Superstore Season 5 Episode 21 Review: California Part 1

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The season may have been cut short due to production shutdowns, but Superstore Season 5 Episode 21 certainly felt like a finale. 

Quite frankly, it might have been an acceptable ending to the series if that's how the show decided to do it.

Superstore Season 5 will be the last time that America Ferrera is featured as the leading lady, but it certainly isn't the last viewers will see of Amy Sosa. 

Preparation - Tall - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

There are a lot of different factors that make Superstore incredible.

All of the characters are comedic, in their own way, and the plot is able to balance itself out with the perfect blend of hysterical situations and social justice issues.  

However, Superstore Season 1 Episode 1 was all about introducing the connection between Amy and Jonah, and their relationship has been at the center of the series ever since. 

There's no denying that the show is a comedy, but whether they're romantic or not, Jonah and Amy's dynamic personalities blend together perfectly and bring the series to a level that other sitcoms simply can't reach. 

Birthday Gift - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

Amy's loss will be felt. 

It's a sad thing to admit, given that the series is made up of so many different characters, but in all honesty, without Jonah and Amy's dynamic, the series goes from comedy gold to something that you put on in the background. 

Viewers already experienced this, when Superstore took a step back from their scenes by making Amy the manager of Cloud 9. 

Their mess-around episodes were, more often than not, the most entertaining installments of the series, and it's a shame that the two haven't been featured in the same capacity. 

Superstore won't be unwatchable without Amy and Jonah's relationship. It will simply stop being unique. 

Mature Ideas - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

"California Part 1" was stressful, to say the least. 

Given that America Ferrera's exit was announced weeks before this episode aired, there was no question whether or not she would take the corporate job. 

The real question is what it means for Amy and Jonah. 

Superstore could have used Amy's job offer to drive a wedge between the two. And it seemed as if that's what they were going for, at first. 

Dina: She's gonna kill it out in California. I mean, professionally. She's gonna take a major hit in the hotness rankings.
Jonah: So, you're okay with Amy leaving?
Dina: Me? Oh, no. I hate it. I'm gonna go home and stress eat an entire jar of olives. But, this is pretty huge for her.
Jonah: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah. It's good that you're being so supportive. I went a different direction with it.

Their difference of opinion about workers' rights has always been the main cause of their arguments. 

As a floor worker, Amy was more willing to fight for what she believes in.

And why wouldn't she be? She didn't have much to lose. 

For the sake of her career, Amy had to keep a low profile when she accepted the job as store manager. But after Mateo was detained during an ICE raid, Amy decided to follow her heart and put everything on the line. 

That's why taking a job at corporate, originally, seemed a bit like character regression. 

Let's be honest. Amy wouldn't take a corporate job if Superstore didn't need a way to write her off of the show.

Suspicious - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

She might consider it and end up in a moral dilemma, but she would, ultimately, turn it down. 

However, Superstore was able to pull it if off in a way that felt almost believable. 

I'm qualified for this job because I have 17 years of experience, and I know everything there is to know about our customers. But, if all you're looking for is somebody with a spicy last name, then I suggest you keep looking.


Amy has always wanted to move up in her career, and she was able to call Zephra out on their racism while still being offered the opportunity. 

Therefore, her accepting the job wasn't something that came out of left-field. 

Jonah and Amy's argument was a necessary evil. While it wasn't fun to watch the beloved couple be so stern with each other, it was something that had to happen for them to move forward. 

Sneaking Away - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

If Jonah didn't call Amy out and she wasn't able to justify her reasoning for taking the position, there would have been a lot of pent up resentment and miscommunication between them. 

Jonah: You got the job?
Amy: I got the job.

It also seemed a bit questionable that Jonah would be able to support Amy's decision, but if there's one thing viewers know about Jonah, is that he loves Amy above all else. 

The position is a great opportunity for her, and even if it means abandoning his own morals, Jonah will want what's best for Amy. 

Because Jonah's feelings for Amy, even before they became a couple, have always been such a huge part of of the series, his choices made sense.

Of course, Jonah plans to move to California with Amy. He has no reason not to. 

Smelly Suit - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

Jonah and Amy live together, and she and her kids have become his family.

Unless they break up, which I can't see happening after that ending, Jonah would never willingly stay behind without her. 

Amy: So, you don't think I'm selling out?
Jonah: I think you're right. You gotta do this.
Amy: Well, I appreciate that. But there's so much to think about. I mean, there's the kids, and what am I going to do about Emma's school? Then there's this guy that I'm seeing in St. Louis...
Jonah: Well, maybe that guy you're seeing should just go with you.
Amy: Oh. Wow. You mean he would just move to California? For me?
Jonah: Yeah. I mean, why should you be the only one gets a taste of that sweet public transpo?
Amy: Yeah, but their water resource management is...
Jonah: I can overlook it.
Amy: Okay. Yeah. Let's move to California together.

But Ben Feldman isn't leaving the show, which means Jonah won't be leaving Cloud 9 quite yet. 

There are ways in which Superstore could pull it off, but they'd have to come up with something big that forces Jonah to stay in town. 

Now that Amy's out, someone will have to take over as manager, and Jonah might fit the bill.

Undercover  - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

Yet, it wouldn't be realistic for Jonah to be apart from Amy to continue working for a corporation he hates, so there has to be another piece to the puzzle. 

Thankfully, Amy and Jonah's story isn't over yet, as America Ferrera has confirmed that she will be back to wrap up Amy's plotline. 

But what will happen when the series returns for its sixth season?

In a typical Superstore fashion, we have no idea what's to come. 

It's your turn, Superstore fans! What did you think of "California Part 1"?

Was it a satisfying finale, given the circumstances?

What do you think will prevent Jonah from leaving Cloud 9?

And what did you think of the season overall?

Drop a comment down below, and let us know your thoughts and predictions! And don't forget that if you missed the episode, you can watch Superstore online right here at TV Fanatic!

California Part 1 Review

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

I'm qualified for this job because I have 17 years of experience, and I know everything there is to know about our customers. But, if all you're looking for is somebody with a spicy last name, then I suggest you keep looking.


Jonah: You got the job?
Amy: I got the job.