Dynasty Season 3 Report Card: Most Shocking Moment, Best Couple, and Best Team-Up

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There was no shortage of drama on Dynasty Season 3 with the introduction of Cristal 3.0 and Alexis 2.0. 

The season also explored expected soap tropes including amnesia, kidnapping, a long-lost child, and a crazy stalker. 

Squads All Here - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14

Dull moments are a rarity in the Carrington household, but on the occasion where a storyline falls a bit flat, we ride it out because we know it's usually followed by jaw-dropping, over-the-top twists that leave us aching for more.

Even after three seasons, the series hasn't lost its spark as it puts betrayal, manipulation, and jealousy at the forefront of each episode and continues to be a guilty Friday night pleasure. 

Let's break down some of the best, worst, and favorite moments of Dynasty Season 3. 

Your Kid Is Here? - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14

Best Character: Fallon 

There is no Dynasty without Fallon. She runs the show, no, scratch that, she carries the show on her back. Liz Gillies was made for the role of Fallon, and as season's progress, that only becomes more evident. 

We look forward to her charismatic approach to any situation, her witty one-liners always infuse the episode with laughter, and we've enjoyed watching her grow into a more rooted character through her romance with Liam and her desire to step out of Blake's shadow. 

Stepmom Fallon - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14

Worst Character: Cristal

Surprisingly, it’s not Adam Carrington. It’s hard to specify a “worst character” on a show where everyone has an ugly side and they all do terrible things to each other to get ahead.

Blake technically should’ve taken the title considering he got away with murder, cheated on his wife, and then put his business ventures above their relationship when it was already strained, however, it’s expected of him. 

Instead, Cristal takes the honor. She plotted to kill Alexis and almost got her brother killed in the process, she tried to become a better person and ended up sleeping with a priest, and she blamed Blake for the breakup of their marriage without acknowledging the role she played in it. 

Revenge Served with Ice Cold Champagne - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14

Most Shocking Moment: Cristal sleeping with a priest 

It may have been one of Cristal's lowest moments, but it was also one of the most shocking!  Who would have thought that Cristal would get down and dirty with a man of God in the bedroom she shares with her husband, Blake?

She ended things with Father Collins because the guilt was unbearable, but it cannot be the last we've seen of him. No one ever goes away that quietly on Dynasty. My perfect twist? She's pregnant with his child!

Mrs. Carrington  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

Storyline That Was Finally Addressed: Liam’s kid

Fans have been waiting to meet Liam's child since he was first mentioned a few season's back. Connor finally made an appearance at the worst possible time following Liam and Fallon's engagement. They can never just get a moment of happiness to themselves. 

After Liam bonded with Connor and Fallon developed a relationship with the child, Heidi came clean and revealed that it wasn't his kid on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 15. Connor was Liam's step-brother -- a product of Heidi's love affair with Liam's father. 

Can you say, "dodged a bullet."

Baby Momma Drama - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14

Funniest Storyline: Moldovia kidnapping

The Moldavia kidnapping on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19 was the most outlandish storyline but that's what made it so funny. It was also enjoyable to see all the men working together towards a common goal, plus, Sammy was a drugged-out hoot. 

The episode kept you on your toes because it wasn’t clear where things were going to go or how they would turn around for Blake and Anders. 

The bachelorette party on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 20 would be a close second because it was a blast watching them retrace their steps to figure out what happened while they were blackout drunk. 

Trapped in Moldavia - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19

Best Couple: Liam and Fallon 

This one is a no-brainer. The fans love Liam and Fallon and for good reason, the couple has managed to overcome a lot in their relationship. 

They may have lost each other there for a moment (and Liam's amnesia caused him to briefly forget Fallon), but they found their way back to each other and more importantly, fought for each other. Their relationship grows stronger with each episode.

Liam accepts Fallon for who she is and never tries to change her, and she's never been so vulnerable around anyone else. 

We didn't get the intended finale with their (second) wedding, but we'll patiently wait until season 4.

Mom and Dad  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 17

Popular Soap Trope: Liam’s amnesia

You cannot have a nighttime soap without some popular tropes including amnesia.

Liam’s amnesia took up a significant chunk of the first half of the season. Not only did we get some fun scenes of Fallon making an absolute fool of herself as she tried every romantic gesture to help Liam remember, but it also allowed the writers to introduce Evan while escalating the tension between Fallon and Laura Van Kirk. 

And it was so rewarding to see Liam finally remember his love story with Fallon.

Grand Gesture - Dynasty

Best Team-Up: Toss-up between Adam and Liam AND Culhane and Kirby

Who would have thought that by the end of the season, Adam and Liam would've been working side-by-side and vibing pretty well as they teamed up to save Blake and Anders from a Moldavian prison? 

Liam is clearly a firm believer of "forgive and forget," even when it means forgiving the psycho who once tried to kill you. 

Coming in at a close second is exes Culhane and Kirby, who worked together to take down Dominique and Vanessa after they used Culhane to gain popularity and good PR.

I've Got a Plan  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13

Character That Needs to Go: Dominique

Now that Dominique doesn't have a reality show and her daughter fired her as her manager, can she pack up and go back to New York or wherever she came from?

Unless they offer her a better storyline that will make her an essential part of the cast and integrated into the storylines, Dominique has no redeeming qualities and doesn't even bring any good drama. 

Wicked - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14

Worst Couple: Adam and Kirby

If the Dynasty writers were going for the most unexpected couple, then, by all means, Kirby and Adam fit the bill. But who thought it was a good idea to involve them romantically especially when Kirby and Culhane still have so much unresolved chemistry?!

There's no passion between Kirby and Adam. She basically had to convince him to date her and keeps pushing this relationship that he's not all that into. It's demeaning to Kirby since she's such a strong character who constantly falls back on dumb choices. 

And after telling Adam that Anders believes he shoved Alexis's face into the fire, she put herself and her father in danger. 

They're Dating Now - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

Most Character Growth: Adam

Surprisingly, Adam had the most character growth this season. 

Up until the final few episodes, Adam was making significant progress on becoming a better person. 

Adam went through a lot this season with the loss of his eyesight and being Colby's liver donor. He wanted to put all of his sins behind him and turn over a new leaf, and while it was fun while it lasted, he was dragged back down the wrong path following Blake's betrayal in Moldavia and will continue spiraling now that Anders is onto him about what happened to Alexis. 

It was nice knowing you, sane Adam. 

What Will You Do? - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

Best Badass: Kirby

Kirby is still making the same bad decisions she made previously, which is why I wouldn't say she's most improved, but she did find a way to stand up for herself multiple times, which was fun and inspiring to watch. 

She bounced back from her short-lived time with a cult, thank god! 

When Adam's manager threatened to fire his for stealing drugs unless he slept with her, Kirby threatened to expose Cristal's adultery unless she told Dr. Bailey to step back.

And she teamed up with Culhane to bring down Dominique for using him. Both times, we were able to see how incredibly strong Kirby could be if she stopped letting her insecurities get the best of her. 

Bolder than Before  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18

Most Romantic Moment: Liam remembers

When Liam remembered Fallon on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6, it was one of the most romantic and epic #Falliam moments! What made the moment so great was that his grand gesture called back to their divorce party, an episode where she first recognized the extent of her feelings for him. 

Once again, they were in a room surrounded by people but all they saw was each other. 

True Love - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6

Resident Crazy: Evan

If you watch Dynasty online, you know that since the series ended prematurely, we never got to see Evan’s evil plan in action, but I am guessing it was going to come to fruition at Fallon and Liam’s wedding. 

Stalkers and obsessive types aren't new to the world of Dynasty, but Evan takes it to a whole new level as he pines over Fallon. He even tried to prove his worth to her by staging a situation in which he could swoop in and be the hero. 

It's unclear what he's envisioning as his perfect outcome, but it doesn't bode well for Fallon and Liam, who is Evan's biggest obstacle. 

Evan Tate

Grade: B- 

There were a few hiccups and some storylines that didn't bring the level of drama we've come to expect, but overall, the twists never stopped coming. There were dangerous alliances, rise and falls of great romances, and even a return to Blake's pride and joy, Carrington Atlantic. 

The season didn't get to end the way it intended to, but that simply means we have more to look forward to when the series returns! 

What did you think of Dynasty Season 3?

What were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments! 

Lizzy Buczak was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in June 2021..

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