Hightown: Shane Harper Breaks Down Junior's Fate

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Hightown's penultimate episode was its most dramatic. 

In a truly harrowing turn of events, Junior died of an overdose. It was a development that always seemed like a possibility. 

And something that came after the character managed to beat the odds and survive the hit put out on him. 

Shane Harper Plays Junior - Hightown

If you watch Hightown online, you know that Osito spared Junior's life, killed Kizzle, and attempted to help Junior escape the Cape for a new life in Miami. 

It was an unfortunate end for a character that had various brushes with death throughout Hightown Season 1

"I'm not going to say I was surprised," Shane Harper tells TV Fanatic exclusively of Junior's tragic fate. 

"I think the reality is for a lot of people that are on that path with addiction to heroin and fentanyl," the actor continued.

Shane Harper on Hightown

"I think death is a very real, and almost likely, thing that happens, which is really heavy."

"So I wasn't surprised. I think it was obviously sad to see him go, but I think it really serves the story in a really honest way."

"I think it's important to see the effects of that. And again, I think that it was grounded. It was grounded in that harsh reality, you know?"

"I was sad to see him go because I did build an affinity for him."

Junior Shocked - Hightown Season 1 Episode 2

"He's trying so hard to do the right thing, even in that last scene. You just want him to get on the bus and make it."

"You don't need to shoot up again in the bathroom one more time before you make your life change. Your life needs to change now," Harper adds of Junior's fateful decision.

"You can't keep putting it off. You might lose your life."

"So again, yeah, really important story to end that way. I'm proud that it ended that way because I think it's an honest thing to share."

On the Beach - Hightown

What did you think of Junior's demise?

Do you think it was needed to highlight the pitfalls of being addicted to drugs?

Hit the comments below. 

Hightown concludes its stellar first season Sunday, July 12 at 8/7c. The series has already been renewed for Season 2. 

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