Arrow Star Katie Cassidy "Confident" Canaries Spinoff Will Happen

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Arrow may be over, but the show's legacy was set to be carried on in Green Arrow and the Canaries. 

A backdoor pilot of the series aired as the penultimate episode of Arrow back in January and starred Katherine McNamara, Juliana Harkavy, and Katie Cassidy. 

The response was positive with the episode netting non-crossover season highs, and the fans seemed enthusiastic about it. 

Green Arrow & The Canaries - Arrow Season 8 Episode 9

It's been months and fans have been given no updates about the future of the potential series, and Cassidy has now shared that she's feeling "confident" that The CW will pick it up. 

"I don't know, honestly," she told TV Line when asked about the project. 

Laurel - Arrow Season 8 Episode 9

"I'm a very positive person, so I feel confident that we'll go [to series]. If there was ever a time for a three-hander, all-female badass show, now is the time! So I'm not worried. I'm feeling pretty good about it."

If you watch Arrow online, you know the spinoff took place in 2040 and followed Mia Queen, Oliver and Felicity's fearless daughter, who is taken by surprise when Laurel and Dinah arrive in her life to shake things up. 

Cassidy is excited about the prospect of delving deeper into the Black Siren character. 

"Just more of her beating this path of heroes, of women, along with the Green Arrow and the other Canary," Cassidy said. "I love playing a hero, I love playing a villain… I'm just excited to jump into it."

Laurel Lance - Arrow Season 8 Episode 9

The CW recently ordered Superman & Lois and Walker, Texas Ranger straight to series, but the lack of news on Green Arrow an the Canaries was somewhat concerning. 

The network has a lot of pilots in flux, including the retooled Lost Boys, Republic of Sarah, and even a spinoff of The 100. 

The network has been known to extend known franchises, and given that many of the network's pilots will not be produced because of the Covid-19 shut down, Green Arrow and the Canaries stands a much stronger chance at a series order than ever. 

Still, the network will be making decisions in the coming weeks, so we'll keep you posted on that front. 

Canary - Arrow Season 8 Episode 9

What do you think of the potential series? Would you watch it?

Are there any other CW shows you want to be picked up first?

Hit the comments. 

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