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Did Jane realize why she was upset before it was too late?

On The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 9, she threw herself an epic bachelorette party, but she could not enjoy it. 

Bold Babes Forever  - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 9

With her friends by her side, she geared up to confront her feelings before it was too late. 

Meanwhile, Kat learned surprising info about RJ, which made her question the morals of the company. 

Finally, Jane got career news that could change her entire outlook on life. 

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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Sutton: Okay so it's kind of big.
Jane: That's what she said.

RJ: Are you a lawyer, Kat?
Kat: No.
RJ: Well, go to law school, pass the bar, and then I'll be happy to resume this conversation.
Kat: Right, but I don't need to go to law school to know that the sanctioned torture of children is a moral issue, and I don't understand why.
RJ: Legal said no, Kat.
Kat: But.
RJ: I know that's not a word that you hear often, but it's a word that's not gonna change. Grow up. Move on.