Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Really Sad Devil Guy

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Our favorite devil has returned.

After that heartbreaking end to season four, Lucifer has returned to hell.

He is soon reunited with an old face we thought we might not have seen again.

Lee in Underwear again - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

In Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1, Lucifer meets our old friend, Lee (AKA "Mr. Said Out Bitch") in his own hell loop. Poor Jeremiah Birkett can't seem to return to the show without ending up in his underwear somehow.

Some of us fans have enjoyed the quick guest spots Birkett has had on the show since season two, and wished he could get a bigger role in the show. In a way, that prayer was answered.

Except this time, Lee is dead.

Lucifer realizes Lee was killed in LA and comes to the conclusion Chloe must be investigating his murder. Missing Chloe, he decides he will let Lee take a break from his hell loop so he can help him investigate the murder from hell.

Maze and Chloe Interrogation - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

Lucifer isn't the only one who has found a new partner.

Chloe: Maze, just because you happen to have slept with that one murder victim a few weeks ago doesn’t mean that you slept with them all.
Maze: How am I supposed to keep up?
Chloe: With the murder victims or the people you’ve slept with?
Maze: Either.
Ella: Wow. Maze is really settling into her role as your new Lucifer.

Topside, Maze has taken Lucifer's place as Chloe's new partner. The two actually seem to work well together, knowing what the other is thinking, and even finishing each other's sentences. It's kind of cute how in sync they seem to be.

While they've been gotten accustomed to a new work life, Ella is a little put out.

I mean, at least you guys got to say goodbye. Me? Ghosted completely.


Lucifer just left with no goodbye! Her feelings are reasonably hurt, but there is not much they can do about it. It's not like they can just tell her "sorry, he's gone back to hell."

Club Amenadiel - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

Amenadiel, too, has seemed to step into Luci's shoes, as the new owner of Lux. Although he is not running the place as Lucifer had.

Amenadiel has apparently become obsessed with making the world a better place. The new dad has taken to reporting every little crime he witnesses to Dan. Amenadiel has always been a goody two-shoes, but come on. Reporting a three-year-old for jaywalking is a bit overkill.

Dan, however, quickly gets to the root of Amenadiel's actions.


When Trixie was born, I tried to be Super Cop, and round up all the criminals I could. Then I realized… removing all the danger in the world is like trying to bottle up the ocean.


Amenadiel is struggling with fatherhood and just wants to make the world a better place. He is facing this new reality. The world is a scary place, especially when you're a new parent bringing a child into it. 

Amenadiel and Dan Heart-to-Heart - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

Dan and Amenadiel have always had a great friendship. The way all the characters seem to be integrated with one another, even outside of Lucifer, is one of the best things about this show. No character seems to go to waste.

Amenadiel is not alone in trying to understand parenthood. 

Linda seems to be under the impression her angel baby, Charlie, is a genius. She is having the two-month-old go through Japanese lessons, and is already planning on Ella to begin science lessons.

Dan: Listen, thank you so much for watching Trixie. It’s just for a little bit.
Trixie: And I’ve been dying to see the baby.
Linda: Yeah, no of course. You know, Charlie’s just so good with children.

Sure, an angel baby is completely new territory. However, it seems the baby is simply that. A baby. Bummer. But also, it's kind of a relief when you think of explaining a child with powers.

Gazing at Baby Charlie - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

Dan was full of insight this episode, helping both Linda and Amenadiel with their concerns over parenthood.

This is likely due to his new self-help journey. Last season, we saw Dan go down an angry spiral after losing Charlotte. This season, he's dived completely into positivity. And yet, we still see a little sadness on his face towards the end. It seems he hasn't been able to fill that void just yet. 

Chloe has been trying to fill a void, too.

Outside of work, Chloe and Maze have taken to spending their nights partying at Lux. She's even coming to work hungover! This is nothing like the Chloe we know.

Hungover Chloe - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

She is still "The Detective," though, and finds a way to solve Lee's murder.

As it turns out, Mr. Said Out Bitch was about $700,000 in debt to a "Dirty Doug." Chloe and Maze go undercover at Doug's poker game to try and get some information on the murder. Turns out, Doug is innocent and someone else there was the actual hired hand who murdered Lee.

Chloe gets a quick message from Lucifer via a demon possessing the recently deceased murderer. Even from hell Lucifer can't turn down an opportunity to help Chloe in an investigation.

It's a good thing Dirty Doug was innocent, since Ella FINALLY got some play. 

Ella and Dirty Doug - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

Drawn to the bad boys for some reason. But you know, for once I’m thinking I deserve a good guy, you know?


Granted, Doug is a seemingly dangerous guy. But we know he's innocent of this specific murder at least, so maybe it won't turn out badly after all. One can only hope at least.

Since Doug isn't the murderer, Chloe and Maze follow Lucifer's tip to Lee's storage unit where they find Lee's sister, Meg, and a safe. After hearing Meg talk about how she keeps expecting Lee to walk through the door, Chloe seems to come to a realization.

Chloe: I think that I’ve been avoiding dealing with the fact that Lucifer isn’t coming back.
Maze: Or, you figured out that you don’t need him. We don’t need him, or anyone. Chloe, you and I… we’re good.

She admits she's been using her partnership with Maze to fill the void Lucifer left, but Maze takes this opportunity to tell Chloe they don't need Lucifer and kisses her!

I suppose this is kind of expected of Maze, who has not always made the best romantic decisions on the show and has a tendency to act out. However, this is just not Chloe.

Party Chloe and Maze - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

The kiss seems to help Chloe say what she needs to in the end. She is not okay, and she doesn't think Maze is either, after Eve. They make the hard decision to step back from working together.

Lucifer seems to have a hard time dealing with the separation, also.

He takes Lee to a hell loop that seems to be the root of Lee's problems: the moment he left his family behind, knowing he would always be a disappointment to them. Lee, though, is much quicker than he lets on.

Lee: Are you sure this is my hell?
Lucifer: Well who else’s would it be?
Lee: I don’t know, but I’m thinking that you’re just here torturing yourself.

He picks up very quickly that Lucifer is just projecting. It's hard to tell which of them are actually experiencing hell with this loop. 

Lucifer Thinking Season 5 Episode 1

While the two of them debate this, Lucifer receives a message from a demon about what's going on back in LA with Chloe.

Chloe takes Meg back to her house alone, and the two are met with gunmen, who used to work with Lee. They turn out to be the ones who actually ordered the hit on Lee.

The men open fire and it seems Chloe and Meg might not make it out alive until we hear that beautiful whistle, followed by the appearance of the equally beautiful face of none other than Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer and Chloe proceed to take out the rest of the men, like the dynamic duo they are. Chloe is initially in shock until she goes straight in for the kiss.

Deckerstar Reunited Kiss - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1

All Deckerstar hearts swoon.

Chloe: Lucifer, is everything okay? You seem different.
Lucifer: Well, for you, it’s only been a couple of months, but down there, time is different. For me, it’s been thousands of years. But the only thing that kept me going… was thinking of you.

Chloe, though, immediately understood there was something different about Lucifer. He brushes it off with some sweet words about how long it's been in hell and how the thought of Chloe got him through it. The truth, though, is shortly revealed.

Back in hell, Lee asks Lucifer if he'll go help Chloe, but Lucifer says he has every faith she can take care of herself.

So who is back in LA with Chloe?!

We know from the season five trailer, Lucifer has a twin named Michael. In all lore, the archangel Michael is supposed to be the good to Lucifer's evil. So what kind of trouble is Michael looking to stir up?

Lucifer Looking Down Season 5 Episode 1

Here are some things on our season five wishlist:

  • Lucifer returns to LA for good, followed by a Deckerstar ship finally setting sail.
  • More Trixie and Maze content, more Trixie and Lucifer, and MORE TRIXIE.
  • More Lee (and maybe even the revelation that his sister, Meg, is the one who actually stole the money, since that was left unanswered this episode).
  • Maze finding a purpose and happiness outside of Lucifer. Perhaps a return from Ben Rivers?
  • Dan finally coming to terms with the loss of Charlotte.
  • Dan finding out the truth about Lucifer.
  • Ella finding out the truth about Lucifer, and how her guardian angel sent her there to be near him.
  • Dan moving on with either Ella or Maze (seriously, he has some vibes with both).

Over to you, Fanatics!

What did you think of the season five return? What do you hope to see in this first half of the season?

Sound off in the comments!

Really Sad Devil Guy Review

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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I mean, at least you guys got to say goodbye. Me? Ghosted completely.


Chloe: Maze, just because you happen to have slept with that one murder victim a few weeks ago doesn’t mean that you slept with them all.
Maze: How am I supposed to keep up?
Chloe: With the murder victims or the people you’ve slept with?
Maze: Either.
Ella: Wow. Maze is really settling into her role as your new Lucifer.