Blindspot Review: ZIP Ties

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After incredibly short incarcerations and death, the Blindspot team is barreling toward the finish line.

The final fates of Madeline and Weitz were decided on Blindspot Season 5 Episode 9 and Blindspot Season 5 Episode 10.

But Ivy and the ZIP are still on the loose as we get to wait two weeks for the series finale.

The Final Stages - Blindspot

Why two weeks? Good question. One that should be directed to NBC programmers.

Next Thursday, NBC is airing a 30 Rock upfront special at 8, following by reruns of Superstore and Brooklyn 99 at 9. (Yes, I still call them reruns. Calling a rerun an encore is putting lipstick on a pig.)

In Captivity - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 9

So Blindspot's shortened fifth season gets broken up for a second time, so NBC can promote its fall schedule, which is still weeks away, a week earlier.

That makes as much sense as many NBC programming choices.

See? My rant broke up this review just like NBC is breaking up Blindspot Season 5. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled review.

Patterson endured what had to be the shortest death in primetime history. How long did that last, a handful of scenes?

Hidden Help - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 9

Was anybody surprised?

What's more surprising is that off-the-grid Boston almost managed to get abducted twice inside of two episodes, which has to be some kind of record as well.

Ivy found him twice and fortunately Patterson located him once, just in time to save him.

How exactly were he and Rich going to disappear?

Once the cross-dressed Patterson and Boston got into FBI headquarters, it was only a matter of time before the team was released from quite a temporary imprisonment.

Unexpected Help - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 9

I suppose when it's a short season, you can't have any tension linger.

Madeline ended up paying for having the hubris to parade around the captured agents. That's just right.

Once Patterson, Rich, and Boston got turned loose on the FBI server, it was just a short wait until Madeline went down.

The team also found there were quite a few agents that still believed in them.

Off and on throughout the run of Blindspot, viewers pondered about Matthew Weitz, "Would it kill him to do the right thing?"

Inside Help - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 9

Apparently so.

Finally, after endless shaming by Afreen this season, Weitz had his one shining moment, trying to bluff his way into possession of the renegade agents. It helped that the legitimate FBI agents were willing to back his play.

His last words were appropriate, worrying that the wrong photo didn't get used with his obituary.

Madeline's last action was appropriate as well, wiping her memories with ZIP rather than stand trial again for her crimes. It was also fun to see Ivy plug Madeline's weaselly lawyer, who made Weitz look upright.

Oddly, after the adrenaline rush of the first episode, the second one almost seemed like kind of a breather, which was strange considering they were trying to track down a gruesome chemical weapon.

Relying on Kathy - Blindspot

I blame Kooky Kathy for that.

Kathy's the only person that can turn Rich into a straight man.

Kathy is a lot like Jessica Rabbit. She's not bad. She's just drawn that way.

Patterson must have been wishing she had stayed in that miner's tunnel, having to be the adult in the room with Rich and Kathy acting like children.

When Rich Dotcom first came on the scene, how likely was it that he would end up working with the FBI? Not very.

Unstable Help - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 10

But where Rich was mischievous, Kathy is certifiable. And she managed to bring out the jealousy in Rich, undoing months of relatively good behavior.

When this is over, Weller, Jane, Zapata, Patterson, and Rich will be lucky to be members of the FBI. There's no way in Hell Kathy was going to get a pardon and go to work for them.

Even Kathy, never one of sound mind, knew that. She was right in saying that if Boston couldn't get in, neither would she. So she bided her time until she could conjure up an escape.

And poor Weller, Jane, and Zapata were just cooling their heels, waiting for the Three Blind Mice to send them Ivy's location.

Little wonder Kurt has the energy to take out six men at a time whenever he sprung into action. Cartoony much?

On the Move - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 10

The most hilarious moment was watching the hackers all bicker as they attempted to disarm the pressure-plate bomb and save Boston.

Most of Boston was saved and it will be interesting to see what happens with him and Rich in the end.

Why is an interim director being shipped in during the middle of a crisis? Yes, Madeline trashed that office structure but there had to be a senior agent somewhere who wasn't under indictment.

Instead, there's someone new for the team to deal with when they're trying to save the country. Bureaucracy.

On the Hunt - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 10

Now, what's going to happen to Jane now that she's been ZIPped? She's had her memories messed with before, so maybe her brain has a special degree of resilience.

It would be tragic to have she and Weller separated after all they've been through.

Tune in in TWO WEEKS to find out.

To follow the whole ZIP caper, watch Blindspot online,

Did Madeline meet a just end?

How about Weitz?

Will Jane's memories somehow survive, just like Patterson did?

Comment below.

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