When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2 Review: The Heart of a Father

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There was all kinds of turmoil in Hope Valley during When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2!

Nathan got an unexpected visit from his father, Archie, that left him quite nonplussed. It didn't help that Nathan's frenemy, Lucas, wound up in the middle of the situation, either.

Lucas was also at odds with Bill, who wanted desperately to mimic the fancy recipes of the Saloon chef, but they found themselves on the same side when Ned took ill.

Lucas and Nathan Disagree - When Calls the Heart

But before we bust those issues wide open, let's take a look at the relationship situation in the valley.

Rosemary was tickled to death to help Clara plan her wedding, but Clara didn't want to get railroaded by the vivacious blonde into a wedding she wouldn't enjoy.

Rosemary Smiles Radiantly - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

What was really enjoyable about that storyline was how already-wed couple offered advice to the soon-to-be-wed Clara and Jesse, proving that every marriage will be different.

Rosemary was being very pushy with Clara, and it left Clara both incredibly flattered and worried that if she shared how she felt with Rosemary, they could wind up on bad terms. Clara didn't want to offend Rosemary, but she also didn't want to walk down the aisle for a second time without it being exactly what she wanted.

Leland's actions, though, were almost more surprising. He was giving advice to Jesse while at the same time suggesting that women often don't properly convey whether they want advice or support.

Leland's advice to Rosemary was to curtail her advice unless it was asked, but he, too, offered unsolicited advice to Jesse.

Two of a Kind - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

Clara and Jesse got so confused that they stopped treating each other in the ways that made them fall in love in the first place. Their honesty and easy communication is entirely different than the way Rosemary and Leland handle their relationship.

Neither way is right or wrong in general, but they are right and wrong within their individual relationships.

That could be why Elizabeth isn't keen on choosing between her less-than-obvious suitors anytime soon. Both Nathan and Lucas offer her something much different. Why should she be eager to change the status quo?

Carson and Faith also proved they're perfectly sympatico.

Carson Has an Idea - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

Carson is going out of his way to support Faith as she considers the head nurse position, but he's going a step further than that.

He really listens to what she's saying. She's an excellent diagnostician, often aiding Carson while he's away by doing initial patient assessments and briefing him later.

She knows a lot about anatomy and physiology, and she enjoys digging deeper. That didn't escape Carson when she diagnosed Ned, nor did he miss her subtle mention that she once had dreams of becoming a physician herself.

Carson has obviously been paying attention to recent medical trends, and one of them suggested it will be more difficult to get into medical school in the future.

Music to her Ears - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

Because of that, he started thinking about how he could support his girlfriend in her dreams while not losing her to the big city while she chased them.

Faith, you would be an excellent head nurse, but you would be a brilliant doctor. You have choices.


It would be terrible if Faith chose not to take the head nurse position so as not to disrupt her relationship with Carson. If she stays in Hope Valley as an apprentice to Carson, they can remain together AND she'll get an M.D. after her name just like she dreamed.

And if she had that M.D., maybe she could have stopped Ned from thinking that anything might be wrong other than what Faith though -- an ulcer.

But it wouldn't have been as much fun for us. Florence goes through stages in which she's incredibly civic-minded, and times when here busybody nature gets the best of her.

The Busybody - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

She really shouldn't have a job as an operator if she's going to share everything she hears. She's not trustworthy.

Bill, though, was excited at the news that Ned might have gotten sick on the goulash at the saloon. After all, Bill was jealous of the chef's secret ingredients.

He had fixated on the smoked paprika and even hoped that it was that ingredient that he loved and wanted to learn how to use that could have caused Ned's upset.

Bill: By the way, if you want a good meal, I recommend the cafe.
Lucas: Really?
Bill: Unless you want to take your chances and eat here.

It was all fun and games as the customer stream to the saloon dried up -- until the rumor begins to circulate that Ned had also eaten at the cafe.

A Glance from Lucas - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

Despite running a successful establishment that many locals enjoy, Lucas is still not widely accepted in the valley. Bill hasn't embrace the man because he's the competition, among other reasons.

But when they both put their heads together to try to combat their loss of income, they managed to find a solution that reassured the town their cooking was A-OK as well as punished, for lack of a better word, Florence's loose tongue.

Will that be the last of her indiscretions? That's highly unlikely. Once a neb-nose, always a neb-nose, and Florence loves her gossip!

She missed the even better opportunity at hot gossip with the arrival of Nathan's father. Archie has been in prison after losing the family's money gambling and taking to theft to put food on their table.

Mountie Nathan - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

To say that Nathan thinks poorly of his father is an understatement. But he's not the only member of the family who might have an interest in Archie.

Allie has always had a large hole in her heart. She's still reeling at the death of her mother, and with the frequent moves she and Nathan made over the years, she never had a sense of community or belonging.

Nathan: Allie, I don't want you to get hurt that way that we did.
Allie: The difference is that I have you to look out for me.

She finally feels that in Hope Valley, but the possibility of more family -- especially family that might share with her memories of her mother -- she was brimming with excitement.

Lucas and Elizabeth found themselves in the midst of the situation in different ways.

Elizabeth and Lucas Catch Up - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

Archie stayed at the saloon, so he and Lucas found time to talk, and Lucas, who gets to know a lot about people in his business, recognized that the man was struggling.

I don't need your money. I need my family.


It would be a difficult topic to broach with someone no matter who was involved, but Lucas suggesting that Nathan give the older man a break to keep him from spiraling was particularly tough. Nathan didn't want to hear it.

His wounds from his father are still fresh despite the time that has passed, and the thought that Allie could get duped into trusting Archie and allowing him into her life only to be hurt filled him with dread.

Because Elizabeth is close with Allie, she had the girl's ear and learned that she might not be as naive as Nathan imagines. Allie's list of reasons Nathan should allow her to get to know her grandfather made sense and were sensible. That's impressive for a young woman who hasn't had an easy life.

Elizabeth is Surprised - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

The sad part was that Nathan was beginning to come around to giving his father another shot when he got the call that Archie was in the same vicinity of a theft.

We've seen reformed baddies in Hope Valley before, and I think Archie's story will follow suit. He's being wrongly accused because of his recent release and the proximity to the crime, but if he can steer clear of gambling, then he is probably on the up and up with Nathan.

It will be interesting to see how Elizabeth can help Nathan through these latest troubles with his father. He's not open with his feelings, but with something this important that also affects one of her favorite students, she's bound to offer a lot of insight into the situation.

It was a really good hour that offered a lot of character development and unique partnerships. It's always fun when unexpected characters spent time together or new ideas get floated that might change the pace of the show.

Grandpa Smiles at Allie - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2

What was your favorite part? If you don't have one yet, watch When Calls the Heart online to get on board!

Where would you rather eat -- the saloon or the cafe?

And do you think Faith should grab the brass ring and become a doctor?

You're already here, so why not drop a comment down below?

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The Heart of a Father Review

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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't need your money. I need my family.


Jesse: Clara wants to have our wedding down by the pond.
Rosemary: Jesse. Think carefully about that. It's so damp down there, and mucky. The things that could go wrong. What if it rains?
Jesse: Still, I kind of like the pond idea.
Clara: Me, too. I can't think of anything more perfect.
Jesse: The bride has spoken.