Good Girls Round Table: Boredom, Cars, and Hot Tubs

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The authorities are closing in. 

Ruby tried to do a good thing on Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10, but it could wind up being the thing that brings her and the ladies down for good. 

Join TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Lizzy Buczak, and Whitney Evans as they discuss this and the other big reveals from the hour. 

Good Girls Round Table

1. Is opening the hot tub store a good thing for Beth? Or do you see it leading to more problems?

Jasmine: This is Good Girls. EVERYTHING leads to more problems. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like what this does for Dean. He needs this, and when Rio inevitably gets involved with this business too, maybe the tension between those two could be something refreshing.

I don't know. This does feel like a rehash of the dealership storyline, though.

Lizzy: What Jasmine said. You know this is going to be trouble, especially since it seems like the FBI is closing in on them. This whole season feels like a rehash of former seasons. If it didn't go well the last time, chances are, it's not going to go well this time.

Henry Works - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Whitney: Everything feels like a variation of something we’ve already seen, so it’s hard to imagine there will be a different outcome this time around. Though I do agree that it gives Dean something to do, and if we’re stuck with Dean, at least make him relevant to the other plots.

2. Should Ruby have bought the car for Carl and Jenny?

Jasmine: No! I definitely can relate to Ruby's guilt and being a total softy and sucker here, but the moment Jenny basically used her child's death to manipulate the Hills, it would have been a wrap.

They were not sympathetic when that happened, and at least put themselves in such a poor light that Ruby should have realized making amends with the universe wouldn't work with them. Buying the car has just placed all of them in the crosshairs with the authorities.

Phoebe Relaxes - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Lizzy: Absolutely not. Those were con-artists who extorted Ruby by making her feel guilty. Did anyone even confirm those were Heather's real parents? How did Sara find them?! Ruby tried to do what she thought was the right thing, but as Jasmine said, it put them on the radar.

Whitney: In hindsight, it ended up being a terrible idea. But I can understand where Ruby was coming from. She’s felt like a bad person for a long while, and she felt compelled to try to do something to not feel that way.

Jenny guilt-tripped her and manipulated her, but I see why Ruby felt it was the right thing to do.

3. Do you agree with the sentiment that Beth got involved with Rio because she was bored?

Sniper On The Move - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Jasmine: I think boredom is part of it, but that's not the main reason. I'm sure most of us are bored out of our minds right now, but running or partaking in a criminal empire isn't breaking the top ten things we're doing to ease our boredom.

Beth liked the power and liberation. She loved the danger and thrill. And she liked that Rio was dangerous but also was drawn to her and that he was attracted to her and in his own way recognized her -- how good she is at this, how skilled she is at things-- in a way that Dean just didn't.

Lizzy: Yes and no. I think she may have gotten in it because she was bored, but she didn't stay in it because she was bored. I have to agree with Jasmine -- when I'm bored, I binge a new show. I don't rob banks and get involved with the local gang.

Beth became addicted to the power and the feeling of being alive. Before this, she was alive, but she wasn't living. Rio treated her like an equal, he saw her value, and he celebrated it. If she admitted that she would realize she absolutely does not want to kill Rio.

On The Trail - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Whitney: I agree with your last statement Lizzy. If she sat down and thought about things, she’d realize that killing Rio probably isn’t what she wants.

But in regards to the boredom, Beth was bored in a way, but she was also intrigued. And she felt wanted, desired, and appreciated in a way she hadn’t been in a very long time. Rio tapped into a side of Beth that was most likely always there but had been dormant for a long time.

4. Favorite scene/moment from the hour?

Jasmine: I loved the domesticated family man sniper scenes. They were so shocked that this man is just such a normal guy, that he was carrying around his daughter's instrument and all. I loved when he brought her along to test her. They had an interesting dynamic.

Test Time - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

I also like anytime Ben tells his mother to get her crap together. The montage of him quizzing her, bringing her food, and all of that was so cute. I love Ben.

Lizzy: Rio speaking Spanish! And Beth throwing the pool ball to get his attention. She's brave.

Whitney: I liked any scene with Beth and Rio because at least we’re guaranteed some chemistry there.

5. With the season winding down, what are you hoping to see before the finale?

Leaning In - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Jasmine: I don't even know, to be honest. This season hasn't played out how I would've expected, and based on what we've had thus far, I don't have any real predictions or anything.

I guess I'm hoping to see how Beth's fingerprints on the murder weapon will come into play. Will Rio set her up and have her arrested by the end of the season finale? They mentioned his tennis appointments with the DA at the country club, so I'm interested in how that will play out.

Lizzy: Since the finale wasn't the intended finale, I don't want to get my hopes up. I want to see this hitman situation resolve itself. There's no way they're going to kill off Rio, so what's going to happen with this storyline?

Henry Researches - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10

Also, I want Rio to have more screen time. Both Manny Montana and Rio deserve it. What's his deal, where's he coming from, what's his backstory? Why does he play tennis at a posh club? Give us something!

Whitney: The storylines are so stagnant and stale, that all I want is something new. Give us something fun to look forward to exploring in a later season. And I want more Rio, too. We don’t spend nearly enough time with him when he’s one of the biggest draws of the series.

Good Girls airs Sundays on NBC. 

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Rio: What are we celebrating?
Beth: Nothing.

Beth: It'll be good to be normal again.
Annie: Be whatever we wanna be.
Ruby: Finally.
Annie: Dude.
Ruby: I just wanna be a good person again.