Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 5-04-20: Scorned Women Fight Back

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The scorned women of Salem are fighting back.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-04-20, three women fight for what they want, and not always in the most ethical ways.

While Kayla will undoubtedly use her words to try to deal with Hope being with Steve, Sarah will get violent, and Gabi will plant a kiss on Jake that he may not want.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 5-04-20

The official Days of Our Lives spoiler video suggests Sarah will stop at nothing to hold onto a baby that doesn't belong to her.

She first begs Rex not to call the cops on her, then knocks him out and ties him up.

Ugh. Sarah just got through complaining that Kristen is too unstable to have custody of a baby. But now she's doing the same thing.

I hope Kate gets wind of this and teams up with Kristen against Sarah. She deserves to be knocked down off her hypocritical high horse now that she's become yet another woman on Days of Our Lives who does whatever she feels like because she's angry.

The spoiler video also contains scenes of Kayla complaining to someone about Hope and Gabi kissing Jake.

Steve moved in with Hope. That pisses me off.


Kayla appears to be the more mature of the two, though she isn't talking directly to Hope.

Although Steve's behavior has been somewhat juvenile, both Kayla and Justin have acted like adults throughout this love triangle, and it's a refreshing change from most such stories.

Gabi, on the other hand... well, she's gonna be Gabi.

Gabi Kisses Jake/Tall - Days of Our Lives

I get that she thinks Jake is her late husband, but come on. You don't kiss people without permission. 

This happens too much on TV, especially on soaps. But it's not romantic and it's not cool to kiss someone who doesn't want it.

Jake: I've never seen you before.
[Gabi kisses Jake.]
Jake: You taking any prescription medication?

Jake's reaction doesn't seem any better, though. Wisecracks about someone needing to be on psych meds are insulting to many people who live with mental illness, so let's not go there.

In addition to the spoiler video, Days of Our Lives has released 10 spoiler photos for the week of 5-04-20. Check them out below and let us know what you think.

Pleading With Rex - Days of Our Lives

Sarah pleads with Rex to keep her secret.

This is why announcing in front of someone that you're calling the cops on them is a bad idea.

If Sarah just kept it to pleading, this would be a lot more tolerable. It will probably be annoying to hear her whine and beg and make herself the victim, but at least it wouldn't be heading toward unnecessary violence.

Unfortunately, we know from the spoiler video that Sarah's pleas will fall on deaf ears and that she will take Rex hostage when all else fails.

Let's hope this awful story is short-lived and that it's better on-screen than it sounds on paper.

Giving Devastating News - Days of Our Lives

Xander breaks devastating news to Maggie.

No, he's probably not telling her about the baby switch or that Sarah is missing. He still wants to protect Sarah, after all.

Most likely, Xander's taken it upon himself to tell Maggie that Victor has been stabbed and that Brady was arrested for it.

These should be emotional scenes. Xander and Maggie share a special bond, though Maggie knows that Sarah broke things off with Xander, so she might not want to talk to him.

Helping Kristen Escape - Days of Our Lives

Lani helps Kristen track down Sarah's location.

If only Kristen hadn't stabbed Victor, this might be a compelling story.

Lani and Kristen's friendship is fun and spices up Lani's otherwise dull character.

And if all Kristen wanted was to get her baby back from a kidnapper, Lani would be justified in helping her.

But further spoilers indicate that Lani's first act as a newly-reinstated cop is going to be helping a murderer escape arrest. Ick.

Intimidating Sonny - Days of Our Lives

Zoey attempts to intimidate Sonny as he prepares to testify against Christian.

I was wondering if Zoey was good or evil, and I guess I've got my answer.

This is disappointing news, and I'm going to be beyond disgusted if Sonny gives in to a non-credible threat like everyone else on Days of Our Lives.

Besides, the sooner Christian goes to jail and is off our screens, the better. He is not an interesting character despite his history with Marlena.

Sarah Opens Up - Days of Our Lives - Days of Our Lives

Sarah opens up to Rex about Maggie's role in Mackenzie's death.

No wonder Sarah ends up kidnapping Rex. He knows too much!

If Sarah were to decide to hook up with Rex again now that she's done with Xander, telling him the full story would make sense.

But now she's telling him everything when he isn't ever going to cooperate with hiding her from the cops. 

This bad move proves that Xander was right about Sarah being in over her head with this and needing an experienced criminal like him to help her.

Gabi Kisses Jake - Days of Our Lives

Gabi kisses Jake!

Gabi thinks Jake is Stefan and will stop at nothing to prove it.

While I don't like Jake's reaction, judging from the spoiler video, I don't blame him for thinking she's out of her mind.

As actor Brandon Barash noted about this, Jake doesn't know who Gabi is, and she's insisting he's her husband, and that has to seem crazy to him.

I just hope Jake turns out to be a lookalike and not a brainwashed but alive Stefan. We've had more than enough doppelganger stories.

Hope and Steve Bond - Days of Our Lives

Hope and Steve bond while trying to put Gina and Stevano behind them.

I agree with Kayla's assessment of this. It's pissing me off too.

Hope and Steve are great as friends, but that doesn't mean they should be lovers.

It won't last. Eventually, Steve and Kayla will be back together, and Hope will be heartbroken and alone...again.

And both of these people should be talking to Marlena about their guilt to help them get past it, not leaning on each other.

Ciara Tends to Ben - Days of Our Lives

Ciara tends to an injured Ben.

What happened to Ben this time?

He and Ciara are always getting injured and having to take care of each other.

Hopefully, this time it's part of a bigger story than Ciara playing nurse, and it leading to a lot of sex. 

If Ben gets attacked by some bad guy looking for Jake, at least that would tie into Jake's backstory and be somewhat interesting.

Lani Explains Herself - Days of Our Lives

Lani explains to a furious Eli why she helped Kristen escape.

Eli shouldn't be the only one furious about this.

Highly moral Abe has a weakness when it comes to his daughter. He's looked the other way too many times already, but this time he should read her the riot act.

There's no excuse for Lani helping Kristen escape. Yes, they both know the pain of losing a baby, but that doesn't mean Kristen shouldn't be made to answer for trying to kill Victor.

Sarah's Plans Hit a Snag - Days of Our Lives

Sarah's plans hit a snag.

Of course they do. 

It looks like Sarah is going to spend most of the week making a bizarre play for Rex's sympathy, only to turn on him when it doesn't work.

How exactly is she better suited than Kristen to be a mother to this baby?

Sarah will likely not do jail time when she's finally caught -- "good" characters rarely do in Salem -- but she is out of control and the cops can't catch up with her fast enough for me.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

What are you looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-04-20? Is there anything you're dreading?

Hit the SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts.

Days of Our Lives continues to air on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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