Council of Dads Exclusive Clip: The Prodigal Dad Returns!

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This is it, Council of Dads fans.

The finale airs tonight. Will the story leave you satisfied?

We're not ready to weigh in on that just yet, but it's obvious there were a lot of plans to continue the journey of the Perry Family.

CoD Finale1

Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 10 picks right up in the middle of the terrible storm that will leave many devastated.

When such an event occurs, family rediscovers their appreciation of and need for each other, and you'll see that here, too.

It's not as if the Perry family and the dads need more fuel to fully appreciate what they have, but it never hurts for the reminder.

Before it all ends, though, there are some loose strings that need to be addressed.

CoD Finale3

One of those strings involves Anthony's presence in Savannah.

On "Fight or Flight," Anthony arrives at the storm-ravaged Perry home to find Robin and Theo in peril.

Is it a council dad to the rescue? Well, it's not exactly as heroic as you might hope.

We have an exclusive clip, so take a look, and join us after the video for more exclusive content.

What is a storm without someone going into labor?

Oliver will need all of his medical skills when Sage goes into early labor.

And in stunning news, the future of the Crab Shack is left hanging in the balance from the storm damage while the Perry kids grapple with the stunning news about Luly.

CoD Finale2

Series star, Sarah Wayne Callies, shared her thoughts about being a part of the magic that is Council of Dads.

"Council of Dads was an extraordinary journey - we got to tell a groundbreakingly inclusive story of healing and hope; one made more meaningful for those of us involved because of our deep care for one another as cast and crew.

"To see that meaning take root with fans at a time of such unprecedented change and pain was profound for me, and I think for most if not all of us. You can go a lifetime and not work on something like this - I’ll be forever changed for the better and deeply grateful."

CoD Finale4

If you watch Council of Dads online, then you know that every episode is filled with laughter and tears, and the finale will be no different.

Now, prepare for the end, and join us on our Facebook to cry it out afterward!

We'll be right there with you.

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