Watch the Big Brother: Germany Cast Learn About the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The cast of Germany's Big Brother were finally told about the coronavirus outbreak this week -- after a month of being in one of TV's most famous houses. 

The 13th season of the reality hit debuted February 10, with the cast making their way into the house days before that to kick off filming. 


This was in line with when the first cases of Coronavirus outside of Wuhan were starting to be reported. 

On March 18, Germany's reported infection count was 9,000, with 24 deaths. 


14 houseguests are currently in the house and were blissfully unaware of what was going on around the world. 

The series introduced four new players on March 9, but they were not allowed to speak about what was going on in the outside world. 

Typically, contestants on Big Brother do not have any contact with the outside world, so allowing the new players to tell them would break the format. 

However, with the pandemic spreading around the world, viewers complained that the people in the house in Cologne should know what is going on in the world. 


Initially, the show vowed to notify a houseguest if a loved one was infected with the virus. Things took another turn when the show opted to allow host, Jochen Schropp, to inform the house about the growing threat in a live segment. 

Schropp was accompanied by a doctor, who explained what was going on in the world, and the houseguests were understandably concerned about the state of the world. 

Big Brother offered up video messages from loves ones of the houseguests to allow them to know everyone they were close to was currently safe. 


The live segment found the host and the doctor behind a partition addressing the houseguests, and there was no studio audience. 

The lack of studio audience has already been adopted by Big Brother: Canada, which is slated to continue production on its 12-week eighth season. 

It is unclear at this stage what will happen with Big Brother: USA, which typically premieres in late June or early July.

Watch the full video (with English subtitles) below. 

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