Days of Our Lives Review Week of 7-13-20: Hurricane Sami Returns!

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Everyone tried to warn Allie that keeping her pregnancy secret was going to blow up in her face.

They were more right than they wanted to be.

Sami's awful behavior at the Pub on Days of Our Lives during the week of 7-13-20 was just the beginning -- will she ever learn?

His Real Identity/Tall - Days Of Our Lives

The best part about Sami's return is that she managed to have imperfect timing for once and didn't show up until right after Eric and Nicole were married.

Ericole fans have been waiting 20 years for their couple to tie the knot -- if they hadn't been able to marry that would have led to one pissed off fandom!

And since Days of Our Lives is having a summer wedding marathon, it's nice that at least ONE ceremony went off without a least til the reception.

Eric and Nicole's wedding was a simple, sweet affair.

Abe probably held his breath when Eric said he wanted to say something, since usually that leads to someone canceling the wedding at the altar. But this time it turned out to be a super romantic moment as Eric told Nicole what she meant to him.

Finally Married - Days of Our Lives

Eric and Nicole have not been my favorite couple in recent years, mostly due to Eric's atrocious behavior every time Nicole disappointed him and the way he left other women's hearts in shambles every time he heard Nicole's name.

But this wedding brought tears to my eyes, especially when the couple promised to get through whatever life threw at them together. These were beautiful vows, especially coupled with the flashbacks.

So many fans have shipped Ericole forever, and their wedding was sweet, sweet payoff for the long wait.

That said, all the extras filling seats looked silly. There were so many more strangers at the wedding than characters we know that I wondered how true Abe's statement was that the community would support Eric and Nicole!

And then, of course, Hurricane Sami hit just before the reception.

Hurricane Sami Returns - Days of Our Lives

We all knew Sami's return wouldn't be pretty, and she didn't disappoint.

Allie: I made everyone promise not to tell you I was pregnant. Even Dad.
Sami: So Dad knew too? Why was I the only one who was deemed unfit to know this information?
Allie: Because of how you're acting right now.

Her hurt and anger at being left in the dark about Allie's pregnancy was understandable.

Sami wants almost desperately to be part of her daughter's life, and it had to have been a slap in the face to learn that literally everyone she loved and trusted knew Allie was pregnant and didn't tell her.

But her behavior was way over the top. I knew from Days of Our Lives summer spoilers that Sami was going to shove Nicole into the wedding cake, but I still didn't like it.

Some fans love it when Sami gets completely unhinged. For them, the crazier she is, the better. 

But over-the-top violent behavior destroys any sympathy Sami might otherwise have gained for her position, and if you aren't already a fan of out-of-control antics, this kind of stuff is a real turn-off.

Do you enjoy Sami's out-of-control behavior?

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I didn't think Sami and Nicole throwing cake at each other was a good look for either of these ladies. If I were Eric, I'd be nervous about what I'd just gotten into by marrying Nicole!

But the one thing the whole incident showed was that Sami needs and wants Lucas in her life. She seemed to take it down about ten notches as soon as Lucas arrived on the scene.

Lucas also was calmer around Sami. It was almost as if he didn't need to be the annoyingly overbearing parent anymore now that Sami was in town, and he snapped out of pseudo-Kate mode.

That all goes to show that Lucas and Sami should have been together all these years.

EJ is supposedly the love of Sami's life, but she seemed to forget all about him as she made plans for Allie, Lucas, and herself to stay in Salem to raise the baby. That's probably not going to happen, but it was nice to see what could have been as Sami and Lucas supported each other and tried to figure out what to do to help Allie.

A Fantasy Reunion - Days of Our Lives

Sorry, Bonnie, but Sami has a bigger piece of Lucas' heart than you do. Go back to where you came from -- you're not needed.

Bonnie's advice to Lucas was horrible and it probably took Sami acting out to get Lucas to see it. He was about to become that over-controlling parent himself again.

And why was he even discussing any of this with Bonnie, whom he hates, anyway?

Of course, Sami's resolve to be undramatic and let Allie make her own decisions lasted all of 15 seconds. Even knowing that her behavior was alienating Allie wasn't enough to get her to stop trying to control her daughter's life.

Sami really can't help herself. No matter what, she's got to control everything, because that's who she is. At least she had the sense not to get physical again when she went to see Rafe.

The worst part of this story is how Sami and Lucas are reacting to Allie's decision to put the baby up for adoption. They're acting as if it's the end of the world, and it's annoying.

Allie is very young. She doesn't have a job and doesn't really know what she wants to do with her life. It's been implied several times that the only reason she isn't drinking her life away is because she's pregnant.

While it may not be as easy as she thinks to give her baby up for adoption, she's doing what's in the child's best interest. She knows she is not ready to be a parent yet and she wants the baby to grow up in a loving home.

It's a mature, responsible thing to do, yet her parents are acting like adoption is a terrible option that people should only take advantage of if they don't have anyone to help them raise the baby.

This terrible messaging is compounded by the fact that this is Allie's decision to make. Not Lucas'. Not Sami's. Allie's.

Will doesn't quite understand this either and continually hounds Allie about whether or not she will let him and Sonny adopt the baby, all while saying that he isn't pressuring her. That's beyond annoying and needs to stop.

Anyway, I was glad that Rafe put Sami in her place. Sami barging in and ordering him not to adopt the baby was little better than what she did at the wedding, though at least nobody threw any food this time.

Her behavior toward Ben was also on the annoying side, and there's no reason for Will to keep her secret. Let's hope that she doesn't blackmail her own son into silence.

Ben and Ciara's storyline is full of nonsense without Sami's interference, and Claire's impromptu bachelorette party for Ciara didn't help matters.

The girls mentioned twice that Ciara has gotten sick from drinking in the past -- could the writers be any more obvious about what's going to go wrong next?

Celebrating Ciara's Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Claire and Ciara having sneaked alcohol as teens was believable, except for one thing: Claire has a liver condition and drinking could make her very sick.

The writers have forgotten this in their zeal to implicate Claire in this silly wedding sabotage story. It's too bad, because Allie feeling tempted to drink despite her pregnancy would have been a far more interesting story than this nonsense.

Instead, this is utterly predictable. Ciara will probably suffer the kind of illness Claire would suffer if her history was taken into account, assume Claire poisoned her, and again confront her on the morning of the wedding.

Yawn. As thrilled as I am that Olivia Rose Keegan is back, this story is not at all compelling.

Gwen Vs. Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Meanwhile, Jake turned out to be Stefan's twin rather than Stefan himself. I hate how overused doppelgangers are in Salem, but I have to admit this was a great twist.

Yes, it was predictable, but emotionally it's much better than Gabi getting her happily ever after with a newly resurrected Stefan. Plus, as everyone kept pointing out, even Dr. Rolf can't bring someone back from the dead with no heart.

If Stefan were alive, I would have demanded Daniel be resurrected too -- after all, having donated the dead person's heart would no longer be an obstacle to their resuming normal life.

Anyway, Vivian and Ivan's inclusion in this story made it more fun. Vivian seems to think this is My Fair Lady and that she's going to turn blue-collar Jake into a dashing, sophisticated socialite.

It's ironic that her plan to get out of jail includes faking her own death, considering that she didn't know her second son was alive and Gabi thought he was a newly resurrected Stefan.

Injecting Himself - Days of Our Lives

It doesn't make much sense that she gave birth after falling unconscious or that she never knew she was carrying twins to begin with, but I'll chalk it up to Rolf being involved somehow.

Jake does not need to begin falling for Gabi now that she's finally out of his life, though. And Gabi is an idiot to assume that Jake will lose interest in being a mechanic just because he learned his last name is Dimera.

That was some elitism on her part! Not everyone thinks being a mechanic is beneath them.

Plus, the Dimera name isn't the magic spell people think it is. There's no reason for Jake to change his entire personality just because he's a Dimera.

Gwen is likely about to learn that too, as she is excited that Jake is now heir to a fortune, while Jake was so uninterested he didn't even think about that.

Stayla Reconnects - Days of Our Lives

Finally, Steve and Kayla ended up in some ridiculous hotel with twin beds and no luggage. This was partially comic relief, I guess, but the situation was silly.

They also took another step toward reconciling and slept together in one of the twin beds instead of pushing the beds together so that they'd have enough room.

Even though I ship this couple, the whole thing is so damned rushed that it's hard to enjoy.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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