If the Manifest Season 2 Finale Doesn't Answer These Questions, We Riot!!

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Manifest is a series that leans heavily into mystery and mythology, so there's a lot of pressure on the season 2 finale -- which may potentially serve as the series finale -- to answer the most burning questions. And there's a lot of them. 

But will we get the answers we so badly want?

I hope so, otherwise, as the title of this editorial indicated, we riot. 

Kidnapped and Afraid - short - Manifest Season 2 Episode 13

All jokes aside, it's likely that a lot of mysteries will remain open-ended and carry into the third season (pending a renewal). 

Jeff Rake revealed that he has the series mapped out for a total of six seasons, which is a blessing and a curse depending on how you look at it and how confident NBC is in the series.

It's promising to know that there's an established direction that's been thought through and that each action has an intention and purpose, but at the same time, it's frustrating for fans because it likely means we'll be left in the dark about a lot of things. 

One of the main mysteries propelling the series forward continues to be: what happened to Montego Air Flight 828?

The Drop Off - Manifest

The flight disappeared off the radar and returned five-and-a-half years later with the passengers still the same age as when they took off from Jamaica. 

There's plenty of theories out there about what happened that involve time travel, aliens, alternate dimensions, and more, but none of that matters if we don't even get any fundamental answers to hinge a theory on.

As of now, we have no insight into what's behind the plane's disappearance or its re-emergence, and we don't know what happened to the plane or its passengers while onboard.

We know absolutely nothing in regards to the plane other than it departed and landed in the same condition, and I fear that if we don't get any insight soon, fans may start to taper off. 

Turbulence - Manifest Season 1 Episode 1

Questions about 828 also raise questions about Ben's terrifying Calling of the flight exploding into smithereens. Is that a future vision? Is that what really happened?

The Callings have been misleading before like when we believed the scorched plane Calling would connect to the 828 mystery but in reality, it alluded to a nightclub explosion. How much of this should we take at face value?

Which brings us to our next question: what is the purpose of the Callings and the death date?

Are the Callings good or bad? Ben and Mic have been asking that question for months. Despite Ben's big mystery board, he's gotten no concrete answers, so they've been blindly following the Callings and hoping for the best, which led to Cal's kidnapping. 

Looking for Answers - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

They will undoubtedly save him in the finale, but at what cost? Will they allow the three dealers to get what they want in exchange?

And who are these three dealers that Mic put in jail instead of letting them go as the Calling suggested? 

Mic said she felt like they knew more than they were letting on, especially Chase, but is it possible that they knew about the Callings? Are they Al Zuras' men?

They seemingly took Cal as collateral to get their meth back from the cops, but is there a bigger reason as to why they want their drugs?

Another Joint Calling - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

My theory is that the three men are working for The Major, who allegedly made progress with Saanvi's research before stripping her of her license. 

We haven't seen or heard from The Major in quite some time, but I'm excited to see what she has to say when she's confronted. 

Do we figure out her goal in the season? How is the government still involved?

Will Saanvi successfully go after the Major and get her job back? And is she able to save Zeke with her research?

Zeke and Saanvi Look for Answers - Manifest Season 2 Episode 11

And why is there even a death date? We don't even know the mechanics behind it, so it's hard to determine what will and won't work. 

Zeke is the one of the first to be affected by the death date, but will he die or will they find a way to save him?

Regardless of his outcome, we can learn a lot from his experience and hopefully, get some insight into the death date and Callings. 

The Al Zuras journal also remains a mystery, and its connection to Flight 828 isn't all that clear aside from getting hit by the same lightning, otherwise known as dark lightning, which was also present in Zeke's original death. 

Grace's Pregnancy - Manifest

Which brings up the question of Captain Daly, who initially believed that the lightning played a huge role in what happened and tested his theory by flying directly into an electrical storm and vanishing.

Fans haven't forgotten about him and Fiona, and we hope the writers haven't either! 

Will we ever hear from them again? Will his theory come into play at some point?

There are a lot of unanswered questions and loose storylines that deserve some closure.

I'm all for being left on a cliffhanger in case the series does score a season 3 renewal, but in the offset chance that it doesn't, can we at least walk away from the finale feeling slightly illuminated?

By the conclusion of season 2, it's time for the pieces to start falling into place, so we can, at the very least, start making sense of this mystery.

The season finale of Manifest will air Monday, April 6 at 10/9c.

Lizzy Buczak was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in June 2021..

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