Sleeping With Danger Sneak Peek: First Look at the Ann Rule Crime Thriller Event!

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Lifetime has adapted another thrilling book series!

This time, they're pulling from Ann Rule's Mortal Danger and Other True Cases true crime collection.

It's part of a two-night series event starting Saturday, August 1, at 8/7c, and it kickstarts Lifetime's next slate of Ripped from the Headlines projects.

Paul - Sleeping With Danger

Lifetime veterans Elisabeth Röhm and Antonio Cupo star in the first film, Sleeping With Danger. It's a scintillating tale inspired by true events.

The film also sees the return of wife-husband duo Grey's Anatomy's Kim Raver and Manu Boyer, serving as executive producers.

They previously served as executive producers for Lifetime's three-film Book to screen series based on novels by best-selling author Jane Green.

It marks a reunion with both actors and the executive producers. Röhm previously starred in Jane Green's Family Pictures, and Cupo starred in Jane Green's To Have and to Hold.

Teddy's Sordid Past  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 19

On Sleeping With Danger, flight attendant Grace Tanner meets a handsome and seemingly too good to be true Paul Carter. The couple engages in a passionate and steamy romance that seems all-good and well on the surface.

Unfortunately, Grace realizes too late that Paul isn't the man she thought he was. Paul is violently jealous, and Grace is on the receiving end of it.

After a vicious attack, Grace goes into hiding in hopes of never being found by her former lover.

However, Grace teams up with police to help capture Paul and bring him to justice before he can seduce and hurt any other women or catch up with Grace.

In our exclusive clip below, we catch our first glance at Paul's jealous streak and how it manifests into some troubling behavior.

Miles away from one another, likely due to Grace's job as a flight attendant, Paul decides to call his girlfriend in the middle of the night.

He calls the hotel she's staying at and gives the room number he thinks that she's in. The front desk transfers his call to the room, but to Paul's dismay, a man answers the phone instead.

You can hear the barely concealed rage as he assumes there is another man in his girlfriend's room, and he grows more agitated by the second.

Grace - Sleeping With Danger

When the mysterious man hangs up on him, Paul dials a number again, and this time he reaches a sleepy Grace, greeting her with an angry, "Put that son of a bitch back on the phone," and demanding to know who the man is.

Grace denies that there is a man in her room, but it doesn't seem to calm an angry and inebriated Paul, who proceeds to rant, rave, and curse her out, despite it being 2 o'clock in the morning.

Grace is aggravated with Paul's drunken episode and hangs up on him, and he's none too pleased.

Check it out below! And don't forget to return for a full review of the movie.

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