Good Girls Round Table: What's Next For The Ladies?

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Another season of Good girls has come and gone. 

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11 was a satisfying conclusion to the girls' various stories and helped set up a potential fourth season. But what would you want to see happen for the ladies and gentlemen of the Good Girls world moving forward? 

Join TV Fanatic Jasmine Blu, Meaghan Frey, Lizzy Buczak, and Whitney Evans as they tackle this question and discuss other big topics from the hour. 

Good Girls Round Table

Ruby and Stan were going through it this hour. Was Stan right to demand Ruby pay him back?

Jasmine: Absolutely. It was about the principle. She didn't communicate at all, and she should have. She shouldn't have unilaterally decided to use the money they both agreed was the families for that on her own without discussing it with him.

Meaghan: I wasn't a fan of Stan during this hour at all. Yes, he was in the right, but it was the way he went about it that completely turned me off. It seems for sure now that the old Stan is dead and gone.

Lizzy: I understood where Stan was coming from, but I didn't like the way he went about it. And maybe that's because I don't expect that from him. It's a changing point in their relationship as they realize how far they're willing to go and push each other.

Clocking In - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Ruby should have absolutely talked it over with him, but she also thought she was doing the right thing since the money was dirty anyway.

Whitney: I agree that Stan was a bit off-putting, but he wasn’t wrong to feel slighted by what Ruby did. That was a pretty big decision she made regarding money that belonged to both of them, so he had a right to be upset.

But Ruby also had a right to be upset by the way Stan demanded she pays him back because their relationship has never been one where either demand the other does something. I’m glad they found a way to come back together in the end, though, because it wasn’t looking good for a while.

Beth and Rio are back in business together. React!

Ruby At Work - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Jasmine: Were they ever out of business with each other? Not really. This is very much like the dealership all over again. Cool. It gives us more of the two of them working together and being all Brio, so you won't find me complaining.

Meaghan: I'm glad they seem to be back on good terms. Well, good is a strong term. Normal terms? Or at least whatever normal is for the two of them. The show is a lot more enjoyable when they are kind of on the same page instead of at odds.

Lizzy: I'm excited! This season has been lacking in that quality Rio and Beth time. I'm not sure where it's going because I'm still skeptical of Rio, but at least they're on the same page for now.

Whitney: They were never out of business per se, but they haven’t been working together. Beth had been working for him, but now it’s more both of them on the same page, then it’s been all season. And everything is better when Beth and Rio get to share more screen time.

Pushing Forward - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

What was your favorite moment or scene?

Jasmine: I was a huge fan of Boss Biotch Beth all episode, especially the moves she was pulling at the hot tub place with Gayle. I laughed way too much over her having the hot rubs removed and her fake "oh no, what happened?" I also loved the Brio moments, "next time empty the clip."

Meaghan: I'm with Jasmine. Beth was back this episode, and I loved every second of it. My favorite part may have been that homegirl has a whole aquatic theme check set.

I mean, seriously, she is the perfect person to become a criminal. Who would ever suspect the mom with dolphins on her checks? Well, besides everyone who has suspected her so far.

Lizzy: I have to agree with Jasmine and Meaghan. Boss Beth buying the hot tub store after she robbed it with her dolphin checks was exactly why we fell in love with this show and her character. Give me more of this Beth next season.

Gayle Fights Back - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Whitney: I’m a sucker for Beth and Rio scenes apparently, so I enjoyed their slow walk through the empty hot tub store. It reminded me of how they were in the earlier seasons, and I’ve missed that.

Does Dean deserve to know what he's getting into with the hot tub store?

Jasmine: Yeah, he does. No good comes from them keeping secrets from each other, and we all know Rio, or one of his guys, will waltz in there like they own the place at some point. Better to rip the band-aid off. I actually feel sorry for Dean. Damn.

Meaghan: Yes, just like Stan, he deserves to know the whole truth. This is his life too. He can't protect himself if he doesn’t know what he is protecting himself from.

Lizzy: Yes! There are just some things you know are going to end badly. This is one of them. He thinks this is his legit business, but she's already roped Rio and his gang into it. Now, the FBI is closing in on them -- the sharks are going to be circling.

Dean may have made some mistakes in life, but he deserves to know what he's getting into since he could possibly go down for everything when push comes to shove.

Whitney: Dean should know the truth, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why Beth is content to tell him some things and not others. If his name is attached to something, he needs to know what’s going on. Period.

This was not meant to serve as the season finale but was an okay endpoint for the season. Where do you think the rest of the season would have gone?

Fresh Nails - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Jasmine: It worked as an endpoint for the season. I'm guessing the FBI lady would try to work her way into their friendship group, but she's so bad at that maybe they would catch on.

I feel like something would have to come up with the gun Rio used to kill Lucy. He deliberately had Beth's fingerprints on it. Something would pop up and give the Feds enough of a reason to question the ladies.

Meaghan: It worked. It felt like most of the storylines had reached a logical pause point. I think that the FBI lady would have given it her best shot to bring the girls down and failed. Given that there is no way Rio is going to get taken out, maybe Beth would have her taken out instead.

Lizzy: Something would have bubbled up with the FBI agent, Phoebe, but I would hope the ladies would realize she was trying way too hard to be friends with them. I think we would've gotten to see Rio and Beth forced to work through their issues while working alongside each other.

Hopefully, the hitman situation would resolve itself.

Stan Thinks - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Whitney: I thought it was a decent finale if a little light on the shocks. But given the circumstances, I thought things were wrapped up pretty well.

I think Phoebe would have tried to infiltrate the group, and I think they would have caught onto her pretty quickly. And I think Beth and Rio would have found some common ground that would have made her rethink her decision to have him killed, and put her on the outs with the girls.

Whether or not that ended up being the right decision would have to wait until next season.

What are your overall thoughts on Good Girls Season 3 and your hopes for the future?

Drop Off - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Jasmine: Overall, I hate to say, but it was a weak third season. The first two episodes had me excited for all the potential of the season, and it fizzled out. But I Iove the show so much, and I need a third season!

My hopes for season four would be the show finally fleshing out Rio more; even a Rio centered episode that includes us seeing the girls through his eyes and perspective. I hope Dean and Beth just break up. I don't know why they're even together; they just keep lying to or hurting each other.

I hope Annie can get away from inappropriate relationships with men. If they're going to keep making it her "thing," at least have more fun with it. What if she tries dating women instead? Annie would be that person who thinks switching to the other team would make her less disastrous in a relationship.

I hope to see the ladies do more crazy stuff. The monotony of making the money got old after a bit, but I like it when they're fumbling their way through illicit activities.

A Drastic Decision - Good Girls

Meaghan: This season was a snooze fest. It never really found its footing or managed to find a clear direction. I have a lot of faith in the show, though, and I know given the chance they could come back from this. If we get another season, I need them to progress their partnership with Rio further and up the stakes a little.

We keep seeing the same ole thing rehashed over and over. They have proven their worth and will do so again with the hot tub shop. Beth taking a more active role in Rio's organization would be great to see.

I also would love to see an alternative big bad to Rio and law enforcement. Just because they are criminals doesn't mean the law would always be onto them. Perhaps they and Rio could unite against a common enemy like a competitor?

Lizzy: Season 3 was my least favorite season. It was at a standstill with each episode accomplishing virtually nothing. Even the new story avenues they introduced didn't seem to go anywhere or have much of a resolution.

Look Out - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Why did Rio break Boomer out of jail? What happened with the hitman? What about Annie's GED efforts? Why did she fall for her therapist?

Maybe if we had gotten the full 15 episodes, I would've felt differently, but when season 4 is renewed (cause I'm praying to the renewal gods since I still love this show, the cast, and the characters), I want the series to get back to its roots.

We need more boss Beth, we need to see her work with Rio, and we need to see their relationship progress and level-up. I'd love for Beth to become the Queen in this operation because she's proven that she has what it takes. She also needs to stop pretending that she hates Rio and needs to take responsibility for her actions.

I agree with Meaghan that a new enemy or competitor would be exciting. And as Jasmine mentioned, the writers need to flesh out Rio. Give us his perspective on the situation, allow us to understand his backstory, and tell us about that damn tennis club!

Taking A Walk - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11

Whitney: This was not my favorite season. It dragged along at some points and barely inched by at other times. As Meaghan said, it just never found its footing.

I’m a broken record at this point, but they need a new bad guy. Rio is a great adversary, don’t get me wrong, but how much more story can you mine from the ladies versus Rio? He’s such a great character, and having him work alongside the ladies instead of against them opens up so many possibilities.

Think of Ruby and Rio having to work together on a scam, or Mick and Annie having to work alongside each other for the greater good. Your world is expanded so much if you bring everyone together against a much more significant threat.

I also think they need to give Rio more time on screen and let the audience get to know him better. He’s a fan favorite, and he deserves much more than what he got this season.

Whitney Evans is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Beth: So you want me to print and wash?
Rio: There's a business term for that, what is it?
Mick: Synergy.
Rio: Synergy! Synergy! That's right.

Gayle: Why would I be looking to sell?
Beth: Because my husband's looking to buy.
Gayle: Maybe he should look somewhere else.
Beth: Why is that? You didn't.