Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 4-20-20: Two Babies, Two Fights

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Watch out, Salem! Kristen is on the warpath after learning that baby Rachel had been switched at birth with Sarah's dead baby.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-20-20, Kristen attacks Victor with a knife.

Meanwhile, Sarah continues to hold onto the baby she thought was hers, and Rafe also faces a custody battle.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 4-20-20

We all knew Kristen would have an epic reaction to learning about the baby switch.

You stole my child.


The good news about her attacking Victor is that means that his part in this is finally out in the open.

Everyone should be upset with Victor, especially Brady.

His grandfather kept his daughter away from him and messed with his partner's sanity. Brady is already on the outs with Victor, so his reaction to this latest news should make for riveting drama.

Kristen going after Victor with a knife is a bit much, though. Did she learn nothing from the year she spent feeling guilty about pushing Haley down the stairs after Haley said the baby was dead?

Attacking Victor won't bring Sarah back with the baby, either, and the video includes a scene of her hiding in Paris with no intention of coming home or turning the baby over to Kristen.

And Sarah isn't the only one dealing with baby drama, as Evan's sister, Zoey, is going to use her legal skills to try to wrest custody of her niece away from Rafe.

Check out all the official spoiler photos below for Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-20-20 and let us know what you think.

A Surprising Decision - Days of Our Lives

Steve makes a surprising decision regarding Kayla.

Spoilers say that Steve is going to urge Kayla to choose Justin over himself.

Steve probably thinks he's being noble and letting Kayla be with the better guy. After all, Justin made a compelling case with his description of how his relationship with Kayla blossomed.

But he's still not letting Kayla decide for herself, which is what Justin was trying to tell him he needed to do.

This wrinkle will probably push Kayla back into Justin's arms for now, but Steve and Kayla are likely endgame, so how long can this last?

Orpheus Pays a Visit - Days of Our Lives

Orpheus pays Marlena a visit.

We left off with Orpheus showing up and Marlena stupidly opening the door to him without checking who had rung the bell. So this spoiler is no surprise.

The only question here is what Orpheus wants and how much danger Marlena is in this time.

Orpheus' Stefano-like obsession with Marlena made sense back in the day when he thought John was Roman and wanted to take "Roman's" wife to replace the one that Roman had accidentally killed.

But now there's no real reason for his hatred of John or obsession with Marlena other than to keep the damsel-in-distress vs. supervillain thing going. Let's hope this story goes in a different direction than it appears to be heading.

Gabi vs. Chad - Days of Our Lives

Gabi goes up against Chad.

With all the microchip craziness, I forgot all about Gabi's quest to retain control of Dimera Enterprises.

These business war storylines aren't interesting, so let's hope someone wins quickly and we move on.

Brandon Barash is supposed to return to Days of Our Lives soon, so could the reappearance of a not-so-dead Stefan shake this story up?

Waiting Anxiously for News - Days of Our Lives

Brady, Kristen, Nicole, and Eric wait for news about Sarah and the baby.

Yay! The Sarah babynapping story is going to take center stage.

It should be fascinating to see these four work together...or be at each other's throats, as the case may be.

Nicole and Kristen hate each other, though Kristen recently thanked Nicole for her help uncovering the baby switch, and there's bad history between Kristen and Eric too.

Plus, Brady and Eric aren't too good at brotherly love and Eric's affection for Sarah might turn into a shouting match about who's to blame for this mess.

Victor Berates Xander - Days of Our Lives

Victor berates Xander for allowing the truth to come out.

Of course he does.

Xander's status as Victor's favorite nephew was fragile and dependent on him continuing to do Victor's bidding, and Victor loves having a scapegoat when things go wrong.

Even though Xander shouldn't have gone along with this plan and did a hell of a lot of bad things to try to keep the lie going, I can't help feel bad for him.

He's already heartbroken over Sarah dumping him, and now the relationship with Victor that he's wanted all his life is going to vanish into thin air.

Taking Opposite Sides - Days of Our Lives

Chad and Abigail take opposite sides over Sarah and Kristen's situation.

Sarah is Abigail's cousin and Kristen is Chad's sister, so this was bound to happen.

Still, though, it's hard to see two sides of this. Yes, Sarah raised the baby for a year and is heartbroken, but kidnapping her and taking her to Paris in a stolen jet is not the answer.

If Sarah wanted to maintain some sort of custody or have visitation rights, there's a court system. Now she's become a criminal.

Abigail should understand that no matter how she feels about Kristen. What happened to the mini-Jennifer who didn't give anyone any wriggle room when it came to issues of morality?

Kristen Attacks Victor/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kristen attacks Victor.

Just what Days of Our Lives needs -- more random acts of violence.

No matter how angry Kristen is, there's no reason for her to go after Victor with a knife. Use your words, Kristen!

It would be better for Brady to talk her down from this. Kristen has done a kickass job of reddeming herself after pushing Haley down the stairs, and there's no need to go this far backwards now.

Besides, Victor is practically immortal and has survived tons of attacks like this, so it's a bit pointless.

Sarah Hides Out - Days of Our Lives

Sarah hides out in Paris with Rachel.

Well, at least she didn't go back to Nashville and beg Melissa to take her in.

But how does she expect to get away with this long term? Both Xander and Kristen have unlimited resources to track down would-be kidnappers and missing babies.

And considering what Kristen is going to do to Victor, getting on her bad side is a terrible idea. 

Celebrating Their Victory - Days of Our Lives

Chad and Abigail celebrate their victory.

Looks like Gabi is out at Dimera after all.

Nothing is ever permanent, though. Kate has been in and out at Dimera more times than I can count, and Gabi isn't one to slink quietly away into the night.

The most interesting part of this spoiler is that Remington Hoffman is joining the cast as Li Shin, the son of the Chinese mogul who seems to wield all the power at Dimera Enterprises.

What will he get up to in Salem, and will it involve Gabi trying to woo him so she can get back in the company's good graces?

Pleading With Sarah - Days of Our Lives

Xander pleads with Sarah on the phone, insisting he can help her.

I have no doubt that if Xander thinks he can get away with it, he'll help Sarah hide the baby forever -- if she takes him back.

Kristen probably thinks so too, and is going to do whatever it takes to keep Xander in line.

But Sarah isn't going to listen to him anyway. She's in crazy mode and wants to raise Kristen's baby by herself while a fugitive in a foreign city.

This whole mess will somehow lead to Xander and Sarah reuniting, hopefully without anyone being blackmailed into it. But how?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

What are you most looking forward to, and what do you hope happens on Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-20-20?

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