The 100: Everything We Would Like To See Happen In Season 7

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There are theories and expectations for The 100 Season 7, but while we covered the friendships that we deserve to see, we haven't touched everything else. Literally, everything else that fans want to see. Every single thing.

When a show ends, it is all about reflecting on both the journey and the destination, meaning it is just as much about looking back as it is about looking forward. 


And with The 100, its fanbase has to have an opinion on what they would like to see explored and resolved one last time.

As we all wait for a trailer to give us even a small glimpse at what may be coming our way soon, here is a wishlist of everything we know we want to happen in the last season.

The Fan Version of a Happy Ending


When discussing the final season of The 100, Jason Rothenberg brought up that the ending would be their version of a happy ending. It isn't that reassuring since it sounds like the "essence" of the show hasn't even been revealed to the audience yet. Whether that's true or whether it's an attempt to pretend previous seasons didn't create a theme is still unclear.

So this then becomes us questioning what a quality happy ending would look like when most pieces of the puzzle just weren't revealed for the past six seasons.

This is why the definition of a happy ending should be derived from the audience that went on that seven-season journey, figuring out the theme and what the destination should look like along the way. But what a truly happy ending should look like is just ... happy.

Romance, Romance, and Romance 


Happiness can come from many places, but romance is definitely the main one. It is also something that the show doesn't always allow itself to explore fully or most of the time.

That creates a lot of shortcomings when suddenly, romance is the driving force for a decision or a plot choice.

But also, the characters are people. They aren't only pawns in one big chess game. So people deserve just to be and to find happiness with one another during all the chaos. 

It is the love between Harper and Monty that really showed their friends (and us) how to live, and we only deserve more and more of that. Which romance are you firmly here for?

The Bellarke Full Circle


Speaking of romance, we're back at our favorite place because there is no The 100 without Bellamy and Clarke. So frankly, talking about the final season of the show doesn't work unless you talk about the heart of the story.

There is no conclusion to The 100 without exploring every aspect of the Bellamy and Clarke relationship, especially when we consider how far they have come. 

Their story is far from over, and everyone is ready for that final ride. Whatever The 100 throws at its leads one last time, the only way they will be able to handle it is if they do it together. 

All the Bellarke nostalgia. All the Bellarke parallels. All the Bellarke feelings. All Bellarke, all season long. (Also Bellamy and Clarke should kiss and become canon. No misinterpretation in sight.)

Relationships Make It All Better


Beyond romance, though, is just relationships all on their own. The way the characters interact with one another drives the plot of the show. 

It is all about everyone finding time to just be with one another. Everyone is going on one journey into the next journey, but they are always in some sort of group, and their interactions deserve to be explored.

One last time.

What relationship are you looking to see more of?

Focus on The Characters That Deserve It


There are probably countless characters that have existed on the show, without truly getting to exist in the way they deserve. More screen time. More storylines. 

It makes sense that sometimes it is limited because of outside logistics, but with it being the last season, the show should pull out all the stops. Because no matter what, there are a few characters that exist and yet aren't allowed to be any more than that.

Examples like Jordan and Gaia come to mind, with all their scenes proving why they should be explored more. The interest is there, so hopefully, the show will deliver that one last time.

Which character do you need The 100 to focus on more during its last season?

Conversations of Every Kind


Give. Characters. The. Chance. To. Speak. Some of the most powerful moments on the show came from people just talking. So much gets ignored or forgotten because there is "no time to talk," but that is just not true.

Time can be made for what matters and allowing the characters to not only rush towards the next big plot. But also to allow themselves to process everything they are put through matters.

We deserve to hear Clarke process how she almost got killed by Josephine taking over her body and her mind. We deserve to hear Bellamy's struggles to exist as his own person, especially with his sister disappearing in front of his eyes.

We deserve to hear Raven mourning Abby dying in front of her eyes. We deserve to have all the characters mourn for those they lost and find comfort in one another. What conversation needs to happen in your opinion during Season 7?

A Nostalgic Sprinkle On Top


I'll just say it. Hit me with a train full of nostalgia and memories of the essence of The 100.

We deserve to be destroyed by all the mentions, parallels, and throwbacks to what made the show what it was for so many fans. Past moments, events, and storylines are all the reasons that The 100 Season 7 exists that way that it does.

So for this last season, we are all expecting the show to find continual ways to bring it all back together.

What are you hoping The 100 revisits?

A Moment of Happiness Somewhere Out There


Let's take a second to look at the Wells gif again. Now that we are back, life isn't all about impossible choices and never-ending pain. There shouldn't just be talk of hope; it should be able to exist.

It even exists in characters like Jordan Green, someone who represents the chance to do better and to bring about happiness.

But there has to be an effort to allow for that, and even to have that be part of the ending for the show. If hope has been mentioned all this time, only not to be the end of this story? What has been the point?

Hope and misery can't coexist. What moments of happiness are you eager to see?

Justice For No One In Particular and Yet All The Originals At Once


Call it a feeling or call it an assumption, but The 100 needs to come through for its characters. Even more, the show needs to come through for those characters that have been there from the start.

Luckily there aren't that many left, so it shouldn't be as overwhelming. And while we are here discussing this topic anyway, Bellamy Blake deserves better.

For no reason at all, it feels like the perfect time to mention that Bellamy gave his heart and soul into The 100. The show wouldn't be what it was if it wasn't for Bellamy, and that is a different kind of respect that needs to be offered to a character like him.

This is a discussion that has been brought up before, but yet it feels like it needs to be mentioned again. Let's all hope that The 100 does right by the original representation of the show's vision. Which original character are you hoping gets their proper happy ending?

Answers To Every Single Question Ever


Throwing out questions and concepts left and right means giving us answers at some point. That point is here.

There is no way to avoid it now that the story is coming to an end, so now is the time for everything to come together. And this isn't even about just Sanctum, and what we learned along the way about the new planet, it is everything that keeps coming back from Earth and now the Anomaly.

Presumably, there are hints of something extra leading back to the first season, cashing in on that just makes sense.

What are some answers you would like to have from the show?

Scenery Magic


From a visual perspective, The 100 offers such a beautiful and remarkable vision. The cinematography can truly be on another level, and even if we don't mention spoilers, there is so much room for more in the last season.

A new planet always means the chance to push the boundaries of what has been possible so far. 

Even the Anomaly allows so much room for the show to explore the new and the beautiful. The directing aspect of The 100 is always so unique; it's probably confirmed that this last season will blow us away visually. What visuals are you excited to see?

The Humor Highlight


There isn't exactly time for jokes when every season faces a new self-contained war and a race against the clock. But that is what makes the moments of sarcasm and humor that much better. 

The banter between the characters is where that possibility exists, and if we are going on one last adventure with them, then hopefully that easy-going humor can shine through.

Fans deserve it between all the angst of saying goodbye to their favorite show.

Which character do you hope gets more time to find their humor?

Less Plastic To Save The Planet


For the past few seasons, The 100 has struggled with a plastic issue. That plastic issue just happens to be the way aspects like the flame, or now the Sanctum USB resurfaces only to create conflict at the last minute, without actually adding something new to the story.

As much chaos as this technology can cause, there is so much potential on a new planet. Other aspects of a new world are worth exploring, so it feels a bit repetitive to end up with the same issue that they just escaped.

The technology behind the flame will be used, no question. But the hope is that since it is used, maybe there is room to use it instead of allowing it to distract truly.

Are you hoping Sanctum learns to recycle in the last season?

Surprising Shocking Twists


The best kinds of storylines are the ones are organic, and that can still surprise its audience. The 100 has the upper hand when it comes to introducing new elements that their fans aren't expecting, so with a final season, those expectations get kicked up into high gear.

If the last season is going to give all the answers, then even the act of everything coming together should be shocking.

Basically, the show needs to take it to another level when it comes to blowing our minds one last time.

What have been your favorite twists in The 100 history?

Picasso The Great


There is no final season if Picasso isn't there to celebrate.

His owner(s) went through a bit of a rough journey, so Russell may not have the time to really shower him with love, which is why this might be the perfect time for Picasso to be adopted by someone else, like Madi.

He could offer comfort to her after everything that happened during The 100 Season 6, and in return, we could see two of our favorite characters relax in the last season. 

There is no The 100 without Picasso now. How much do you love Picasso?

Familiar Faces in Unexpected Places?


Some theories shouldn't be discussed (yet), and then there are those that have to be thrown out there.

Without going into spoilers of what we do know already about the Anomaly and how it will come into play, instead, we will focus on what we would like to see. So far, from the episodes, we have seen, not everything is clear on how the Anomaly works.

But we do know that it plays with time if Diyoza went in there pregnant and then a few days later her daughter appeared as an adult. This doesn't exactly connect with possibly exploring those characters that aren't around anymore, but why can't it?

The show got away with it during The 100 Season 6 Episode 7, so consider this us pushing our boundaries to see if that can happen again. If the Anomaly really can access time in a way we have never seen, the options are endless, and the beginning could be the past.

It is also probably important to throw out there that Hope was decked out in Grounder lite attire and that the "he" that has her mother could very well be Sheidheda. That touches too much on a past world not to linger for a few more past favorites.

Or, if nothing else, the other characters could go through what Octavia did with confronting their past in their minds.

Which character would you love to see come back somehow?

Would you like to see all of this during Season 7? Or is there a specific something you want to make sure happens? What else would you like to see in the final season? Which characters do you hope will get more screentime? Which ships would you like to see explored?

What are some of the theories you have for the final season? Give us all the specifics! 

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The 100 Season 7 will be coming back May 20, 2020, on The CW at 8 PM.

Stick around TV Fanatic for more features, interviews, slideshows, episode previews, and reviews of the upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure one final time.

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