When Calls the Heart's Kavan Smith Dishes Lee's Growing Family, Love for Rosey, and a Family ... Plane?!

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On every episode of When Calls the Heart, Kavan Smith lovingly brings to life Lee Coulter, successful businessman, wonderful friend, and caring husband.

We had the chance to lob some questions at the kind gentleman, and his answers are sure to bring a smile your face while we anxiously await When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 10, the season finale!

Find out what he shared with us below, and tune into the finale Sunday, April 25 at 8/7c, and join us here afterward for a full review of the episode.

Leland Grins in Hope Valley - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 1

Lee is finally getting some family. How much will reconnecting with his sister change him?

I love that Lee is finally starting to fill in some of his past. I’m hoping the sister is just the start. Its not easy playing a character with such a vague background.

I’ve made up some things in my head over the years but then the writers would drop something in that would completely ruin what I’d come up with.

I’d love to explore his past and his origins some more. Would love to see why Lee is always so chipper. What were his struggles? The family is obviously the best place to start.

But then I’d love to follow his life after he left his family. Where did he learn business? Friends from his past. What specifically brought him to Hope Valley? These are the things I’d love to explore in more detail as the series progresses (fingers crossed)

Churchgoers - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 3

Despite Rosemary's longing for a family, Lee's never offered any suggestions to their dilemma. Do you think his painful youth had anything to do with that?

I think that even though Lee and Rosey are very open and have a warm and caring relationship I think it’s sometimes hard to broach certain things, even for a close couple.

I think Lee sometimes feels that he wants so much to make Rosey happy but in this one regard he feels a bit helpless. Certainly his fractured family and history of loss could make it harder for Lee to talk about kids but I think it’s more than just that.

I really think part of it is that he’s trying to be gentle. I know several couples in my personal life that have had a very hard time conceiving and the weight of that struggle is very hard on them.

Of course, there are options but I think it’s hard to move on to those other options. It takes time.

Leland Needs Dog - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 7

With their association with the women from “When Hope Calls” and the orphanage, why do you think Lee and Rosemary haven't yet considered adoption?

I myself love the idea of Lee and Rosey adopting a child (or maybe even children) from the orphanage. I’ve tried hard to push for that very thing. I think even adopting older kids could be very interesting. Kids that might otherwise slip through the system.

Lee and Rosey have a lot of love to give and there are so many kids out there that really need what they’ve got to offer.

I haven’t been told NO. But I haven’t been told YES either. Truth is I don’t have the foggiest clue as to which way Lee and Rosey’s family will grow. But I wait with bated breath.

Leland on a Mission - When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 4

Lee and Rosemary have been responsible for bringing many modern advances to Hope Valley from the automobile to sunglasses. In what other ways would you like them to help usher in change to the valley?

I love that Lee and Rosey are in part responsible for the ushering in of modernity. But I think that even more that the material things, I love that they have what feels like to me is a modern marriage.

Sure, it’s still traditional, etc., but its built on equality and respect and kindness. I love that Rosey often takes the lead and wears the pants so to speak. And I love that Lee is comfortable and secure with that.

And I also think that Lee should buy a plane. That would be so cool.

When Calls the Heart's Lee Coulter

Trying to throw a bachelor party for the men in town proved difficult for them. What else should the men do besides playing cards and tossing back a few beers together?

I never had a bachelor party. It’s not really my thing. So, I’m not the best person to answer this question. But if I had to maybe the guys go fishing. Or play some horseshoes.

What part of Lee's journey have you most enjoyed, and what would you like to see him explore in the future?

I love that Lee has found his place. He ended up where he was supposed to be. And he is fulfilled by that. He’s a lucky man. He has a good life. The obvious answer here is to see where the family ends up. How will that look?

I loved showing up in town on the motorcycle. I wish they’d bring that back. Maybe we do what feels like a flashback. Lee drives into town again and does that little circle. Only this time Rosey is waiting for him when he stops, and they kiss.

Kavan Smith as Lee Coulter - When Calls the Heart

You and Pascale also starred together in The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells. What plans do you have to further continue your WCTH relationship within the Hallmark family?

As a matter of fact, Pascale and I have a new movie in development with Hallmark Channel and hope to shoot it soon. Obviously larger and far more serious things are afoot in the world.

To that end I just want to say to everyone out there, take care, be safe and above all be good to one another. With any luck before long we’ll get back to shooting WCTH and maybe this movie we have in development. Thanks for being the greatest fans ever.

If you could give one piece of advice to Lee, what would it be?

Invest in IBM.


That's it for Kavan, you guys. But we have more upcoming Q&As with Pascale Hutton, Chris McNally, Kevin McGarry, and Erin Krakow, so keep your eyes on TV Fanatic for the latest.

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