The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The Swedish Job

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Wow. The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3 had the drama, revelations, and reunions we'd been waiting for!

We FINALLY got some insight into what Klaus had been up to over the past three years.

After (literally) stumbling upon an older woman after he got kicked out of a diner, he was taken in and showed his levitation "powers," with the help of Ben, of course.

Cult Leader Klaus - The Umbrella Academy

From Dallas, Klaus (and Ben) managed to venture to Baja, Mexico (1961), Varanasi, India (1962), San Francisco, CA (1963), before returning to Dallas, much to Ben's chagrin. 

And yes. As stated in The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 2  review, Klaus gets his inspiration from 90s R&B and we love it.

Destiny's Children! Let us all commune with music.


In San Francisco, it appeared Klaus just got tired of the attention and essentially ran away from his followers.

The true reason for his return was revealed when Klaus walked into a hardware store and was greeted by his long-lost love, Dave.

Disapproving Ben and Klaus - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3

Dave and Klaus's time in Vietnam was bound to come up eventually as it happens in another five years. Seeing as he's been traveling the world, it's surprising he had not sought out Dave before this moment.

Klaus: Why don't you just stay out of my business, Casper?
Ben: This is wrong, Klaus. It's selfish. You're just gonna confuse the kid.

Ben, however, is not at all happy.

Sure, Klaus, wants to stop Dave from enlisting to save his life, but Ben is right. Klaus will only confuse Dave with his presence. What if he starts dating Klaus now and ends up meeting him again five years later? Isn't the timeline screwed up enough?

The reunion that DID make sense, is his with Allison. They were ecstatic to see one another again; it was so pure!

Klaus, like most of them, thought he was alone, and everyone else died in the jump back in time.

Klaus and Ally - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3

What was so great about this interaction is seeing the sibling bond between Allison and Klaus we did not get to see in season one. Last season, she spent most of her time with Luther and Vanya. Klaus spent most of his with Ben and Diego.

Like any good sibling would, Allison was on Klaus's neck about that cult. 

Allison: Klaus, you started a cult.
Klaus: "Cult" is a very negative word, Allison. We prefer to call it "an alternative spiritual community."
Allison: Nope. You definitely started a cult.

Yes, more sibling banter of this kind between these two!

The next set of siblings who find one another are Vanya and Five, who barely had any screentime together last season. 

Five, who has sugarcoated nothing with any of his other siblings, explains to Vanya who he is in a way unexpected of him. What was completely on brand, however, was his matter-of-fact tone about their current state of affairs.

Look, you can either stay here and wait for the IKEA mafia to come back to kill you or you can come with me.


Five and Klaus are absolutely in competition for who has the best one-liners.

All jokes aside, Five handled the explanation of how they got to 1963 with kid gloves. Vanya asked how the 2019 apocalypse happened, and it would have been completely in-character to hear Five respond with a simple "You."

Instead, he glossed over the details and described it as an asteroid impact. Like Luther, Five sympathized with Vanya's current state of mind and assumedly wanted to protect her.

If either of them were this kind to her in the beginning, they might have saved themselves some heartache. But alas, hindsight is 20/20.

Vanya and Five Cornfield - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3

Speaking of Luther, the poor guy is kind of pitiful. He spent his entire life pining after Allison, and she's managed to marry someone who is not him for the second time now.

Granted, this time, she didn't know Luther was even alive.

Even so, he's been in Dallas for a year now. There has been no indication that Luther has even thought about dating another woman or done anything but be Mr. Ruby's errand boy.

Hate to say it, but Luther has got to move on and fast. It's really just sad to watch at this point. The likelihood of he and Allison ever getting together officially goes down with each passing day.

Ray had to sit there and watch Luther crumble in front of him after showing him their wedding photos. The madness must end.

Luther and Ray Meet - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3

Ray had a day of surprises, himself. First, Klaus drops the brother-in-law bomb, then Luther shows up at their front door.


Ray: I got bailed out of jail today by a very unique character claiming to be my brother-in-law.
Allison: Okay, that's Klaus. I can explain all of that--
Ray: And then I come home to find the biggest white boy I've ever seen in my entire life standing on my front porch, trembling like somebody's lost puppy, and the strange thing is, he is also claiming to be your brother.

Ray deserves to be upset. It's been a year, and Allison has not told him about her family or her abilities. It's too much to deal with in one day for a normal person. 

While one could sympathize with Ray, this is no normal scenario.

It's not easy to say, "Hey, me and my siblings were all born on the same day and adopted by an eccentric billionaire who turned us into superheroes. We caused an apocalypse that will happen in 57 years, but we came back in time to fix it."

That is nowhere near a normal conversation, and she probably would have ended up in the sanitarium with Diego.

Allison Changing the World - The Umbrella Academy

Allison has used her time in the 1960s to do some good, though. One of the best things about this season is how the civil rights movement is at the forefront of the story.

There was no way Allison -- a black woman -- could have gone back to Dallas in 1961 and not experienced racism or been involved in this movement unless she tried to pass as white.

They could have had racism and civil rights stories happening in the background, but the show did not do that disservice. For the icing on the cake, Allison is even at the forefront of it.

Now is the time to show the world what it is really like for us down here. And to show the police that we will not be bullied into submission. We will continue to fight for equality, even in the face of persecution.


Her fellow committee members were debating even following through with the sit-in because Raymond was still in jail. 

Allison refused to step down. She saw the bigger picture and knew the impact of having this sit-in when Kennedy makes his visit to Dallas.

Waiter: Out! Else I'm calling the police.
Allison: I'd like to be served, please.
Woman patron: Can't you read girl?
Allison: Seven languages.

Allison and Cop - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3

Things get out of hand, though, when a police officer takes Raymond and starts beating him with his baton. The cop even goes as far as to tell Allison she's next.

Finally, after having not used it since that fateful day she attempted to with Vanya, Allison used her rumor power, and the cop walks away. 

This is Ray's last straw. Too much is going on that he doesn't understand.

Ray: What the hell did you say to him?
Allison: I just told him to leave you alone!
Ray: There ain't no way in hell that a white cop is just gonna walk away 'cause a black woman tells him to.

Where this will lead Allison and Raymond is a mystery. Ideally, this will be the catalyst for her to tell him everything, and they will be able to get past it. Time travel, however, isn't a thing a lot of people would understand.

Lies and deceit, in general, tend to come between couples. Diego and Lila should be no different.

Liego in Bed - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3

Lila spewed out some sob story about finding her parents' dead bodies, and she and Diego fell in bed. 

Lila: Is it okay that I don't hate you like I hate most people?
Diego: [laughs] Yeah. Yeah, that's okay by me.

See! As predicted in The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 1 review, Lila could not be trusted. 

Sure, they have a sort of chemistry, but there has always been something suspicious about her. She was following Diego and brought him back after his injury. She explained this away by saying she was afraid he was "taking off on her." Yeah right. 

Sure enough, after Diego is sound asleep, she moseys on over to a hotel where she meets The Handler -- her mum!

Handler and Lila - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 3

Granted, there may be more details about their relationship not yet revealed.

Maybe Lila's parents actually were killed, and The Handler took her in as a child. Maybe she took in Lila as an adult mentee. Lila might even have actual feelings for Diego, and the two things are unrelated (doubtful).

Or maybe she's just a dirty liar sent to spy on Five via Diego. For now, she's guilty until proven innocent. We need answers, and we need them fast.

Over to you, Fanatics! Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

Can Lila be trusted? Should Luther move on already? Will Allison and Raymond get past this? What is The Handler up to? Let us know!

The Swedish Job Review

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Look, you can either stay here and wait for the IKEA mafia to come back to kill you or you can come with me.


Destiny's Children! Let us all commune with music.