NOS4A2's Paul Schneider Breaks Down The Hourglass Man's Last Stand

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NOS4A2 is continuing to up the ante as we approach the final episodes of its sophomore run. 

The most recent episode, NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 6, seemingly took a key villain out of the game when Maggie overpowered and killed Jonathan, aka the Hourglass Man. 

It was a surprising development, especially given that we finally learned more about the character's past. 

Paul Schneider

We had the opportunity to chat with Paul Schneider about the episode. 

TV Fanatic: What drew you to NOS4A2?

Paul Schneider: I like dark shows. And I like this character because I think he's sort of a funny vain guy with kind of a fragile ego.

I just see him as somebody who's very different than myself. It's always good if you have the chance to play people who act so differently and dress differently.

In a kind of a supernatural world like this, the rules are much more flexible. So you could sort of act weirder, which is, you know, acting weird is kind of always what I'm wanting to do.

The HourGlass Man - NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 5

The most recent episode was fascinating with Maggie and Jonathan making fast friends and even fast today. What did you think of their scenes together?

I mean, the scenes were interesting because they were long, and I like a show where there's a bit of a mini-play in the middle of the show.

And obviously, when we're filming that stuff, you can feel how things are working far more than you can with shorter scenes.

You have fun stunts and fight scenes upstairs, and that's always good too, but I like how that stuff turned out.

Maggie Makes a Call - NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 1

Only from a distance, you know, I don't tend to watch the stuff I do. I'm kinda more interested in the writing. 

Jonathan has been a bit of a closed book and since he first popped up earlier this season. Were you surprised the revelations about his past came in one fell swoop?

In the writing room, they have to catch people up pretty quickly.

For me, it was it's helpful because I'm only getting to know the characters as quickly as everyone else is.

Jonathan Makes a Move - NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 6

So when you come onto a show, that's already a train in motion, you have to kind of believe what you're doing is correct for the character right off the bat.

There's no kind of test, you know, there's no R and D as it were.

It was helpful for me that there was so much explanation about him, but I don't mind playing mysterious people.

I don't mind working with not that much material because we leave as much as we can to the imagination that lets people fill in the blanks in a really perfect way

Maggie managed to overpower. Jonathan, what did you think of that development?

hourglass man

I think it's great.

He's got to have something to fight against. I think for Jonathan, people that he thinks might be as powerful and more powerful to him, I think, are really fascinating to him and intrigue him.

I think it excites him when he's bested by her.

Do you think there is room for Jonathan to return down the line?

I hope so. Certainly. I mean, I like the fact that I like the fact that people seem to respond to him.


I think he's an easy person to like because I find him a really funny guy and he wears nice clothes.

When I'm dealing with powerful or creative characters, um, or I should say powerful kind of dangerous character,  I really don't like to play them as dangerous, scary people, you know?

And to me, the scariest stuff sounds terrifying. You know, there's a reason why clouds are terrifying.

Yeah, they're meant to be so happy, you know, but it's just kind of like happy and intriguing and attractive, but on overdrive.

And so when somebody comes in and can remote control people with his hourglass glass and make people kill other people.

schneider 4

He doesn't have to act scary because that's scary enough. So it's, it's more fun for me to play someone.

Kind of carefree and sort of weird and egotistical and funny because I don't know when he's so powerful and dangerous, acting powerful and dangerous is sort of putting sugar on top of ice cream, you know, you just don't need it. At the end of that year.

So it certainly seems like Jonathan died after his run-in with Maggie. Is that the intention, or are we supposed to think that it could be coming back?

Every time in a film or television show, you see somebody shot in the stomach, yeah. Or stabbed in the stomach.

It's obviously a very different thing to this. It's different than Hahn's group or falling from the Nakatomi building.

I think there's a certain language that's being spoken there.

Okay, NOS4A2 fans. What do you think of Jonathan's fate? Do you think he could stage a comeback?

Hit the comments below. 

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