P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Scars

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Only two episodes in and it's time for another mystery.

While Autumn's identity remains a mystery, Andre's planned casino moved to the fore on P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2.

Also, the true depths of Uncle Clifford's financial troubles were revealed.

Tough Transition - P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2

And it doesn't look like Mercedes' career transition will be as smooth as she'd like.

It has quickly become evident that all these threads are going to end up being woven together.

Seeking Cover - P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2

Of course, the casino and Autumn are turning out to be tied together inextricably, as she and Andre grew closer, in what was an ill-advised development for both of them.

Autumn or Haley or whatever her real name is was obviously on the run, likely from the former boyfriend whose photo was on her revived phone, along with the shots of her cute daughter.

So her ex is possibly who is chasing her. Maybe his name was the last of those she was checking to see if they were alive or dead with FEMA.

But Autumn sure appears to be a con-woman as well.

She made an electronic transfer in the name of the woman whose suitcase she fished out of the floodwater.

Chilling at the Bar - P-Valley

She also tried to use that license to fool Clifford, but he has eyes.

Autumn also gave Andre detailed directions about how to launder his ill-gotten gains.

So it's entirely conceivable that she's crossed the wrong people and they are after her, not an abusive boyfriend.

Or both.

Up until now, Autumn had done a marvelous job of avoiding making any human connections, mostly by pissing off everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Face Off - P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2

Especially Queen Bee Mercedes, who has it in for high-yella bitches such as Autumn.

Likewise, a respectable Morehouse-educated businessman such as Andre shouldn't been have going anywhere near someone such as Autumn.

Even though he's from Chuckalissa, Andre has a wife back in the Atlanta burbs.

Also, he's there to buy up property where his bosses want to build a casino.

Hey, then why was he taking photos at The Pynk? Is that an acquisition target as well?

Buying Up Land - P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2

In a small town, a strip club winds up a venue for negotiations. Or, as Mercedes sagely pointed out, two men together are looking to make money.

Unfortunately, Andre needed to convince Corbin to sell, and Corbin's second home was The Pynk.

This meant that Andre was soon face to, well, most body parts with temptation in the form of Autumn.

And give Andre credit. He tried to be upright. He resisted the kickback from Corbin and even Autumn for longer than many men would.

But in the end, she intrigued him. She knew things that many women in her position wouldn't.

Pressed Into Duty - P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2

And when they finally connected, whoa!

Autumn's time with Andre and even Corbin gave her valuable intel that even Clifford didn't have. So naturally, he opted to hold Autumn's stolen identity over her head until she finds out more about the casino.

You have to wonder how Clifford has kept The Pynk open as long as he has.

He supplies the town's vices and appears to trade lots of favors, some legal, some illegal.

But he's in a deep, deep hole that no car wash will get him out of.

Overseeing Fundraiser - P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2

(It was good to see Isaiah Washington again, as the overbearing local mayor. He promises to be a thorn in Clifford's side.)

Plus, once the Asians that hold his equity loan hear about land being bought for the casino, The Pynk may be history.

Still, with Autumn acting as his mole into the casino project, maybe, just maybe, he can once again find a way to come out ahead.

The Pynk is too much of a community resource to allow it to close.

L'il Murda may end up being a surprise asset for Clifford.

Wannabe Rapper - P-Valley

What a great idea he had: Add cannabis butter to the wings, and before long, everyone was stoned and throwing their money around.

It's still hard to tell what to make of Murda and Clifford. The rapper almost appears to want Clifford as a mentor rather than a lover. Clifford certainly has plenty of hard-won wisdom to share, so why not share it with Murda?

It doesn't help Clifford that his biggest draw, Mercedes, is still planning to leave to start a dance studio.

But this episode dropped all kinds of hints that that won't happen.

At one point, hiding her booty money in the church's building fund might have been a good idea.

Happy Moment - P-Valley Season 1 Episode 2

But now, that money is being considered a down payment for a loan for the church, and the loan hasn't gone through when Mercedes needs her money back.

And right after she had gotten the hopes up of her team members and their parents.

Also, now that Clifford has admitted to the scope of his debt after all that Clifford has done for her in the past, will she help her out, foregoing her own dream?

Mercedes' last dance may be some ways off.

Yup, nothing is easy down in the valley.

But showrunner Katori Hall has created a family of likable characters for which viewers can root through all their travails.

To catch up, watch P-Valley online.

What's Autumn's deal?

Will Uncle Clifford salvage The Pynk?

Will Mercedes chase her dream?

Comment below.

Scars Review

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