Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Opportunity

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Beth is ready to move forward.

At least that was the takeaway from Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10, as Beth seemed more determined than ever to get Rio out of her system and out of her life.

But things are rarely what they seem in the land of Good Girls. And while the pieces are all in place, there are a lot of other things going on that the ladies aren’t even aware of.

Exercise Pause -  Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

The main factor they’re in the dark about concerns Phoebe and Henry, who are holed up in a motel room, raiding the mini-bar, and making major headway on tracking down the girls.

It all feels so familiar and so much like the Turner storyline, that I’m just waiting for Phoebe or Henry to show up at the print shop and try to befriend Beth.

There are so many interesting ways to take a narrative like Good Girls, and this insistence on basically duplicating past stories seems like a majorly missed opportunity on behalf of the show.

There’s also the retreaded story of Beth taking charge of a business to launder money through, much like she did with the car dealership. It appears that this will be more a Beth thing than a Rio/Beth thing, but in what world does Rio just let her do what she wants and not try to take some of the profit?

Henry Researches - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

I say time and time again how smart and in tune Rio is to what’s happening around him, and he proved that again when he questioned what Beth was doing with the money. She fought to get her and the girls paid again, yet she still didn’t seem to have anything.

Her house was still bare, so he knew the money wasn’t going there. And considering their complicated history, it makes sense his antennas would go up.

He’s paying the woman that once tried to kill him, which is a debate in and of itself, but he wants to know where all that money is going, as well as making sure it’s not going to come back on him somehow.

Naturally, there is no trust between the two parties, and at this point, we’re just watching them try to one-up each other. That’s okay, but there are other avenues to explore there.

Leaning In - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

The show would have us believe that Rio isn’t long for this world after Beth and the sniper came to an agreement, but there’s just no way Rio is going to be taken out this way. It doesn’t make sense at this point.

Sniper: So, hows a lady like you get involved with a man like that?
Beth: I was just bored.

Putting the sniper and Beth together, and showing us how alike they were was an interesting tactic. As was the notion of boredom causing people to essentially change who they fundamentally are.

Perhaps boredom plays a role, but it’s not the sole reason Beth traveled down this road. Maybe the monotony of everyday life leads you to get a new hairstyle, but it doesn’t typically lead you to rob a bank and then engage in dangerous criminal activities on the regular.

GED - Good Girls

And it’s convenient of Beth to forget the attraction she shared with Rio, which was deeper than boredom. She felt desired by him, and in the moments, she wanted to be with him. Being bored was the furthest thing from her mind.

Now she’s convinced herself that her life works better without Rio in it. And to be honest, that’s probably true.

Elsewhere, Ruby and Stan were dealing with a lot, as they continue to harp on their conflicted feelings about who they’ve become as people.

Both halves of the Hill’s are having crises of the conscience, and meeting the parents of Sara’s donor brings that squarely into focus.

Phoebe Relaxes - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Ruby and Stan have struggles, we’ve seen them play out of the course of three seasons, but meeting Jenny and Carl was not only hard because of the circumstances, but also because they saw two people who were struggling and still managed to be positive, grateful human beings.

They went through a tragedy, but still managed to keep their morality centered.

But Jenny wasn’t ready to walk away from the Hill’s empty-handed.

Guilting Ruby into buying the couple a car could be the catalyst to getting Ruby, Beth, and Annie caught by the authorities. This one act to help Ruby absolve her sins has the potential to have a very costly ripple effect for the people she loves most.

Henry Works - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

It’s hard to say that Ruby and Stan should just embrace their lifestyles and forgive themselves because that’s not who they are at heart. But what will it take to make them just stop?

In the land of inappropriate, Dr. Cohen was once again overstepping his boundaries, and dare I say, leading Annie on.

A general house call to help a patient in distress is one thing to consider, but taking her out for drinks and engaging in flirty banter is something else entirely.

They’ve crossed the line twenty times over at this point, and there’s no clear endgame in mind here.

Now Dr. Cohen is engaged, a tidbit he just had to share after a long moment locking hands and eyes with a patient. And it leaves Annie more confused and downtrodden than she began the evening.

Test Time - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

The idea of Annie working through her issues and learning more about herself and her relationships started as such a promising idea, but it’s dovetailed into this will-they/won't-they dynamic that is cringy to witness at best.

Here’s an idea, why not have Annie work with a therapist who gets her humor and allows her a safe space to explore her insecurities, gives constructive criticism and analysis, and doesn’t make googly eyes across the room at her.

Thus opening her up to find a healthy relationship with a single, emotionally available man.

Just a suggestion.

Sniper On The Move - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Odds and Ends

  • Andrew McCarthy is delightfully wicked as the shady sniper. But he should probably have a bit better awareness of being followed.
  • Rio and Beth’s car wash ride was tenser then it had any right to be. Obviously, nothing was going to happen but the tension in the air was thick.
  • Dean would be a five-star food delivery man. Once a salesman, always a salesman.
On The Trail - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Alright fanatics, the time is yours to hit the comments and let me know what you’re thinking.

Am I the only one who thinks this season feels oddly familiar?

Should Ruby have bought that car?

Will Beth succeed in opening the hot tub store?

Drop a line down below and remember to watch Good Girls online via TV Fanatic!

Opportunity Review

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Rio: What are we celebrating?
Beth: Nothing.

Beth: It'll be good to be normal again.
Annie: Be whatever we wanna be.
Ruby: Finally.
Annie: Dude.
Ruby: I just wanna be a good person again.