Big Brother Season 21 Cast Members Apologize For Leaked Group Chat Containing Racist Remarks

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Big Brother Season 21 was the most toxic season in recent memory. 

With racist comments, demeaning comments towards women, and everything in between, it's a season fans would like to forget. 

However, some of the cast members have come under fire again after a group chat leaked on Twitter that included racially insensitive remarks. 

BB S21

Nick Maccarone and Jack Matthews stirred controversy when the former suggested that Jack would shoot something black on a reunion trip arranged by Holly Allen, and that there would be "uproar."

Jack said that he would use a "kill shot."

Jack Matthews - Big Brother

The cast of the controversial season has been commenting on the incident. 

Kathryn Dunn responded to it, but later deleted her tweets and saying the following:

“I deleted the tweets, not because I didn’t mean everything I said but because some people took it the wrong way,” she wrote.

“Some people said they came across as performative and that wasn’t my intention at all, so I deleted them.”

Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21

Nick claimed that the messages happened eight months before the Black Lives Matter movement, and admitted that he was privileged and did not understand systemic injustices and vowed to do better moving forward. 

As expected, his response did not go down well, with fans of the series slamming him on social media. 

Tommy Bracco was a part of the group chat, but he did not respond in the screenshots, and apologized for not stepping forward. 

Tommy Bracco - Big Brother

“While I did not engage in the comments, I didn’t step up and say anything about them and I recognize that is an issue. It’s important to speak up especially when it’s uncomfortable. The statements made by others were unacceptable and I refuse to be a part of any behavior like that moving forward,” he wrote.

Isabella Wang was not a part of the conversation, but she did chime in on the comments section. 

“This is so messed up,” she wrote.

Christie Murphy alleged that she did not see the exchange because she kept do not disturb on, and did not see the comments. 

Christie Murphy - Big Brother

She also claimed that she left the group chat earlier this year. 

A Twitter user also shared a post that was alleged to be a conversation with Analyse, who allegedly slammed her castmates as "very nasty."

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