Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 5-25-20: Love Is In The Air

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Love is definitely in the air on Days of Our Lives.

Head writer Ron Calivarti promised viewers four weddings during the summer, and Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 5-25-20 tell us who they are.

This should be exciting news for passionate fans of several couples...assuming the weddings all work out, of course.

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 5-25-20

The official spoiler video is probably one of the most romantic, soapy trailers Days of Our Lives has put out in a while.

It starts with the scene some Ericole fans have been waiting a lifetime for: Eric proposing to Nicole.

I've waited half my life to marry this man.


This is the second time Eric has proposed to Nicole in recent years. Let's hope this time no stupid scheme messes things up.

Eric and Nicole are not the only ship getting airtime during the week of 5-25-20, as the spoiler video also contains clips of Steve telling John he's going to go after Kayla and Eli and Lani awaiting pregnancy test results together.

There's plenty of romance to go around, which is a welcome departure from the past.

Days of Our Lives has been short on romance and overly focused on kidnappings and other violent stories lately, and everything's been doom-and-gloom for months.

So hopefully, these romantic stories will add some more lightheartedness, love, and fun back to Salem and make viewers more eager to turn on the TV every afternoon.

Days of Our Lives also says goodbye to Kate Mansi's Abigail and takes steps toward wrapping up the Orpheus storyline during the week of 5-25-20.

Check out the official spoiler photos below and let us know what you think.

An Ericole Engagement - Days of Our Lives

Eric asks Nicole to marry him!

Ericole fans: this is your week.

Eric and Nicole's engagement is probably one of the longest-awaited Days of Our Lives events. Some fans have shipped this on-and-off couple for over 20 years.

Eric's proposal looks to be incredibly romantic, so let's hope it lives up to the hype and that this time Eric and Nicole make it to the altar.

Searching for David - Days of Our Lives

Hope and Rafe desperately search for David.

Find him, please.

It would be a terrible ending if that cute little toddler was stuck with Orpheus as his permanent guardian or worse, got caught in the crossfire of some sort of standoff.

Of course, it would have helped if the cops did less standing around and more police work earlier, but either way, we need a happy ending here.

I just hope that happy ending doesn't include Hope and Rafe reconciling. I'd much rather Rafe and his archenemy Zoey give it a try after working together to catch Orpheus.

Orpheus' Last Trick - Days of Our Lives

Orpheus has one last trick up his sleeve for John and Marlena.

Uh oh. This sounds ominous.

It would be great if Orpheus' last trick was disappearing and leaving John and Marlena alone, but that's too easy.

Hopefully, his trick won't involve hurting David or making him disappear. 

Also, I've had enough of these magic drug storylines, so I'm praying that whatever this is doesn't involve injecting anyone with weird serums.

Eli Proposes Again - Days of Our Lives

Eli proposes to Lani.

I love Sal Stowers' hair in this photo!

This is the least exciting of the upcoming weddings, though.

Lani has a ton more chemistry with Kristen than she does with Eli, and their last wedding ended in disaster because Lani lacked the backbone to stand up to Gabi.

From the video, it looks like Lani might be pregnant again, too. It's ridiculous that she and Eli didn't use protection after the last accidental pregnancy, especially if the reason they decide to marry is that they're having another kid together.

Abigail Says Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

Abigail shares a heartfelt goodbye with her parents before leaving for Florida.

Jack and Jennifer will be sad to see Abigail go, I'm sure.

It's too bad that JJ is no longer on Days of Our Lives. His absence left a definite hole in this storyline, especially since we didn't even get any one-sided phone calls letting him know that his sister was seriously ill.

And since Kate Mansi has left the cast, Abigail will likely be gone a while.

So at least her treatment will take a reasonable amount of time, unlike the quickie cure she had when she was institutionalized for Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Jack Lays Into Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Jack lays into Gabi.

Poor Gabi is so innocent and is getting blamed so unfairly. NOT!

She probably didn't drug Abigail, but she deserves the wrath of the Deveraux family.

She has been horrible to Abby for months and thinks that her previous good deed (saving JJ's life) gives her license to act however she wants now.

No one slings an insult quite like Jack Deveraux, either, so this should be good. Who has the popcorn?

Asking Adrienne's Permission - Days of Our Lives

Justin visits Adrienne's grave and asks her permission to marry Kayla.

This is one wedding that probably isn't going to end well.

Justin still isn't over Adrienne's death, Kayla is half in love with Steve no matter what she says, and Steve is going to finally decide to fight for Kayla.

Wally Kurth has been hitting Justin's grief scenes out of the park, though, so these will be tissue-worthy scenes.

But still, does anyone think Justin is going to end up with Kayla in the end? Cause I sure don't.

Another Dangerous Situation - Days of Our Lives

Ciara helps Ben out of another dangerous situation.

Now what? When these two aren't having sex, they're rescuing each other.

This probably has to do with shady Jake and those goons who were after him before. Since they think Ben is Jake, nothing stops them from beating him up again.

It's great there's some mystery here, but can Days of Our Lives please find something else for Ben and Ciara to do?

Xander Confronts Brady - Days of Our Lives

Xander confronts Brady about stabbing him in the back.

And Brady will probably say some stupid thing about how Xander made Kristen stab Victor in the heart.

I never thought I'd be Team Xander, but I'm totally on his side with this one.

Yes, what Xander and Victor did had serious consequences for a number of people, and Brady was one of them, but that doesn't excuse this self-righteous, obnoxious attitude on Brady's part.

Brady is coming off like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum, and the sooner he cuts it out, the better. Put him in his place, Xander!

John Rips Into Victor - Days of Our Lives

John rips into Victor for what he did to Brady.

John and Victor have a long history. Isabella was Victor's daughter, after all, and her and John's love story was cut tragically short by her cancer.

So John's anger will mean a lot to Victor.

But still, something seems cruel about berating an old man who can  barely speak after having been stabbed in the heart.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

What are you looking forward to? What can you do without?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know what you think about these spoilers.

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