this time.

And it turns out that Thawne's Negative Speed Force is going to do some good after all, if only for inspiration.

Thanks to Crisis, Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin are going to have to make an artificial Speed Force. The three of them potentially working together brings me back to The Flash Season 1, when the series was at its best.

Barry Allen - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

We all knew that Crisis was going to have its repercussions. We, along with Barry, just didn't know the extent of what they were and that they would feature something that happened before the creation of Earth Prime.

It was a detail so small that at the time, nobody thought that it would have such a big effect on The Flash. By using Spectre's energy to enter the Speed Force on Arrow Season 8 Episode 8, Barry infected the Speed Force, ultimately killing it.

There were signs of Barry's powers dwindling, but they were so small that they were easily written off as his body recovering from the toll of Crisis.

Wally: Lately I've been sensing that there is something wrong with the Speed Force.
Barry: Mm, a disturbance in the Speed Force you feel.

It was a clever way of tying in the massive crossover with purpose, and as an added bonus, the story even included Oliver Queen as Spectre -- athough they didn't show him.

Caitlin Snow - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

That is how you take a life-changing event like Crisis and use it to enhance the individual show's story. The Flash has made the effects of Crisis their own by tying it to the Speed Force, and now the Speed Force is gone forever.

Well, until Team Flash creates their own. And I am very eager to see what that will look like.

Unfortunately, Iris remains stuck in the Mirrorverse with a deceitful Eva, whose wounded animal act is getting old now that we know she is faking it.

In a heartbreaking scene, Iris had to watch as her friends and family celebrated the return of her little brother.

Wally West - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

While we're talking about Barry being hurt time and time again, the same can be said for Iris. She needs to escape from that mirror soon, and it looks like the people she loves are taking note of how Iris' clone is acting differently from the real one.

Barry: I held her in my arms. I watched her die all over again. The Speed Force is dead because of me, because of my choices. I just wanted to save everyone, to save you.
Clone Iris: And you did. Barry none of this is your fault.
Barry: Now I won't be able to save anyone. What am I supposed to do without my speed?
Clone Iris: Maybe this is for the best.
Barry: What?
Clone Iris: Everything happens for a reason, right? Maybe you weren't supposed to be The Flash forever. I mean, don't you think that after everything the Speed Force has put you through, all the pain, all the heartache, all the death, don't you think you deserve a real life? Barry, all the world's problems on your shoulders, that shouldn't have been your burden to bear.
Barry: You're serious?
Clone Iris: I am. This could be our chance, to have a normal life, start a family. You deserve to be happy just like everyone else. Don't you want that?

How could Wally notice it and not her own husband? It must be the power of siblings. Tell me again why Wally is not a series regular?

Plus, it will not help that Iris' clone shot Kamilla with a mirror gun just as she saw the altered picture of Iris. Cisco is sure to realize that Kamilla is missing, and Team Flash better be smart enough to figure out who is responsible and find the real Iris.

Even though Iris' clone brought up a lot of good points about why losing the Speed Force might not be the worst thing in the world, she needs to go.

Cisco Ramon - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

How amazing is Tom Cavanagh? From the second Cisco entered Nash's office, you could tell that Eobard Thawne had taken over Nash's body.

Even though there was a previous scene where we saw the glowing red eyes of a figure attacking Nash, Cavanagh's body language and demeanor made it obvious that he had slipped right back into playing Thawne.

When Cisco realized it was Thawne standing before him and not Nash, chills ran down my spine as we were reminded of the time Thawne killed Cisco in the erased timeline on The Flash Season 1 Episode 15.

The Reverse Flash is undoubtedly the best villain that The Flash has ever had. He is ruthless, straightforward, and one hundred percent evil, which is why his reintroduction has massive potential.

Cisco: You're not Nash.
Eobard: Hello, Cisco.

Cisco and Kamilla - The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

The writers have managed to make his return intriguing -- a difficult feat since he has had numerous returns.

As long as his motivations behind wanting to kill Barry and Barry's loved ones are not recycled from previous seasons, it will be a massive win for The Flash.

What did you think The Flash Fanatics?

Do you like the direction of the storyline post-Crisis?

Did you agree with what Iris was saying to Barry about giving up being The Flash?

And how much did you miss Wally?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget that you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic!

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

Death of the Speed Force Review

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Iris: Barry calls me his lightning rod. He used to say he could find me anywhere in the universe.
Eva: Seems like there's nothing he wouldn't do for you.

Caitlin: Air traffic controls are reporting a helicopter in distress.
Kamilla: Why is it every time I come to visit, all hell is breaking loose?