Romance In the Air: Get an Exclusive First Look at This Hallmark Original Movie!

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While I'm sure you've all been enjoying Christmas in July across the Hallmark family of networks, we want to give you a sneak peek of what's ahead.

TV Fanatic favorite Torrance Coombs stars with Hallmark vet Cindy Busby in the upcoming Romance in the Air on Hallmark Channel.

In the Balloon

Airing on August 1 at 9/8c, Romance In the Air follows a woman named Eden (Busby), who, after learning her marketing job is on the line, returns to Lake Tahoe where she used to spend her summers growing up.

She needs to reinvigorate her love for marketing and is fully intending to relax and recharge so she can tackle her job again.

But she is surprised to find her childhood friend and sweetheart Riley Coombs) is still living next door.

Oh, do we see where this might be leading?

Up Up And Away

Sure enough, Eden finds purpose in helping Riley propel his struggling hot air balloon tour company.

She finds herself drawn to him and their dear past, but the story is a lot more complicated than that.

She sees Riley and Tahoe as temporary, while her life -– and boyfriend -– back home await her.

With two old friends sharing similar experiences later in life, can they possibly deny the pull they feel to one another?

Cindy Busby of Romance In the Air

Eden can’t admit that she and Riley could have a future, even if that’s exactly what she wants.

When she’s willing to take a risk for what her heart wants, her life will take off with her true love.

Sure, Hallmark movies have a forumula, but it's a formula that we love.

Cindy Busby has brought so many characters to life on Hallmark networks and on Lifetime. She's a skilled professional whose work allows you to connect with her characters on a deep level.

Torrance Coombs Romance In the Air

And we've loved Coombs across so many of his historical slanted series (We're looking at you Reign! That's where he played Bash.), that it's a joy seeing him laid back and in the 21st century!

We had a chance to catch up with both stars and will have interviews available before the premiere.

There is still content to look forward to during this unprecedented year, and we hope you'll tune into Romance In the Air on Saturday, August 1.

You can join Eden and Riley while we refresh and recharge, looking forward to what lies ahead in 2020.

Take a look at our exclusive clip now!

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