Our Dream Cast for Big Brother All-Stars 2

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Big Brother All-Stars Season 2 is happening!

Fans have been waiting for a second All-Stars season ever since the first one -- Big Brother Season 7 -- aired fourteen years ago.

To celebrate the great news, I put together a dream cast for the upcoming season. It includes past houseguests who dominated their individual seasons and others who fell short but were fan-favorites.

Nicole Anthony - Big Brother

Nicole Anthony (Big Brother 21)

Nicole was robbed on her season. She wasn't a huge competitor, which was ultimately her downfall, but when she did win, everyone cheered (her HOH win during the double eviction was epic).

Her social game was amazing, though, and she seemed to come alive towards the end of the season.

There's a reason she won America's Favorite and came in third place. Big Brother needs more likable houseguests who can actually make it far in the game.

Everyone loves an underdog, and Nicole was the underdog of her season. She deserves redemption!

Dani Donato Picture

Daniele Donato (Big Brother 8 and 13)

Daniele has often been overshadowed by her evil father, but she is an amazing player all on her own.

She should have won her first season, in my opinion, and made it pretty far her second. And she's known for her impressive number of competition wins, particularly in the Power of Veto.

Daniele's an entertaining competitor to watch with her unyielding nature. She knows the game, and she knows what to do to make it far, and that makes her an All-Star.

Johnny Mac - Big Brother

John McGuire (Big Brother 17)

The fan-favorite affectionally known as Johnny Mac was evicted in a double eviction but later won his way back into the game and ended up in fourth place.

If it weren't for the force of nature that is Vanessa Rousso, I have a feeling that Johnny Mac could have made it to the finals and won it all.

He was known for his crazy diary room sessions and was so fun to watch every week. If anyone deserves a second chance, if not only to see him back in that Whackstreet Boys outfit, it's him.

Danielle Reyes - Big Brother

Danielle Reyes (Big Brother 3 and 7)

Danielle Reyes is a bit of a legend in the Big Brother community, and if you thought Paul was the victim of a bitter jury, you need to watch Big Brother Season 3.

The reason why the jury is now sequestered is because of Danielle's season. The jury got to go home and watch the season, therefore seeing Danielle's diary room sessions and how she was able to manipulate them.

She is the definition of a strong, strategic player and has more than warranted a spot on the second All-Stars season. Danielle is the greatest player to have never won.

Josh Martinez - Big Brother

Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19)

Let's be honest; Josh is one of the craziest and most fun houseguests to watch play the game.

Not only was he entertaining, but he was also smart about his gameplay too. I mean, he would have to be to win, which he did.

His send-off messages to evicted houseguests that put all the blame on Paul were genius and was part of the reason why the jury voted for him to win in the end.

Bring on the pots and pans!

Natalie Negrotti - Big Brother

Natalie Negrotti (Big Brother 18)

Natalie is so pure, maybe too pure for Big Brother, but that is what made her so likable.

She never wanted to backstab anyone, and she always wanted to stand up for what was right. Natalie was still able to make it far in the game by aligning with the right people at the right time and by being able to adapt.

She was a fan favorite on her season, and we would love to see her return for a second round.

Zach Rance - Big Brother

Zach Rance (Big Brother 16)

Zach Rance came into our lives and gave us "fruit loop dingus," how could he not be included on anyone's dream All-Star list?

Zach was known for creating chaos on his season, and, surprisingly, he has not been brought back since.

His game was upfront, and he never tried to be something he wasn't, which is a nice change from all the manipulating and backstabbing. Though, we do love that as well.

We could all use some laughter right about now, and having Zach back on our screens will guarantee that happens.

Vanessa Rousso - Big Brother

Vanessa Rousso (Big Brother 17)

There is not a doubt in anyone's mind that Vanessa is one of the Big Brother greats. The only reason she didn't win her season was that she lost the final HOH, causing Steve to evict her since he knew she would win against him.

Vanessa was a master manipulator and strategist. Everyone remembers when she convinced Julia to go against Austin in the Bowlerina veto competition, making sure that Julia would not win.

Her track record throughout the season was majorly impressive, and it would be even more impressive if she could do it a second time.

Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother

Derrick Levasseur (Big Brother 16)

From the beginning of his season, it was clear that Derrick was going to be the winner.

Like most Big Brother legends, he was a puppet master. However, most of the houseguests did not seem him as a threat until he was walking away with his $500,000 check.

He did what Paul couldn't, which was to ensure the loyalty of those with whom he aligned. As a result, he spent most of the season off the block; except for finale night, and he won by a landslide.

Derrick is an All-Star, through and through, and deserves a spot on the upcoming season.

Haleigh Broucher - Big Brother

Haleigh Broucher (Big Brother 20)

Haleigh was, unfortunately, involved in an alliance that literally could not win anything, so it was only a matter of time before the other, more dominant alliance took her out.

But she was a smart player and was the last person standing from her alliance. If anyone from her season has the potential to make it to the final two chairs on an All-Star season, it's Haleigh.

Hopefully, this time, she won't partake in a showmance and will be luckier in the alliance department.

Paul Abrahamian On Big Brother

Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother 18 and 19)

Look, we all love to laugh at how Paul came in second place on both of his seasons in 5-4 losses, but you can't help but admit that he is a good player. He does have the record for most competition wins and most days spent in the house, after all.

The thing is, though, I want to see him face-off against the best Big Brother has to offer.

It's no secret that Paul went up against some not-so-great players in both of his seasons. For him to play with some real Big Brother players would be a chance to prove himself.

If he just so happens to lose again in a 5-4 jury vote, that would be the icing on the cake.

Britney Haynes Picture

Britney Haynes (Big Brother 12 and 14)

Poor Britney. Her first eviction was the result of being the only non-Brigade member left in the game, and the second was because of Dan's masterful funeral.

Even so, she is a fan favorite with her fantastic diary room commentaries and her snarky humor. Britney has always been one of the most delightful houseguests to watch.

Britney was also a great social player, though. She was very likable and formed the right relationships with the right people. With her brains and her people skills, she is an All-Star.

Victor Arroyo - Big Brother

Victor Arroyo (Big Brother 18)

Victor was the first person to be evicted three times in one season, that feat alone should grant him a spot in the All-Stars season. He always seemed to bounce back from defeat.

He was a beast of a competitor, but, unfortunately, everyone knew that and took him out the second they were able to.

While Big Brother is first and foremost a mental game, you also have to win physical challenges. Victor more than proved his All-Star worth with his eight total wins on his season.

Donny Thompson - Big Brother

Donny Thompson (Big Brother 16)

Donny is the sweetest houseguest that has ever been on Big Brother.

And it was his kind attitude that took him far in the game and awarded him America's Favorite Player.

I would love to see his smiling face back on another season. Plus, it's also nice when Big Brother widens its age range for their seasons instead of having one designated older person.

Danielle Lickey - Big Brother

Danielle Lickey (Big Brother: Over the Top)

Would it be confusing with three Danielle's in one season? Yes, but it's more than worth it to include Danielle Lickey, who should have been on a regular season of Big Brother.

She was a fierce physical and mental player with three total wins. Unfortunately, she was seen as a huge threat on the Big Brother spin-off and was constantly targeted.

Danielle finished in sixth place, a great feat on its own, but we know she can make it even farther.

Dan Gheesling Picture

Dan Gheesling (Big Brother 10 and 14)

I saved the best Big Brother player of all time, in my opinion, for last. If you ask anyone what their top moments of Big Brother are, Dan's funeral and his veto roulette are at the top of the list.

He is a master manipulator, and he has a way of picking himself up when no one thought he would be able to.

It's amazing how so many people despised Dan in both of his seasons, and yet he was able to win one of them and be the runner-up of the other. Plus, he has barely spent any time in the eviction chairs.

Dan is the definition of an All-Star, and it wouldn't be an All-Star season without him.

There were so many houseguests that I wanted to include, but I had to limit myself to sixteen. It just goes to show you how many great players Big Brother has had over the seasons!

Who would you include in your All-Star roster?

Let me know in the comments!

Sarah Little was a staff writer for TV Fanatic.She retired in September 2021.

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