Scott Cavalheiro on Adam's Relationships and Good Witch Season 6 Journey Into the Finale

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It's almost hard to remember when Scott Cavalheiro wasn't on Good Witch.

Scott has made his impression on the show and its viewers with his portrayal of Adam, the preacher making rounds in the hospital, lifting patients' spirits.

Adam is in a loving relationship with Stephanie (Kylee Evans) and has a lovely friendship with Sam (Jamie Denton), but he also suffered a personal crisis that has shaken him and his faith to the core.

Scott Cavalheiro 1

At the end of Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9, Adam seemed fairly committed to leaving Middleton, at least temporarily, to go on a mission in South America.

It seemed like the perfect time to jump on the phone to get Scott's feelings on his character's stellar season.

Like many others in recent months, Scott has had a lot of time on his hands. He's using it wisely with an interesting backyard gardening project. "Well, without giving too much away," Scott laughed. "I'm sort of experimenting with aeroponics. I don't know if you're familiar with aeroponics. It's just a method of growing without soil."

He's trying to grow tomatoes and squash using tanks that hold a nutrient solution. It turns out he and his wife have been wanting to do something like this for years.

Scott Cavalheiro 4

If all goes well with an aeroponics prototype he's building, Scott could wind up with a pretty good side gig. Given their love of food, it sounds like a great match. Scott and his wife, actress and writer Clara Cavalheiro, are bona fide foodies.

"A couple years ago, we actually produced a TV show, a food show. We took the project on just because we're so obsessed with finding great restaurants and meeting new, inventive chefs. And so that we traveled around Canada and the US. I think we did about 36 episodes going to different episodes, interacting, and what not. So, to say the least, we are huge foodies!"

So it's kind of incredible that Good Witch's Adam managed to find the only woman in Middleton with three food-service jobs. "I know, it was so funny because it seems like every role I play or in my life, food always intersects in it. And when Darren, the showrunner, approached me, and he's like, 'Can you cook at all? Can you hold a knife? Do you like food at all?'

"And I was like, 'Darren, I got this,'" Scott laughed. "It was amazing, from season five on, I mean, it was so great to be in the food truck, and obviously working in the bistro. I certainly feel right at home doing those scenes with Kylee."

Adam the Foodie - Good Witch

If you read my Good Witch reviews, you know how much I wished that Adam would become Stephanie's partner on the food truck. I wasn't alone.

"Well, I couldn't agree more. I mean, behind the scenes, those conversations did come up where they were wondering, and we were talking about it. And I'm like, 'What about Adam? We got to throw him a bone. He wants to jump on the food truck.' You know, obviously, they have better ideas than I do. Who knows? In the future, maybe Adam gets involved again if it comes around."

There was no disguising the joy Scott and Kylee shared while working on the food-oriented scenes together. They looked like they were having the best time.

"It's hard not to," Scott said. "Working with Kylee, it's hard not to have fun anyways, but once we get anything food-related, the biggest fear, I shouldn't say the biggest fear, but one of the fears that actors always talk about is like, can you walk and chew bubblegum? Can you act and do a bunch of blocking and prepare a meal and do all these interesting things?

Stephanie and Adam as Role Models - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 2

Certainly, when we're doing stuff on Good Witch, it's just easy. Both of us do a lot of cooking. I guess we both have a background, so it makes it easier for us."

Scott also let us in on a little secret. He calls foul on Kylee's claim during her interview that she was a failure at baking. "You know, what? I'm going to call her out on that. I've had something she's baked once before. She's very modest, she would not consider herself a baker, per se. But it was pretty darn good. She made this sort of scone thing one day, she brought it in for the castmates."

Like everyone else we've talked with during Good Witch Season 6, Scott has enjoyed the different dynamic offered on the show now that the adults are taking center stage.

"They really were looking to push the boundaries of the series this year, and I think they did just that," Scott said. While he enjoyed the previous seasons of the show and his past work on Good Witch, he's reveling in the new dynamics.

Is Adam OK? - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 4

"The ability to push the boundary and storyline just made it more enjoyable to play as an actor. You know, it gave us an added challenge and forced us to really consider more real-life and interesting elements. The element of Adam getting sick, having a brain tumor, and having to get that removed really pushed me as an artist to be able to do a lot of research.

"I actually went to school for neuroscience. I was quite well-versed on the tumor and the location, and I knew about the systems and all that.

"So, there were moments when Darren would say, or perhaps the director on that given block would say, 'So wait, how would you be holding this?' And I would show them, and I would be like, 'Well, this process is because of this and whatnot.' So, it became even more enjoyable. Sort of like blending my two lives together. So yes, it was a great season."

This season has also featured a great friendship between Adam and Sam that allows the actors a range of scenes much different from previous seasons. Given Marc Bendavid's confession of a man-crush on James "Jamie" Denton, I had to ask if Scott felt the same.

MixTape - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5

"I think the bigger question is, who doesn't have a man-crush on Jamie Denton? I mean, it's very easy to find him charming and romantic and whip-smart, super intelligent. He's such an easy guy to get along with, not to mention talented.

"It's a night in boot camp doing a scene with him as an actor because he's just so effortless. And it took me until this season to pull him aside, and be like, 'How did you just do that just there? Like, what's going on?'

"And he's very patient and very kind, and certainly there is a bromance that bleeds outside of the show. I can't deny that. We do text each other often, and we've hung out outside the show, which is really nice."

I shared with him Marc's confession of his man-crush and the jealousy he had when he wasn't needed on set because Scott and Jamie were filming their many scenes together. "Well, in the last episode, Mark joined our little bromance, which is nice. It's a trivia night," Scott said of Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8.

Trivia Night - Good Witch

"We really enjoyed that. We had a lot of fun, and it was a very interesting day in that it was snowing heavily on set. There's a lot of things juggled around when filming outside," Scott shared.

"We were filming a scene outside, and it's clearly a fall scene, an Autumn scene. But here comes a big snowstorm, and all of a sudden they have to pivot, and we're shooting the trivia earlier than expected. And we're just wearing little, tiny leather jackets and trudging through snow and wiping salt off our boots between takes. So yeah, we had a lot of fun with Marc. Part of the crew, as it were."

We chatted briefly about the funnier scenes the two actors share, and Scott noted that it spiced things up for them on set to add a touch of humor where possible. So speaking of spicing things up, we had to chat about the magical kisses that have been shared this season on Good Witch, and how that might get affected in the future in the uncertain world created by COVID-19.

"Obviously, I do believe there is a place, a very strong place in television for that type of physical connection. I mean, at least for myself, we like to see characters build, and we like to see relationships grown in an organic way. And I think once we get to a certain point, especially where you can tell that characters are in love with each other or their bond is growing.

A Shocking Public Kiss - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 7

"I think as an audience member, at least from my perspective, I'm always rooting for that first kiss or maybe for a proposal or something like that. So I think that certainly is a piece of television that we are always wanting to see. And my only hope is that with the circumstances around the world, there's a workaround that people will find.

"And I'm excited to be part of that as well. Should there be a season seven of Good Witch, it would be amazing if I had the opportunity to part of that, in a relationship like that."

I shared with Scott how many of you have laughed about the lack of physical activity between couples in love.

"I think the interesting thing about Good Witch is that the writing team, they listen a lot to the fans. When people have questions like that, people look at that stuff, and it gets back to the writers. And they're like, 'You know what, that's what people want? Maybe that's who we give them.'

Adam in an Apron - Good Witch

"So, I think there's always the hope. Just like if you write something about, maybe Adam getting involved with his own food truck in the future, it might happen."

With Scott's interest in aeroponics, for instance, maybe Adam could introduce a new level of gardening to Middleton to coincide with more greenhouse scenes. But Scott reminded me we don't even know if Adam will remain in Middleton.

"With Adam highly considering going to South America to realize his calling, there may be more distance in-between Stephanie and Adam than perhaps we want. There might be a little bit more than we desire. So we'll see what, if anything, keeps Adam in Middleton, and keeps him with Stephanie."

It was a perfect time to dive into Adam's struggles this season with his faith. For a character who makes his living through faith as a pastor, there is relatively little discussion about it. As viewers, we kind of take for granted that Adam has strong convictions because of his profession.

Consoling Adam - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5

But we learned it's not that easy when Adam didn't blindly follow faith during his diagnosis, nor was he entirely comforted by faith during his surgery and physical therapy, and his foundation has been so shaken that he's willing to take his faith on the road to help others.

"There certainly were heavy conversations on set about that. And what I really wanted to focus on, or better yet, the conversation that we had between the directors, the writing team, and myself, was that we didn't want to make everything too specific, in so much as, you want Adam to be identifiable in going through these obstacles [without] labeling him religiously specific to one sect, or one type, of faith.

"I mean, it's quite clear that he believes in God, of course, but we really wanted to make sure that faith as a whole was being tested. You know, the ability to really consider science versus religion.

"That was sort of where we were leaning on, as opposed to specific elements. And I think that was a very careful choice to make sure that everyone felt included when watching it. And then, yeah, I mean, you sort of hit the nail on the head there.

In Each Other's Arms - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 5

"As an actor, it became a very interesting juggling act of playing not only both sides of my life, being someone who is involved in science, and someone who grew up with a very, very strong faith. So it's like, really interesting to kind of bring some of these kinds of ideals to Adam, and I just hope they played out. Who knows? I feel strongly, but you never know how people respond to them, I guess."

Adam is still struggling, even after deciding to go on a mission. He's wavering, and on the latest episode, he pinpointed his hesitance on Stephanie, but it still seems like a little bit more than that is at play.

"From his perspective, it's like when you get a new lease on life, it's almost like getting a new pair of contact lenses. You know, you see the world with a different clarity, and I think that was the big surprise to him. He was shocked to realize that there may just be more to his life than what he has going on in Middleton.

"So I think, as you kind of see him discovering it, he's also on the same plane as the audience and really just trying to figure it out. Every day is a constant coin-flip leading up to the finale, and his ultimate decision of what he does. So yeah, I think that was something I really wanted to focus on with that."

The List - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

But what about the validation Adam seems to need from those around him? Even a pros and cons list isn't enough to finalize his decision, as we see when he shares the list with Sam, seeking his valuable input.

"Yeah, and I think that going back to season five, and even before we meet Adam, the idea was that Adam was the type of guy, very early on in his life, found love and decided to settle down, and he found his faith quite quickly, obviously through the death of a relative, and he found his position in his career quite quickly.

"And so by getting a new lease on life, it's really sort of, they said it, it becomes a coin-flip for him, and that's why he's seeking out the opinions of others. To be like, 'Am I making the right decision?'And he's just hoping that much like how miracles happen and how he views faith is like, something can stare you right in the face, you just have to be able to see it clearly.

So he keeps just trying to recalibrate, and recalibrate, recalibrate, and look at his options. But yeah, Stephanie, and certainly to a greater extent as well, Sam, are huge parts of his life, and those are things that he is going to struggle to see if he wants to put them on hold or let them go."

Anywhere in Particular - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Scott has his own thoughts on what he'd like Adam to do (and please know this is his opinion as the actor, not anything he knows from the show!).

"What I would love for him is to say, 'Stephanie, you've worked so hard for the last 'X' amount of years, probably your whole life. You've become so successful, and not only are we deeply in love, I think you deserve a vacation. Why don't you go on this with me and we'll go, take a little hiatus, and we can come back to Middleton with a fresh start.' And I feel like that's what I would want to tell Adam to do if I could."

While Adam and Stephanie both work very hard and certainly deserve the vacation, at least they got away for while when the gang spent some time in Chicago, a place Scott genuinely love because of Chicago's relationship to food. We even got to see the couple eat deep-dish pizza after their fiasco with the chef.

And yes, they really were eating deep-dish pizza, even if they weren't in Chicago. Like others we have interviewed, Scott shared his appreciation for those responsible for their food on the show. And there is a lot of it!

The Chili Cook-Off - Good Witch

"Oh man, they're so good. There's a whole team of them. Geoffrey and his whole crew. But they are just absolutely talented, and I feel like, Adam and Stephanie, all the characters, really, do a lot of eating in the show, but they are so good for dietary restrictions."

"I know, it's really considerate, and you certainly don't get that on all shows, so it's incredible to have people be so courteous about that, especially with allergies. That's such a big one, and they're on it. No one's feeling unsafe in that regard on set, that's for sure."

As we circled around again to food, I recalled Adam's need for cheese peanut butter crackers from the vending machine, a snack so rare in Canada that the crafts food people created their own specifically for the very American scene.

"Well, I grew up eating the little Ritz crackers, which were the ones you could either get peanut butter or cheese, and so I really loved those out of a vending machine when I was a kid. You know, if I go to a hockey rink, whatever.

Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 6

"And to me, they actually made some for us on set, but they were either peanut butter or cheese, so they were exactly what I had when I was a kid. So, the second I tried one, I was like, 'Can you guys give me ten minutes? I have a whole bag to eat.' This is exactly what I need after surgery. You know, so it actually became ironically appropriate for the scene," Scott laughed.

As for the difference between in cuisine between the United States and Canada, "It's unbelievable how often that happens up here," Scott said.

"My wife, she's also an actress, and she was on a show, and one of her lines was going to grab a cup of java. But she said Java, and there's a very, a huge dichotomy just in that word, between Canada and the US, and it was an American production, of course. And they were looking at her, saying, 'What are you saying? Like, you can't read this word?'," Scott said, bursting into laughter.

Since Kylee's husband made a stop at the Bistro recently, it only seems appropriate that Claire should get to do a guest spot, as well. She can Java/java her way right to the counter at the Bistro!

Scott and Claire

"Well, whatever happens, if we see Adam in season seven, if there is a season seven, I'm going to push so hard to get her in as maybe Adam's cousin or sister or maybe someone that he meets abroad if he goes abroad. Who knows? Yeah, a family friend, a cousin, a sister. That would be really fun. We also do look alike, so that's really strange."

It sounds like there's a lot of laughter in their marriage. Scott agreed. "We do have a lot of laughter. When we plant our air plants, it's mainly her laughing at me for planting air plants. There's no shortage of giggles in this household, that's for sure."

As for the finale, Scott really doesn't want to give anything away, but he did share this. "Should he stay or should he go? I don't want to tease heads or tails. So I can't quite say anything. I know the finale is a phenomenal episode, and I just hope people enjoy watching it as much as I did working on it, so I'm excited to hear what people say."

And that's a wrap, Good Witch fans! We're down to the final episode of the season, and it airs on Sunday, July 5 at at 9/8c, only on Hallmark.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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