Former Child Actor Scott Schwartz of A Christmas Story on the Feldman Fiasco: "He changed his story so many times over the years."

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Former child actor, Scott Schwartz, played the kid who got his tongue stuck against the flagpole in A Christmas Story (1983). Before that, he starred with Richard Prior in The Toy (1982).

He comes to us now with much frustration over the way one Corey Feldman has marred the memory of his close friend Corey Haim (1971-2010), another former child actor who starred with Feldman in many projects (License to Drive, The Lost Boys, The Two Coreys).

This is the first of a series of articles documenting our conversation in which Schwartz wants to be very clear about his first-hand knowledge that the two Coreys were not friends in real life.

Scott Schwartz in A Christmas Story

Feldman is currently promoting his new documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys, in which he claims to name names of those involved in a Hollywood industry pedophilia ring.

Schwartz takes issue with how Haim is reflected in the film -- as well as in the press -- by Feldman, who he says is trying to make a name for himself using Haim's death as his own selfish vehicle.

We had the opportunity to chat with Scott about the non-truths and will be presenting the story in three parts. This is Part 1 of the exclusive TV Fanatic interview.

Corey Haim and Scott Schwartz in A Time to Live

Scott Schwartz met Corey Haim when they worked on a Liza Minelli TV movie called A Time to Live, which, by the way, is on YouTube – in its entirety in three parts. The two became fast friends, Schwartz having come from New Jersey and Haim from Toronto.

Schwartz then met Corey Feldman through the Alphy's Soda Pop Club parties around 1987.

He explains, "The Alphy Soda Pop parties [were] sponsored by New York Seltzer and they were celebrity kid-driven parties. For us all to get together. Kids in show biz, you know."

Corey Haim

Kids would get dropped off by their parents and they always got picked up by them afterward.

"Alphy Hoffman was a club promoter," Schwartz states, "and he hooked up with Randy Miller -- who owned New York Seltzer at the time; they were looking to do some promotions for New York Seltzer and what better way to do it than with kids in Hollywood.

"And Alphy’s father was a casting director, so he kind of knew a lot of the child actors."

Corey Haim and Milano

The events were held at the Roosevelt in Hollywood.

"And for us, it was just -- most of the kids that were working in Hollywood, you don't really have a large group of friends because you're on a set. So there's no school -- you have school on set. So the only way you got to hang out with other kids really was this way."

These Soda Pop parties became the subject of criticism from Feldman in recent years, as he alleges the events were manipulations by Hollywood industry insiders to perpetuate a pedophilia ring. 

Corey Feldman with no shirt

Schwartz responds, "One of Feldman’s main accusations about the infamous pedophile ring was -- there were men in suits at the Alphy Soda Pop parties looking at what kids they wanted to molest.

"When really the facts are those were undercover police officers for our security. They were not there looking to pick up little kids, and they were hired by Alphy and New York Seltzer to make sure everything was okay.

"This is a completely joyful place. This is a peaceful place. This is a place we all just got to hang out. There were no drugs, no alcohol, none of that.

"Parents were there, from Scott Grimes mom to Judy Haim -- Corey Haim's mom, Lin Milano, Alyssa's mom, and Bob Feldman was there sometimes, and you know, there was probably another seven or eight or ten parents there. [Afterwards] everybody had gone home with their parents."

corey feldman 4

Schwartz says there were sometimes "after parties" -- but not in the adult sense of the phrase, as there was no alcohol and no drugs.

"These parties ended at like 10 o'clock at night and one time we went to Mel's Diner, one time we went to Randy Miller's house as he owned New York Seltzer. Probably six or eight of us, whatever.

"We went over to Randy's, and he had pools and a hot tub, and we had a barbecue. We cooked hamburgers, and we had soda. We hung out."

But, according to Schwartz, Feldman was never at these "after-parties," at least he never saw them there.

Regarding Feldman's relationship with Alphy -- whom Feldman now claims was a child molester, Schwartz says Feldman sometimes "asked him to do something else or go somewhere else at another time afterward [and Hoffman] replied, 'I don't have time for that. Sorry.'"

Two Coreys and group

Hoffman was not at the events to hang out with kids.

"I just have it in my mind that," Schwartz continues, "it is just such a question of -- if somebody is doing something to you like that -- now he was no youngster, he was the better part of 16 -- if somebody did something like that to you, why would you let that person put your name on an invitation with his name to have a big party at Alphy’s?

"It's for the Alphy Soda Pop party at the Roosevelt, and you're going to get on stage and sing with this guy? And be in the presence of this guy after, supposedly, he did something to you?

Two Coreys 4

"And the story is changed. He changed his story so many times over the years. You know when this happened -- and I have not seen Alphy Hoffman in 30 years -- but I know that he had a girlfriend at that time.

"After that, I know he had a child, I have talked to him a few times the past ten years and, again, if something would have happened with one, most likely it would have happened with another.

In 30 plus years, nobody else has said they saw anything, anything happened to them, nothing."

Changes in Feldman's story, according to Schwartz, include changes in the year he alleges the molestations happened.


"First, it was, 'He did something in 1982,' then it was 1985, then he put it in 1984. I don't think those are things you would forget; those are things that are attached in your brain,"

But Feldman has never claimed Hoffman molested other kids, nor has anyone come out supporting the allegations.

Schwartz -- having had been close with Haim for years -- knew both Coreys. But he says they were not friends: "Feldman has stated forever that they were best of friends -- that is a complete lie.

"They were friendly because of show business. They hung out or -- just let me rephrase that: they went to events together to be seen together for business purposes.

Two Coreys 5

"You get on the red carpet for publicity. They were not friends. They didn't go to dinner. They didn't go to each other's place to have a meal. There was no, 'Come over for dinner!'

"There was none of that stuff. After probably sometime late '89, early 1990s -- that's when the friendship broke off."

But Schwartz knows from Haim's mouth himself that he was victimized by one molester and no more.

"There was another gentleman named Dominick Brascia -- who is now deceased – who has been on public record – that he is the one who did something to Corey Haim," Schwartz confirms. He was a friend of Corey Feldman's till the day he passed."

Two Coreys 3

Corey Feldman brought Brascia into the circle, having known him prior. Schwarts remembers his conversation with Haim:

"It was some time after Haim, and I moved into the same apartment building in North Hollywood in January of 88 – it was well after that when I was made aware of what had gone down with Dominick Brascia.

"Corey Haim told me. [Dominic and he] hadn’t hung out in a while, and we all hadn’t hung out as a group in a little while. I just sort of took that as, 'This one is busy, or that one is busy,' or whatever.

Dominick Brascia

"It wasn't something that [Haim] just brought up out of nowhere. It was, like, a couple of, three, four days, and I'd see him all the time over at his apartment, and he just -- there was something that just wasn't right. It was his attitude.

"Right after that, I was like, 'Dude, is something going on? 'No, I'm fine.' 'I know you too well, man.' I already knew him well enough to go, 'What? Something is wrong; tell me what is going on. You can tell me anything you want.' 

"And it took me about 10 or 15 minutes because I knew something was wrong. And he just didn't want to let loose. Then, finally, he just went, 'Look, this is what happened.'

License to Drive

"And then, [after] I was informed by Corey Haim what Dominick had done, I, in turn, ended up running into Dominick not too long after that, and told him, 'You go near him again, it's all over. They will never find you. If you want to enjoy your life, you stay away from that kid.' And from there on out, he did stay away from him for some time."

The encounter with Brascia occurred in Schwartz's mid-20s.

Schwartz reminisces about his relationship with Haim:

Coreys Feldman and Haim 2

"Haim, he was a good kid. He lived right above me for a while -- I literally say right above me. So I knew when there was loud music. I knew when he had a girl over. I knew anything. I hung out upstairs. He hung out down here; I went upstairs. His door was always open.

"All I had to do was knock, and I heard, 'Come in.' The door was open. So there wasn't anything that he wouldn't tell me, couldn’t tell me. We were friends; he was like my little brother to me."

But Schwartz never saw Feldman at the apartment, not once. "Best friends, but they never see each other?" he puzzles.

Corey Feldman and his angels

"Corey Haim was a very open book kind of a guy; if you ask them a question, he would answer you. He would answer you honestly because that's who he was.

"And in [one magazine interview], he actually says, 'Listen, don't listen to what anybody else says about me. You want to know something? Ask me or listen to what I say.'

"For somebody his age to say something like that was very interesting. And then he's like, 'There's a lot of people that are jealous, and this and that. And of course -- thinking back -- I know exactly who he was talking about.

"He's talking about Feldman. He already knew it. Even back then, he knew that."

Haim was around 15 years old when the molestation happened Dominick Brascia was in his mid-20s, significantly older than both Coreys. It begs the question, why would Feldman be hanging out with friends about ten years his senior?

Corey Feldman 2

"You know, it's something that does go on in Hollywood," Schwartz answers. "You get the middle 20 guys that are gay -- they’re into young adults, you know, young boys. Somehow they seem to squirm their way in, be ii through friendship, through their photographer, their manager/agent, whatever it is."

But why would Feldman be hanging out with such a character?

"There were other guys that ended up being around Feldman who were older than him. He got another friend of his -- whose name I don't need to mention, ‘cause it’s irrelevant.

Corey Haim 2

"But this guy was always around, and he was probably ten years older than Feldman. Now I don't know his background. I never met a wife, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, nobody. We’d play poker with him, that's all I know."

It isn't too preposterous to imagine younger kids wanting to hang out with older, "cooler" adults who could maybe introduce them to people, drive them around, buy them booze, and whatever else. 

"There were a couple of guys from Lost Boys that [Feldman] hung out with; there was the guy that was his handler, or chaperone, you can you call it, Jon [Grissom]. And he ended up being the person that Feldman said molested him."

Coreys Feldman and Haim

Of course, none of this was public knowledge at the time.

Schwartz recalls, "We didn't know anything back then until Corey Haim said something publicly that something happened to him. Even around the time of The Two Coreys TV show, Feldman didn’t say anything happened to him. And then all of a sudden Haim said something, then Feldman had something to say.

"But through somebody else -- they told me -- they basically walked in on Feldman and this other guy doing something. So I know that something did actually happen.

Corey Feldman

"I never said I doubted him; I didn't say, 'I didn't think it happened to him.' But it's the way it’s been described, that Feldman and Haim were passed around, or Haim was passed around -- that's all nonsense.

"When I sat there that day that Haim told me what had happened, I said, 'Is there anything else -- did anybody else touch you? Is there anybody else ever done anything like that?' He said, 'No.' He had no reason to lie to me."

And this then leads to the story of Charlie Sheen, a Hollywood star accused by Feldman of having molested Haim on the set of Lucas, right out in the open.

Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim 2

Scott Schwartz discusses the story behind Dominick Brascia -- and ultimately Corey Feldman -- reporting the allegations to the tabloids: 

"It came out after Corey Haim was gone. That only came out publicly in 2018 through an article in, I think, the Enquirer or one of them -- Dominick Brascia was the one who sold the story or whatever through the Enquirer, or whoever it was, about Corey Haim whom, of course, was long gone at that point."

Schwartz says the Sheen molestation accusation is just not plausible.

Dominick Brascia 2

"So what [Brascia and Feldman] have claimed is that Charlie Sheen took Corey Haim in between two trailers with Crisco oil and that Charlie Sheen did whatever to Haim.

"Now there are normally 100 people on a movie set walking around, that's number one. Then you got number two -- that [Haim's mother] Judy was there about 70% of the time; Bernie was there, his father was there about 20% of the time.

"And his sister was there the other 10% to 30% of the time because she stayed while mom was there also. So they have multiple people there, honest to God, and this is the claim now. Charlie Sheen has a Winnebago; he had a trailer.

"If he wanted to do something to Corey Haim, wouldn't he just take him in the trailer and say, 'Hey, I want to talk to you,' bring him in there, and do something? 

"Or at night after a set, just call him up in his room and say, 'Hey, come on over, I want to bullshit; I want to chit chat.' Why would he do something where anyone could catch them?"

Charlie Sheen

With Crisco oil, no less?? Seriously?

"Now, at the time," Schwartz continues, "Charlie Sheen did have a girlfriend that he was seeing. There were several other girls on the set that apparently he was after as well and had some fun with.

"He was hot for Kerri Green. He had a crush on her. Now they didn't hook up at all. They didn't do anything.

"So he's got the hots for one girl, he's having multiple sex partners with other women, and he's got a girlfriend -- wherever she lives.

"And at the same time, he's going to take a 13-year-old boy and do something with him? Wrong, it all makes no sense, and there's no validity to this at all."

Two Coreys 7

Schwartz feels that had anyone believed allegations against Sheen. his shows would at least have been pulled from the air. "We have other examples," he says.

"Bill Cosby did something to women; they took The Cosby Show off the air. Stephen Collins was accused of doing something with whomever – pedophilia, or whatever -- they took off his show. Seventh Heaven.

"Why are there still repeats of Two and a Half Men on the air? And you still got repeats of Anger Management. Charlie Sheen is still working. Nobody else on planet Earth believes what Corey Feldman has accused him of through Dominick.

Corey Feldman 3

"Because it's baloney; it’s total and utter bullshit. Charlie Sheen is a ladies’ man, been a ladies’ man since he was a teenager. Women -- that was his interest! He is -- and it's known because it's been out there -- he was one of the top people on Heidi Fleiss' list. With women. It's 30 years of this!"

A few years before Feldman and Brascia's allegations, Charlie Sheen became meme-worthy (were memes a thing yet?) for his drug-induced comments about "winning" and having "tiger's blood" in his veins to help him through his bout with HIV.

His behavior at the time would make him an easy target, Schwartz says: 

corey feldman 4

"If you want to go into the 90s and the 2000s even -- Wall Street is great, and these other things he did. Then, it's around the 2000s when more of the drug use and whatever was going on. So he's an easier target now. Back then, he was one of the most up-and-coming actors of his generation, very solid!"

Schwartz recounts his first-hand experience with Feldman and Sheen, providing reasons Feldman has had it out for Sheen:

"I'm out in California, 1987, about five, six months. It was August. So I'm on the west coast eight months, and I get a call from Corey Feldman -- he couldn't drive yet -- and he says, 'Would you please take me to The Comedy Store? I'm going there to meet a porn star,' and he told me who it was.

Richard Prior and Scott Schwartz in The Toy

"I thought he was kidding. He's like, 'No man; we're going to hang out. Come on, dude, you got to give me a ride, I need a ride.' I said, 'Okay. Dude. I will take you; I got to see this for myself.' I think it’s bullshit; I got to see.

"Well, we go there and -- sure enough -- there she was with another [porn star], and there's another guy from the adult industry. And I was just like, 'Holy shit. He was actually telling the truth. That's funny.'

"So I met them. We said, 'Hello, how you doing? Nice to meet you,' blah, blah, blah, whatever. I stay maybe 10 or 15 minutes, then I said, 'Okay, I'm going home, you safe now? You're okay?'

"Feldman replies, 'Oh yeah, I'm fine now, I'm all good, thank you.' I said, 'Okay, goodbye,' and I left.

"Apparently, they had a soiree for a few months, and she ended up sort of breaking it off with Feldman and started dating Charlie Sheen. So there is the forever motive of why he absolutely hates this guy."

Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim

Ever since then, Schwartz says, Feldman hated Sheen and had no qualms trying to destroy his life and career.

"You never saw them in the same place," he continues. "He couldn't stand it. You know, 'That scumbag this, and that,' and I knew why. But it's not my job to get in the middle of any that stuff, not my business.

"Listen, [Feldman] doesn't care. You're dealing with a mentality of, 'Nobody is as important as I am. Corey Feldman believes he's Michael Jackson. The way he dressed, the dancing, the singing nonsense -- he can’t sing, plain and simple; it’s terrifying! A horror show!

"And he might have even learned it from Michael Jackson [that] any publicity is good publicity. Maybe he learned from him; I don't know."

Feldman and Michael Jackson

Scott Schwartz says he has no real relationship with Charlie Sheen and has no need to protect him on a personal level. "I have actually stood in front of Charlie Sheen less than five times in 30 years of being in Hollywood," he explains, "less than five times. That's it.

"So it's not like I'm this guy’s best friend, and I'm standing up for him, and I’m protecting him. No! It's what's right. It was accurate. Corey Haim told his mother what happened with Dominick. He told her everything; they were the best of friends.

"They were tight as a son and a mother have ever been, and he told me the exact same thing, Sheen never touched him, period."

So how does it come to be that Dominick Brascia breaks the alleged rape story to the tabloids? Schwartz guesses Dominick wasn't doing well financially, so -- with Feldman's encouragement -- decided to sell the story for cash.

"Feldman would back it up soon after and then make his living by continuing to push the narrative. Now he knew that Dominick had molested Haim," confirms Schwartz, "but he didn't care! He wants to destroy everything around him, everything.

Corey Feldman 5

"He didn't care for Corey Haim; Corey Haim was a better-looking kid. He was a blonde. He was a cuter guy. Feldman is a brunette and not as good looking. Haim was a better actor, a more talented kid. Feldman was jealous; Feldman was always jealous."

The 1997 film, Busted, was directed by Corey Feldman. It's a police comedy that was also to star Haim, who ends up as a mere cameo. But Feldman knowingly brought Dominick Brascia, the man who molested his "best friend" Haim, onto the set to also work on the film.

Schwartz explains Feldman's possible intent: "This was a way for [Feldman] to stab Corey Haim in just a quote-unquote 'innocent' way, by bringing Dominick Brascia on that set. And there was an argument.

"There were hands around throats; I mean, I got the whole story. Haim was really upset that Feldman, who knew Dominick had done something to him, why would he bring this guy on a set they were working on to work together?

"I think Feldman knew exactly what he was doing. There's almost no question to it because they had spoken about it already, and Feldman knew about it, and still, he did it anyway.

Corey Feldman and his angels 2

"And again, I firmly believe that whenever it happened -- probably 2017 or '18 -- Dominick and Feldman talked. And Dominick, maybe, needed money or whatever it was. And Haim is gone, so he can’t speak for himself.

"And one of the two of them, I’m sure, came up with the idea: 'Hey, why don't we blame it on Charlie Sheen?' -- probably Feldman, let's face it.

"He most likely thought, “Let's blame it on Charlie. You bust out the story; they're going to pay you, and you'll have some money in your pocket.” and he probably gave Feldman some of it as well. I'm sure he did because Feldman backed him up."

But the story released to the public was that Haim showed up and had a drug-induced breakdown, got into a fight, and stormed off the set.

Feldman wouldn't want the actual story of the set fight to get out to the media, so Schwartz thinks he created his own version to release publicly. 

"I think Feldman did say something about it," he says, "that there was, you know, a drug thing and they had let him go, or whatever it was -- [that Feldman] told him to go home.

Busted poster

"But this was all orchestrated. It's all orchestrated by Corey Feldman, no question.

"I don't believe that there were drugs involved in it at all. It was just -- what's he going to do? How can Feldman explain why Haim left the set? 'He disliked somebody.' But why did he dislike him? Then you got another question -- you don't want to answer that one, either.

"So other than that, just say, 'Oh ya know, maybe he's having a bad day, maybe it was drug-induced,' or something, or whatever. Because that's what they did; they indulged. In their own private time. But it was just a good excuse.

"Feldman is great at good excuses, great at being the victim, if there were an award for “victim of the year,” Feldman would win it, hands down. He loves that. But in this case, he turned it around to, 'Oh, Corey Haim’s not here, I don’t know what to do.'

"And he directed that movie, whatever. But it was all orchestrated -- no question -- by Corey Feldman. To just piss off Corey Haim and make him look bad."

Busted still

Many in America question lately why Corey Feldman feels a need to speak for Corey Haim post-mortem. Feldman professes in the media that Haim requested him to speak for him, "should anything ever happen" to him.

"I'm a logical person," assesses Schwartz. "And I know Corey Haim pretty much as well as anybody in California except his mother. I knew the kid for almost 25 years.

"Never have I ever heard anybody in their teens, 20s, or 30s say to anybody, 'Hey, listen, if I don't make it, tell my story.' That's bullshit. Flat out that bullshit. Not something Corey Haim would say. 

"Why would he say it, was he on his deathbed? No. Was he sick? No. There would be no reason for him to say something like that. None.

"Corey Haim didn’t OD. It never was that bad. Was it good? No. But was it that bad? No. Somewhere in the middle. This claim of, again, “the best friend.” “He told me this; he told me that.” That's wrong. 

Corey Feldman 7

"They weren't friends [anymore], since the early 90s. They didn't talk other than a project. They're going to work on a project, or they're going to go to an event sometime.

"Because Corey Haim understood it was good for business to be seen [with Feldman]. He still worked a lot; he did a lot of other things without Corey Feldman. 

"But even so, he knew where his bread was buttered, and the big money came with Feldman as a team."

When asked if he thinks Feldman needed Haim more than Haim needed Feldman, Schwartz answers, "Absolutely. I would agree with that."

Coreys Feldman and Haim 2

The reality show, The Two Coreys, aired in two seasons from 2007 to 2008. The show presented the Coreys as friends and placed them inhabiting an apartment together.

Scott Schwartz says season one started relatively cool. The two actors seemed to be getting along.  But season two was a different story. Schwarts recollects the anger and the animosity between the two and how rough it got for the two to be together:

"When they went back to start shooting again, there was some bad feeling, some ill will; I mean, it was constant. They were going at each other, and it was a two-on-one situation because Corey Feldman’s wife, Susie, was there.

Two Coreys 6

"So she banged and banged on Haim. Just banged his head against the wall -- not physically, but mentally. So whatever Haim said, it would always be a two-on-one thing. And, I mean, it’s in the show that they fought. 

"They didn't get along, and they talked about -- Haim told him, 'I could come out at any point and just wreck your life,' and then Feldman said something like that [as well]. I mean, it was not a fun set.

"I mean that's on the show on TV. There's no question that was not scripted. That was not scripted at all. Haim just let him have it one day, and then it came back ... back and forth. It was a bloody mess, to say the least."

Tune in again for Part 2 of our interview with Scott Schwartz on the Feldman Fiasco.

Kerr Lordygan is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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